Submissive Slave Girl For Hire – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

A very sexy performance from redhead/blonde Ella Hughes. Sarah Stern makes a call to an escort service. She doesn’t want sex. She wants a submissive girl who will take a “ferocious caning” and wonders if someone can come around right now. It happens a cute little girl is just coming off an assignment, but her bottom might be marked.

Ella arrives, a delicious little thing. She will be caned,and  she explains her bruises. Sarah wants to hear a lot of “Yes ma’am’s.” “Clothes off, please.” Wonderful. Down to just garter belt and stockings. The caning begins, surprisingly hard, about 20 strokes to start. Ella is careful about hair on her face.

Sarah is not satisfied with her submission. “You’re not being very grateful.” More of the cane, another 10 strokes or so, and a bit harder. Some wild marks, like LUPUS, not recommended by professional spankers.  Some bdsm talk, maybe some tears, and the best caning we can recall Ella taking. Sarah is not going to pay the agency. We would. Ella’s nipples are fully erect. Our interest in seeing redheads spanked is reaffirmed.

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