26 Mar

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A longer film from this studio, some of it in the POV style. Amelia Jane Rutherford is narrating. She sits in a fully decorated parlor. It seems she has lost a promotion at her bank job. ‘Vanessa Hogerty’ got the job, and Amelia sits on a pillow, just having been spanked at the bank for something. . Interesting Human Resources policies at this bank. Amelia wears office attire of jacket, blouse, and skirt.

Amelia is forced to submit to “corporation discipline,” and is summoned to the punishment room. The bank has such space. Amelia can hear another girl screaming in the room, a little detail wonderfully emulated from RIGIDEAST or NUWEST. Another erotic little detail for us, Amelia must wait out in the hall in her undies. And for her, this always means lacy finery. We wish someone would walk by. She has to keep her hands on her head.

The screaming girl exits, rubbing her bottom. Earl Grey calls her in. The set is the familiar FIRMHAND office. Amelia tries to explain herself and the opinions she posted on Facebook. As Grey discusses the spanking coming, the camera pans Amelia’s body. Amelia is very good at acting nervous. OTK first. She is ordered to pull down her panties, and she expresses the indignation we never tire of. Panties off completely, OTK again, Amelia is not shy to give Grey the full frontal.

Zoom to her discarded panties. Nice. Amelia is given written notice that there will be more spankings.


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