Screen Tests -Caned Journalists – SMAX

20 Mar

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

A British producer we are  not familiar with. But screen tests are always a good excuse. A girl is escorted into a producer’s book-lined office. Blonde Claire is a journalist. CP film scenes are discussed. She wants to write a piece on them. “You should have some experience on what you are writing about.” Another girl, Jeanine, has joined.

The girls see his collection of spanking tools. “You’ve got some interesting implements on your desk.” Both girls are bent over the desk, panties down, for a routine handspanking. A director’s “cut” wasn’t edited out. Claire is  not liking this, accusing Jeanine of being excited. Strap and tawse, bare bottoms, nothing unusual.

Jeanine gets the cane,about 17 strokes, hard enough to keep us counting. She isn’t bothered at all, even some nasties on her buttocks crease. The producer will switch to a “senior cane,” he explains it is thicker. She grabs her ankles—known to be the most painful position. 13 strokes.

Claire has been mouthing off, but she will escape the cane.


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