27 Mar

M/f; time: 39 minutes

Another longer film from the Phillips,’ and a lot of fun. Amelia plays the vicar’s wife. She calls on a parishioner (Earl Grey) to apologize for having double-booked the parish hall and messed up his daughter’s birthday party. She wears a tight white skirt and dark breezy blouse.

Amelia can not avoid a thorough scolding, and also cannot avoid a spanking Grey is going to give her.  She is made to hike her skirt and she displays transparent green panties. There are some bruises. Panties come down. “I want to see the evidence.” Grey takes her OTK. “We must make a proper job of this.” She admits her husband was “very cross” and “he spanked me.” “How?”

Grey wants to see the bruises from the vicar and makes her take off her panties. Back OTK, bare bottom. What a lapful she always is. She towers over Grey, a comparison FIRMHAND could always disguise. Amelia makes no effort to cover her puss. Floppy paddle. Panties on the floor.

She kneels on the couch. Grey wants better swings. Loud and colorful. Amelia always delivers.  She admits the vicar gave her 8 strokes. When Grey caresses her bottom, Amelia jumps. More handspanking, then Amelia is allowed to dress and leave.

New scene. Amelia returns to Grey’s house  wearing a new outfit. (Of course, it’s Ms. Rutherford.) It’s a  flower print skirt and yellow sweater. Apparently she’s been talking around the village about Grey’s proclivities and wasn’t afraid to return to his house. He will use a cane this time. Amelia plays horrified. She pulls up her skirt and  takes down her white panties herself. She bends over, 6 cane strokes. Usual holler from Amelia and caning flair from Grey.


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