To Please the Master – NUWEST FCV-006

4 Mar

2F/2f; time: 30 minutes

One of our constant readers alerted us to the circulation of this film. It is an oldie, containing most  of the annoying characteristics NU-WEST corrected in later years—washed out images, poor camera angles, and that cursed intercom studio music overdub. You can’t hear a girl squeal.

Ed Lee sits  throne-like in a  chair center-stage with his short neat glass of whiskey. His entertainment: ‘Brenda Scott’  and blonde Joanne Jameson come on stage, move to a (too far) corner, and strip to bra and panties. They will settle a score between them by spanking each other and give Ed a view.

First, Joanne will fasten Brenda  to one of the NW bondage devices. It is a vertical wood post attached  to the wall, with a waist high center bar protruding horizontally. Brenda’s wrists are fastened high to the vertical bar, her ankles and waist to the support for the horizontal bar, so that her bottom is thrust out so perfectly. Joanne pulls her black panties down and begins to lash her. Lee directs Joanne on where he wants the strokes to fall.

Ms. Jameson is her usual sexy self, as she lashes Brenda. She’s got white undies on, and you won’t see many loosely fitted panties at NU-WEST. The girls will switch places as Lee sips his single malt.

(our copy of this film has Joanne’s segment cut off. It will surely turn up and we will  amend.)

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