Alice collected – REALSPANKINGS and More

4 Mar

Alice was certainly one of rhe cutest and most expressive models at REALSPANKINGS, at least for us. And this is in comparison to quite a list of sensational models Michael Masterson managed to find. And she reminds us of our good old days with ‘Katie’ at NU-WEST. 

Alice – Arrival‘ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) One of our favorites in this series, where girls meet Michael  Masterson for this first time. It is really Alice’s acting that makes this episode. Betty brings her into Masterson’s office. 

  Masterson checks her police record. He tells her she is lucky to have been sent to the school. She is 22, she can’t say ‘sir,’ and she can’t stop fidgeting. Her head is on a swivel. We’ll see later why she is so nervous. Masterson shows her a strap. “See that? It’s not a paperweight.” 

 Masterson directs her to take her clothes off. She balks. “You just earned 30 with the strap. When she still hesitates, he puts the big board paddle on this desk. Alice jumps and starts stripping—skirt first, then little top, then, after being ordered again, her panties. He teaches her the place for her hair and how to fold her arms behind her back. She must spread her legs in an open stance, then turn around and bend over. Alice looks very young here, almost juvenile, clever merchandising  She seems to know this bending over is a little weird. 

Masterson instructs her on posture and tells her cuteness will not help at the Institute. “We see a lot of naked women around here…see this one here? He refers to Kiki, who, will will see, is standing naked at the wall, with a red bottom. Her presence has been the reason for Alice’s apprehension. 

Alice bends over the desk for two straps, which watch, first facial then bottom. She is a charming little naked morsel. Kiki in the background, her candy hair nicely combed. Alice quivers.Betty brings in her school uniform and she dresses. 

‘Alice’s Belt Test’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) The Belt Test is part of the group of introductory videos Masterson made with his most popular models. Alice sits in a chair, being interviewed. She has already been spanked today. She admiTs her bottom is “warm, not hot. It hurts.” Masterson likes to explore a model’s first fascination with spanking. Alice’s mother spanked her, making her sweat out a week before the sentence was delivered.

Alice holds Masterson’s belt as he explains the process. First, he wants to see her bottom. “You’ve been spanked today.” She drops her jeans and panties and shows pink. Full white panties and jeans back up, Masterson straps her on her jeans, the way the Belt Test works. After this session, she displays her bad bottom again to display increasing bruises.

The strapping continues. Masterson instructs her: “stare into this lense 100%.” He is going to belt her, to see how much pain she will take to trade for her cell phone. Alternate views-face and bottom. She shows extending bruises. She sits for closing interview, tears. She discards her panties about halfway through. Twitching and weaving, very nice. 

‘Alice cornered’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Lady Alice has the body type and persona to play it all. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, including glasses, bare bottom, heavily marked. She stands on a stool in the corner, in the frisk position. Masterson straps her, alternate views. Multi colored bruises now. She turns for a frontal. Shaved. 

Alice Strapped’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) WORSTBEHAVIORPRODUCTIONS.  A faceless male with strap Alice for this short  film. She wears a black lingerie ensemble. A split screen lets us enjoy her pretty face and curly blond hair. This model is excellent at being unhappy.

’Executive  Punishment’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) WORSTBEHAVIORPRODUCTIONS. Lady Alice full screen most of the time, apprehensively awaiting a spanking. Shots cut in of her being spanked and getting into position. Black undies. Long and lovely handspanking and strapping kneeling on a couch. She finally takes her panties down. Lots of puss. Ms. Alice displays her nest little figure so we’ll here. 

Misuse of Champagne‘ DELCO; (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Stevie Rose and ALICE. This film actually starts off with the ‘ACTION’   command from the director. Stevie has drunk a whole bottle of Alice’s party champagne. Alice bends her over a barstool and begins the spanking, on her denim shorts. Kneel up on the stool, shorts down, terrible acting, from two warriors who should have the experience. Hairbrush on the bare– there are marks from another time.

Severe spanking from the Dean’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Alice has been briefly one of Masterson’s favorites, another tight little bottom. He is spanking her very hard here, using a short stick. Very hot spanking, even for REALSPANKINGS. Masterson ladders his cane marks down her thighs. Tears and quivering. Alternate views, bare bottom and face.

Sister’s Spanking‘ DELCO Alice with ‘Luci Lovett’ A sort of throwaway film as Alice makes the rounds of the studios. There must be working agents placing these spanking models. Luck must go to bed or “I’m going to spank your bottom.” Luck acts like a baby, with a pacifier and a teddy bear. OTK. We remember in Alice’s ‘interview’ at RSN that she likes being a Top. It is evident here, although silly.

‘Alice-embarrassing position’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Alice stands against the wall, stark naked. She squats in the sitting position–arms out at 90 degrees, knees open. Fully exposed, the way he likes them. Masterson is angry. “You’ve been paddled, strapped, and spanked today and you’re back in  the office. WOW!” He has her bend over and spread her legs as wide as possible. He wants to see it all. She even spreads her buttocks with her hands.

“We’re going to find something to change your behavior.” He has her lie lengthwise on a reclining workout chair. He lashes her bare bottom and moves from side to side to distribute the bruising. Alternate views, face and rear.  Ms. Alice is one of the hottest little sufferers Masterson has ever contracted with.

’Alice- 30 on the bare’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Alice is being disciplined for some cell phone violation.  She sits for interview, wearing jeans with stylish holes. When Masterson tells Alice she will now get 30 strap strokes on the bare, she is not as shocked as he expected. “Does that interest you?” “Maybe.” Hands on chair, bruises develop quickly, on the far buttock. Alternate views.

She sits back down again, painfully, tears. The 30 strokes are worth it to keep her phone. Here we can see vertical chafing marks in the buttocks crack where those cheeks rubbed together during the strapping.  Masterson asks permission  to touch her before he fingers the marks and bruises.

‘Alice-trying to study’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alice struggles to study at a classroom table.  Masterson enters, bends her over the table, panties down immediately, and uses a doubled belt on her. She jumps at every stroke–alternate views, side and rear. Her panties fall to the floor in all the excitement. Masterson requires her to strip naked and fold her clothes into a pile. Back to studying naked Her bottom peeks through the chair as she sits.

Alice has been left but is still not getting much done. Masterson makes her lie lengthwise on the table and he lashes her Russian-style.  The leather makes little snaps and she gasps. Alternate views, face and rear, the latter shot straight up between her legs. Back to work naked at the table.

Alice-visit to see the Dean’‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes)  Schoolgirl Alice, back to the wall, skirt held up, panties down, being scolded by Masterson. OTK, he exposes her bottom. “Do  you see any other girls in here showing their vaginas?” Alternate views of the spanking. Masterson helps her off with her skirt and blouse and she steps out of her panties . Back to the wall, nose touching, in a spots bra only, a strap is coming next.

Alice was left at the wall position in just her sports bra. Masterson returns, and puts her over a stool. He uses a doubled strap with a handle. Alternate view. Her hair is arranged nicely out of the way. Masterson  moves from side to side to spread the load. Hands on head, Masterson himself more or less yanks off the bra. She stands naked, a hot moment for her. Arms outstretched to hod the strap in a painful position. More torture.

‘Alice- more with the Dean’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Alice is dragged by Masterson into the classroom. She wears just a white sports bra and white tights. He makes her stand on a stool. He pulls her bra up to expose her breasts, and pulls down her tights and panties. She is excellent at looking miserable.

She is left standing naked in embarrassment for a while before the spanking starts. Up on the table, bottom over a bolster pillow. Masterson uses a strap. The first part is the facial view, very expressive, and the strap can be seen falling. Repeat the scene from the bottom view, up her legs. She. Is left crying standing on the stool. One of the best Alice segments we have ever seen.

’Alice naked’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Part of a longer film. Little Alice is starkers here and as hot as we can recall,  very much in the image of our esteemed ‘Katie’ at NU-WEST. She lies flat on a table and is being strapped by Masterson. The alternate view is sensational, up her spread legs.

‘In the Classroom with Kiki and Alice‘(M/2f; time: 19 minutes) Alice and Kiki are waiting for Masterson in the classroom. They wear just gym shorts and halters. Masterson has been getting complaints from the RSI teachers. The girls are “best friends…thick as thieves.” He will begin some punishment. They stand at the wall, he pulls down their shorts. This naked humiliation is part of the punishment.

Both girls have to kneel on benches and bend forward to touch the floor. This posture does wonderful things for the bottom and is very difficult to hold. Masterson uses a Spencer strap on the bare bottoms. Kiki first, rear view and side view. Masterson rucks up her top to expose her adolescent boobs, just because he can.

Alice gets the same strapping. The girls struggle to keep balance. After the strappings the girls must assume the sitting/squatting position against the wall, no chair, legs wide, their tops rucked up–and they are shaved.

Masterson has left them, and now returns to the girls squatting at the wall. He drops an armload of paddles in front of them and asks them to choose. Alice is paddled first, legs spread wide. Kiki has to hold her. Then Kiki gets the same. Alternate views shown.


‘On the Job Training’ (M/f; time: 30 minutes) Lady Alice has purple hair here, she fell for the fad. The set is an office scene, on upper floors. She has been caught with porn on her laptop. She is scolded by an offscreen male—this will be a film mostly in the POV style. Long scolding, the essence: a spanking or termination. 

Never any debate about this choice. Bend over the desk, the handspanking finally begins at 8 minutes. Skirt up, black lace panties, tight little bottom Alice’s speciality. Long and repetitive spanking, the male’s fingers are wandering. Knickers down, Alice tries to cover. The strap at 12 minutes, the crop at 21, nice red bottom, routine stuff from this delectable model. The male massages and gropes. She loves it. He flicks her pussy. She is docile and posing. 

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