20 Mar

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford with her buddy Zoe Page. The set is the FIRMHAND space used in ‘Marks of 10’ and other recent series. Here the camera is pulled back so we can see some of the furniture used in other series. Zoe arrives at Amelia’s residence. Zoe is  a truant officer. As much as we have declared our fascination for her, she does not play authority figures well. Zoe gets these parts.

Amelia is matron-like in red sweater, pink skirt, and glasses. A delicious plot—Amelia can be prosecuted for her daughter’s truancy. “Sorry is not going to help.” “Is there anything else you can do?” “A spanking is involved.” “For me?”

After the perfunctory discussion, Amelia will take the spanking. OTK, skirt up, pantyhose and flower print  panties come down. When Amelia stands she flashes some fuzz and tries to cover up. Silly scolding.

OTK again for the hairbrush. Zoe pins Amelia’s  legs with her own. Amelia stands, Zoe leaves. Somehow Zoe has the power to make Amelia stand with her hands on her head. Silly tears but a nice bottom rub.


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