21 Mar

F/f; time: 33 minutes

A sequel to ‘Manageress Spanked Hard.’ Amelia narrates. She is planning some revenge on her bank boss Vanessa Hogerty for the spanking she was given. Amelia’s hair is pinned up here, and she wears a white blouse and pink skirt. She has found some emails which incriminate Vanessa (Zoe Page) in some office sex.

When Amelia offers Vanessa the choice of being investigated or taking some discipline, she makes the right choice. And Amelia has arranged that she herself be assigned as the punishment officer. Vanessa is made to stand in her underwear waiting outside the punishment room, in what is supposed to be a hall in the office. We’ve always thought there must have been somebody on the crew who could play a  passerby witnessing this humiliation. Vanessa wiggles half-naked in a long wait, BDSM style,

Amelia arrives, pulls down Vanessa’s panties, and marches her into the punishment room, the FIRMHAND office set again. The panties get back in place for the moment, and Amelia sits behind the desk to give her a long scolding.

Amelia takes Zoe OTK, for a rare dominant role in the many films she has made. Zoe complains that her position is not very “graceful.” “Were you graceful sucking cock from under a desk?” Zoe bends over the desk bare bottom for a mild handspanking. A lot of talk and scolding, then Amelia canes her, so mildly that we can see she is in comfortable as a Top. Silly bawling.



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