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Prison Officer – CALSTAR

31 May

F/2f; time: 49 minutes

An older CALSTAR distribution we must have missed. It features dominatrix ‘Miss Brown,’ buxom and mid-career by our estimate, at least as to making spanking films. The scene seems to be a reform school, actually someone’s nicely appointed residence.

Two girls, a brunette and blonde, referred to with inmate numbers and wearing working jumpsuits, are assigned be Miss Brown to clean up a garden area. Of course the girls immediately goof off and sneak a smoke. They are caught by the redoubtable Brown and marched inside (where there are less filming challenges).

The girls will be spanked in the formulaic style used is producer, with the added interest of Miss Brown’s threatening persons and her unusual interest in fondling girls’ bottoms.

The brunette will be spanked first. She goes OTK on a chair in front of an attractive hearth setting. Lefty Brown, spanks on her pants, then dark panties, and then on the bare. Brown is not so experienced she can resist a smile for the crew. Handspanking. The brunette bends over the chair, emits a muffled laugh, and earns more OTK. Brown uses the some leather paddle found only in CALSTAR films. Then a thin strap, crisply applied as always.

Then the cane. About 25 strokes are shown, shot from several angles- rear, side, face, etc. to permit repeats. Short, sharp, wristy. We don’t recall Miss Brown pulling any punches in any of her films.

The blonde is called in next and gets the same procedure. Miss Brown likes the girls’ thighs open whenever she can. Both girls remain quiet and mostly still throughout their spankings, so as to permit repeats. The blonde gets the same caning. She bruises more easily, noticed by the camera. The girl jumps and rubs more. Brown has her take her top off, so that she is naked. Quite heavy welts here. As with the brunette, she is sent off, with the threat that she will work naked if there is another offense.


Headmaster’s Detention – OOHTEEKAY

22 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Cecil B, Paris Kennedy, and Christina Carter. Unlikely schoolgirls here. This producer has never made film we found advancing the genre narrative. The girls are in detention. Headmaster Cecil enters with his implements. The girls want to avoid suspension. “What would solve the problem?”

Cecil is quick to explain, because he came prepared. “There is a side rule—corporal punishment.” Paris: “I’ve never been hit.” The girls discuss their choices and decide on a spanking. Both girls start with short OTK sessions on pants.

Second round for Paris, Cecil helps her down with her jeans. Same for Christina. Then another round, panties down here. Christina takes her top off. She has show biz boobs, unusual in the CP trade. She gets the strap. Paris takes her top off for a crop. Both girls are naked. They hobble around the set, their panties at their ankles. Both girls get some harmless cropping and caning, bare bottoms to the wall.

Samantha Woodley at DSH

21 May

M/f; time: 34 minute

A long film at DALLASSPANKSHARD, worth a separate review. Samantha sits on a couch with Dallas, giggling nervously. He is going to use one of his conventional spanking formats, where the model lies across his lap and hands back spanking implements as he requests them.

But first they must establish a scenario. Samantha has come to him. “You asked for help. I am going to give it to you.” She wants to know if it is too late to change her mind, using that nervous little laugh. She too must have heard about Dallas.

The spanking begins, first a handspanking on her skirt. The camera will switch from an oblique view of her face and the spanking action to a shot of her bottom. There are many cute spanking models, but only a few like Ms. Woodley, who can combine a perfect bottom, a photogenic face, and plausible reaction to being spanked. Skirt up, white panties. At the 8 minute mark, the panties come down. She is fully red already.

The first implement will be a black paddle. Then a stop for aloe lotion, which Dallas will do several times. A wooden spoon, a bath brush—very hard with this daunting tool, a thin strap, and last, another paddle. Samantha can find the courage for some more ‘not-so-bad’ nervous laughter.This may be the best spanking of this model we have seen.

Katie Spades at REALSPANKING

17 May

Blonde Katie in a series of episodes, early in RSN development if we assess the production values.

‘Application essays for college’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) No kid liked to write these essays, but is it a spankable offense? At least the concept establishes Katie as a high school girl here. Katie is lying stark naked on the bed, being scolded for not having written the essays, by a male parent-type, whose face will not be seen in any episode. He will begin with a strap, and Katie is unhappy from the start. “You’re going to get 10.” He moves around the bed so as to slash horizontally and vertically. Cute and simple.

‘Bar fight’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) An OTK spanking is underway. Katie has gotten into a bar fight and an unseen male has her over his lap. Spanking on her slacks, then her print panties, and last on the bare. The guy seems to be her fiancée. Will be a good marriage. The angle of the spanking is not the best, the bottom is too far away. To the wall to conclude.

‘Going out’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A caning is underway. Katie lies over a hassock, wearing just a bra and warmup pants. This blonde Katie reminds us here of the venerable Katie at NUWEST. The unseen spanker makes her stand and drop her pants. Bare bottom. She will count the cane strokes, there will be 10 moderate ones. She gasps and cries a bit more than we would have expected. Crude camera work and equipment noises with the microphone. There are stripes to be seen.

‘Fails to meet flight’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Katie is being scolded for forgetting to meet a flight of the guy she is controlled by. She lies facedown on a wearing a top and tight little striped panties. The guy canes her with fast little snaps. Tears a little silly here. “Arch your bottom.” The guy will conclude with “10 really good ones.” Katie creams herself from a little jar.

‘Junk Food’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Katie lies bottomless on a couch. A spanking is about to start because she has been caught eating junk food. The unidentified male will use a strap. “Get ready for your 20.” Katie cries as she counts. She doesn’t like them at all. “Arch your butt.” She has a difficult time keeping her bottom up.

‘Let cat out’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Katie’s male Disciplinarian found the cat outside. She is sitting at a table, fully dressed for the moment. “Stand up. Bend over the table.”

The male starts with a strap over her black slacks. After a few cracks, he has. Katie bundle her blond hair so we can see her face. Nice. Katie herself pulls her slacks and panties down. Lovely bend over at the table. We have been tracking Katie because she is one of the more expressive models spanked at RSN.

‘Rude at a bar’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A bare bottom hairbrush spanking is underway. Katie had another bar incident. She is a law school student and shouldn’t be doing this. She will get “two rapid fire volleys of 20.” Katie is a crier, but it is silly here. When she is finished, she pulls her pants up before climbing off. No frontals from her.

‘Stressed’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Katie is bent over a hassock already, talking to the faceless guy. Lots of pretty face here. “Drop your pants. Leave your panties on.” He warms her up with a strap, then announces “ten.” He keeps warming with the strap. “Now you can start counting 10.”

‘tattle’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The faceless male has discovered Katie tattled on somebody about something, which warrants a spanking. “Bend over, touch your toes, drop your pants.” He straps her bare bottom. Katie is athletic enough to put her palms flat on the floor. Katie’s strength is the way she whines when she is being spanked. “Look into the camera and apologize again.”

‘Up Late’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Katie is spanked for staying up half the night and then being cranky the next day. In this episode, she starts off with her clothes on. The faceless male spanks her with a ruler-like stick while she kneels on a couch. She takes down her jeans, the guy does the panties.

‘ Vet Appointment’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Katie forgot to make a veterinarian appointment for the cat, so it will be another spanking. She wears pink slacks and a T-shirt. The faceless guy will spank her with a rattan loop, a. Implement we have never seen make an impression. OTK, she drops her pants and panties for a fast spanking, bottom AND thighs this time. Kneel up for display.


17 May

Ms. Rutherford’s own productions with husband Hywel Phillips and a few friends from the scene, much in the Glasgow tradition. Some are non-spanking talk-only trifles. We have reviewed the more important productions from this site separately.

All I Need is Cock’ (f; time: 20 minutes) Now there’s a title. Read below for wish fulfilled. Amelia sits on the bed in an evening dress. Hair up, glamorous. The fucking machine is on the bed. Dress off, panties gone. She sucks the dildo penis on the piston rod, very exciting. Various pornographic poses. Battery operated dildo. She inserts the dildo and does the work, then turns it on and assists with an Hatachi.

‘Ariel- electric butt plug’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) The familiar bedroom set. Ariel sits naked crosslegged on the bed, quite unabashed. Hywel enters carrying something. ”What’s that? It looks like a space ship.” Hywel explains that it might be, ”meant for dark places.” It is a pickle size butt dildo, attached to controls.

‘Ariel spanked in bedroom’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Ariel is naked, nothing but a hair ribbon, OTK with Hywel and he sits on the familiar bed. He spanks and appears to lube her anus. Again, with the two oblique camera positions, we can’t quite see. She is enjoying herself.

Up on her knees for a hairbrush, a small nasty one. Knees wide, poor angle.

After a necessary cut, she is tied spreadeagled on her back on the bed. Hywel flogs her pussy, lightly, good views here, upping the porno scale for them. Hywel adds a vibrator and keeps flogging.

Ariel on spanking bench’ (MF/f; time: 24 minutes) Amelia is naked, kneeling tied by wrists and ankles to a spanking bench. Blond hair shorter here. Dominatrice Chanta presides, with Hywel hovering.

The bench has spread her thighs nicely. Hywel begins cropping the soles of her feet. He wears a T-shirt reading ’The clowns made me do it.’ Amelia is gagged—erotic, but we like her repartee. Chanta selects spanking implements from a large collection on a wall rack in this knotty pine punishment room.

Amelia is blindfolded. Chanta flogs her back, soles, and thighs. A huge wall mirror picks up Amelia moves to the rear. Amelia seems younger here. She is in great shape on the trestle. Chanta holds her head up so we can see her suffering.

Ariel-bondage’ (M/f; ) Not sure of the producer here. Ms. Rutherford spends the first half of the film dressing and primping for the camera, the fetish/fashion side of her work these days. After a segue, she has been bound spread eagle to a brass bed, wrists and ankles, and gagged. After another segue, she is bound on her stomach, up on her knees jodhpurs and knickers down. Philip Johnson is spanking her. Harmless stuff, and filmed in dim light for effect.

Air Stewardess strapped and caned’ (MF/f; time: 31 minutes) Several wonderful films around about pretty stewardesses coerced into spanking punishment. Zoe Page and Philip Johnson are reviewing the file of “Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ an airline stewardess who has been caught shoplifting and assaulting a passenger. Johnson directs: “Go and prepare her for punishment.”

Amelia squirms waiting in Zoe’s office, in full uniform and already handcuffed. She protests she is innocent and doesn’t deserve the corporal punishment she has heard all too much about already. “You will be strapping and caning a completely innocent flight attendant.” (We always think of CALSTAR’s ‘Out Patient,’ where a nurse gets a wicked spanking and caning, but they learn it’s the wrong nurse. They spelled the name wrong!) Zoe tucks up and pins Amelia’s skirt to expose full red panties and a garter belt. Such detail. There is no appeal. Amelia half-asks, “They said something about bare bottom.” She is left to wait, panties on display.

A trestle is set up in front of the desk. Amelia is brought in, a panty parade. We’ve said in other reviews, a passerby in the corridors would have worked so nicely to add to the humiliation. Her charges are repeated. The sentence: “50 strokes of the strap and 50 strokes of the cane on the bare bottom.”

Cut back to Johnson at his desk, the familiar FIRMHAND set. A cane and Spencer strap lay displayed.

When Amelia protests a man should not spank her, Zoe is ready and almost jumps out of her skin. Amelia tied rather loosely over the trestle, legs wide. Zoe has removed her garter belt. “I don’t need to be tied down.” They assure her she does. Another check of the charges and we are ready. Don’t want the wrong bottom. Zoe pulls down the red panties.

Johnson straps and Zoe counts. They will switch off. Despite all this delicious ritual, the strapping is very mild. Zoe might be wetting herself. Next, “The cane is the master of discipline.” Zoe does the work, and again very mild. Only 35 strokes, despite the sentence. She is released and will stand and rub in the corner.

Amelia’s surprise’ (F; time: 15 minutes) Another POV film where Amelia narrates. She has reported to the headmaster, wearing a little-girl outfit. And she is pushing 40 here. After her apologies she bends over to display white panties. Cane strokes are simulated and not seen.

Another thrashing for my butler‘ (F; time: 9 minutes) Ariel spends the whole 9 minutes lecturing and threatening an unseen butler. She shows him a rug beater and explains how it is going to hurt. Nothing to see in this film. She wears riding gear. Ms. Rutherford must have determined there is a market for this. Not us.

‘Ariel Kneels’ (f; time: 10 minutes) A nudie show. The lady is being punished for masturbating. Ariel pulls down her knickers an kneels erect at the wall on a padded stool. She has left her knickers at the bottom crease. Long struggling hold in this posture, no leaning. Lovely leisurely display. When a timer rings, she crawls away exhausted.

‘Ariel as lazy maid hogtied’ (MF/f; time: 18 minutes) Ariel, in one of those silly maid’s uniforms which shows the top of nylons, is caught by her mistress lounging and reading. In this house, that means punishment. The mistress slowly blindfolds and gags Ariel. She plays along.

The mistress handcuffs her wrists behind her back, leans her over a couch arm, and begins a playful spanking. Bound like this, Ariel is guided OTK, knickers down, the world class bottom.

Silliness compounds. A male voice is imagined, frightening Ariel and directing the mistress to gag herself. The mistress pulls a knit cap over her eyes so that she too is blindfolded. In a segue, both girls are hogtied, struggling on the floor for the rest of the film, fully clothed.

‘Ariel in leotard thong’ (f; time: 12 minutes) Ariel stands POV type in a parlor, wearing a white leotard thong. She is all bottom, the point of the thing. The low camera angle accentuates her height. She walks around the room in a fashion display, of her body.

She does a wonderful bend-over. What more to be said about this view? Her narration, although admirable, is superfluous.

‘Ariel strapped’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Hywel will strap Ariel as she bends over the kitchen table. This is their familiar house, and a lot of traffic is seen out a window. She wears her tan sweater and another flower print skirt. OTK, knickers down, which she steps out of at the conclusion.

Ariel strapped on bed’ We have to make up titles for these sexy little episodes. Amelia is naked on the bed, in just nylons. Hywel will be spanking her. There are two or three camera angles, very professional and much appreciated. Lighting equipment in the shots. He gives her a good spanking and keeps spreading her legs and slapping her pussy, which is the theme of this episode. A leather paddle, full puss. Hywel puts lotion on her bottom, which makes a shine. Amelia kneels up on the bed, hands on head. Hywel gives her a good frig to conclude.

Babysitter’s plot to spank’ (2F; time: 16 minutes) Another 16 minutes lost, two wasted bottoms. Ariel and Zoe Page will sit on a bed and gossip. Zoe has just had her first drug experience at a club. Ariel has been hired to babysit a 20 year old boy and is required by his parents to spank him. It obviously thrills Ariel, and Zoe seems to be wetting her pants at the idea herself.

Ariel is sent to get towels. Zoe rolls them into logs and uses one to blindfold Ariel, and one could expect it does not work very well. They switch to a scarf. Another towel to gag Ariel, she is getting excited. She hears rattling. “You know the sound of handcuffs?” Now manacled, Ariel kneels on the couch for a sIlly spanking. She keeps yacking through the gag.

‘Flight Attendant in Trouble’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Amelia/Ariel has gotten into trouble on a flight. She was caught nipping at the liquor herself (“knacking at the miniatures”) and passing out free drinks. She fidgets in the corner, in full uniform, rubbing her bottom. She mumbles ”Rubbing doesn’t really help.” Hywel Phillips enters and she refers to him has ”Mr. Burrow.” She has been sent to him for she knows what kind of punishment.

Amelia’s hair is in bun here under her uniform cap, and her makeup is more exaggerated, a bit of a show stage. Burrow is going to discipline her in the style of the 1950’s. OTK, a silly squeal. Burrow wants her skirt up. Bright blue satin knickers. Burrow teases at the knickers, Ms. Anderssen knows they are coming down. ”Oh, please. Let me do it myself.” But Burrow pulls them down.

Burrow notes a ”distinct line,” where the knickers have been protecting her bottom. Long routine spanking. Burrow shifts to a leather sole almost as an afterthought.

Headmistress learns discipline’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Amelia sits at the familiar kitchen table. She is a headmistress communicating on her laptop with parents. Hywel bursts in. Her students are outside, swinging in trees and “running amok.” She doesn’t know how to discipline. ”You are clearly ill-disciplined.” Now this can be fixed.

Hywel has unusual authority as chairman of the school’s board. First, he wants her blouse off—it is missing a button. Then the bra must go, it is inappropriate. Ms. Rutherford does the usual incredulous. Hands on head. The traffic zips by their kitchen window.

Hywel has brought a virtual duffel bag of implements and bondage gear. He pins up her skirt to expose pantyhose. Nine minutes into the film he begins with a synthetic cane. Two cameras positioned. She is made to kneel and he binds her wrists with soft rope. On all fours, she gets the crop, and then must kneel and write lines, ”I am sorry,” on a whiteboard. Rather silly film, pantyhose never taken down. The cane and crop are mild. She might already have been marked, which would have fit the storyline.

‘Hywel with hairbrush’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia reports to Hywel. She has brought a hairbrush and she wants a spanking. She wears stylish jeans and a flannel shirt with a bare midriff. Hywel tells her, ”This is going to sting like crazy.” She drops her jeans—white bikini panties. OTK, Hywel takes her knickers down right off. He is using a small solid wood brush, no hollow plastic here. Amelia jumps at each stroke. Telltale round bruises. Large bruised bottom center screen, nice. They hug.

Maximum Anal’ (f; time: 16 minutes) We’re a long way from that trip Ms. Phillips made to Majorca for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL. Ironically, the whuppings she got there remain some of her best (for us). She is naked on the bedroom set here, the fucking machine at the ready. She inserts and squirms on a lubricated butt plug. Lots of frontals. [steady traffic noises outside]

She sucks the dildo Various poses. Machine dildo into her anus, slowly, not easy. Full screen, no faking. She works it in and out, then the machine does the work. Hatachi added.

‘New pajamas and a chat’ (f; time: 13 minutes) silly but lovely Amelia. She undresses slowly while she narrates for the camera. Floral dress off, red undies and garter belt, she is soon naked, pausing dramatically before her knickers come down. Nice little pubic fuzz, delightfully less manicured here.

Amelia chats with us naked, like tea talk. She puts on lovely new floral pajamas and admires the softness. She steps over to adjust the stationary camera. In an unusual film, she will not show her bottom at all.

‘your cruel wife seduces workers’ (f; time: 16 minutes) Another chatty film from Amelia in the familiar bedroom. Fixed camera. She strips slowly, white undies, lovely bottom always, and frontal closeup here. When she dresses again, we are actually disappointed to see her new knickers go on. This is mostly a nudie and glamour film. A copyright date here suggests she might be 43 years old.

‘Self-Spanking with Hairbrush’ (f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia stark naked and with pigtails on the bedroom set will spank herself with a large hairbrush while she assumes various positions on the bed, sharing with us her intimacies. And she hits pretty hard.

Sexy Feet’ (F; time: 10 minutes)Ariel arrives at and enters a very British house, where she has to duck to enter the front door. She slowly takes off her scarf and woolen cap. She goes to a charming antique desk and finds some erotic manuscripts and reads it aloud, while the camera caresses her legs and feet. She then lounges on a couch for a foot display for the foot fetish market, while she continues to read. She strikes ballet poses as she undulates. She stands and takes all her clothes, yet another glorious moment for this nonpareil model. The short film ends as the camera follows her bottom down the hall and outside the house, quite naked.

‘Slave Training with Fucking Machine’ (f; time: 22 minutes) Amelia sits on the floor, completely naked, ankles splayed by a spreader bar. And she is completely shaved, unusual for her. She narrates as she attaches devices around her upper thighs with clamps, which she fastens to her labia to spread them.

Amelia adjusts the camera and begins to suck the dildo on the machine, very Deep Throat. She turns on the machine, bottom closeup, vagina open, goodness! Several cameras at work, bottom, full face, and side. She inserts the machine dildo in her anus. A cut is needed to get it to fit. The machine does its thing. Various poses, doggy-style fucking, faster and faster.

‘Spanking butt plug response test’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Another explicit film for those who thought she wouldn’t do it. She kneels on the floor in front of Hywel Phillips on their Asian room set. On the bench beside Hywel he has two butt plugs, lubricant, body oil, and a paddle.

He adjusts Ariel OTK and pulls her white knickers down. First, Hywel oils her buttocks a d she seems to love it. He begins with a small black paddle and long fondling and groping. Next comes the lubrication of a conventional butt plug and her anus. She gasps as he inserts the first plug slowly but easily. She paddles her more with the plug in place. Ariel has spread her legs and stretched her knickers tight.

The second stainless steel plug and about 4” long with graduated ribs. Could be a challenge if resisted. Ariel kneels down to assist and confirm the lubrication and the resumes position. Hywel works the plug in, slowly, knot by knot, to the hilt, in one of the most entertaining sequences we have ever seen for Ms. Rutherford. She moans.

Hywel returns to the paddling and handspanking. He spanks her pussy, and she obligingly opens her legs even further. Panties down to her knees. She stands, pulls up her knickers, and they leave in room hand in hand, plug in place.

‘Spanking For Gingerbutt Ponygirl’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) More anal concentration and we come closer to actual sex for Amelia. Hywel surprises Amelia on the bedroom set. He’s been sent to discipline for poor attitude in filmmaking. And of course she is already naked. “For your training as a ponygirl, I’m going to ginger you up.”

Hywel lubricates a ginger root and a butt plug for a cap and has her bend over while he inserts them. He paddles her some then oils her bottom. Ginger takes some time. Hywel climbs onto the bed and coaxes her OTK for handspanking and a paddle. Silly squawk.

Amelia sits up on her haunches for a moment, such for the theater, then back OTK. Hywel has gotten her legs open and he his spanking her pussy. At this point he gives her a convincing frigging, which quiets her. Hips wiggle. Switch from one camera to another, sometimes closeup. At the conclusion of this little activity, she lies spread eagle on the bed. The ginger has kicked in.

‘Spanking humiliation and caning’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) More playtime for Hywel and Ariel in their Asian room. Ariel is completely naked and bends over a chair. Handspanking. Into the thrust position on the floor for a caning. Legs 3’ wide, full puss. nice. long naked rub and closeups.

Tormenting the butler’ (2F; time: 11 minutes) Eleven minutes of Zoe Page and Ariel excoriating an unseen butler. They brandish a strap and cane. No action.

Triple Penetration For Valentine’s Date’ (f; time: 22 minutes) Amelia is making a porn film for an absent date. The title tells us where we are headed. It fun to imagine the entertainment if her date had been able to show. The set is the familiar bedroom.

She starts by taking off her conservative dress. White garter belt and stockings, matching red bra and panties. Low camera angles increase her size without diminishing the eroticism. Bra off, panties wiggled down, a light fuzz growing back. On the bed she masturbate with a flexible lexan dildo.

#2, Amelia lubricates and inserts a vibrating anal dildo. Another plug for her vagina. She reaches to adjust the POV angle. All bottom. And for #3, she sucks another dildo. Plugged as she is, she uses a small Hatachi vibrator where it counts. Mostly silly, but nothing left to imagine.

Ultimate Cornertime’ (f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia crawls to a corner, naked but for stockings. On all fours, knees spread. She kneels erect, hands on head, at first resting her elbows on the wall, fortunately not quite assuming the painful REALSPANKING punishment pose she took when she made her series there. But somebody must prompt her, because she moves to kneel on her kneecaps and no longer rests on the wall. She collapses and confesses.

Cheating the System – SPANKINGSARAH

15 May

MF/2f; time: 39 minutes

A familiar theme-2 girls are not paying their taxes. They are nightclub strippers, so we’d imagine a good portion of their income is unreported. We can recall some other films on this theme, most notably favorites for us, CALSTAR’s ‘Meter Beating,’ where two girls get comprehensive spankings right in their home by the utility company rep, and ‘Community Charge Caning,’ where a lass has to undress in her living room for a collector.

Two tax agents call on two blondes at home. One is a man, the girls thought a customer at their club, have been undercover. The other is ‘Lina.’ After the choices, a fine or jail (who know what can happen there): “We do have an alternative…we can punish you here and now, a good spanking.” The girls laugh but finally agree and sign waivers.

Lina has brought a briefcase of implements, which the girls are a bit concerned about when it is opened. “Both of you, get undressed.” “What?” Not quite enough objection. The electric company didn’t go this far. The girls strip quickly, they are supposed to be used to it. “You could at least put on some music for us.” When the girls are naked, it is not difficult to imagine they ARE strippers.

Lina documents the bare bottoms with a camera. She and the male will spank the girls for the rest of the film, OTK and over a chair, hand, straps, and paddles. The excuse for some mild marks already on their bottoms—some kinky guys in the club. Not much action here, but a lot of T&A. Another photo for the after-action report. A clock on the wall suggests this film was made with virtually no interruptions.

Unladylike Manor – SPANKINGSARAH

13 May

The Lady Must Be Told’ #61 (F/f; time: 13 minutes) We have never been clear on this plot, but we suspect our readers are not here for literary insight. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a live-in nurse caring for the lord of the manor, Lord Stern. When she coerces the butler into giving her a phone number, he reports her to the Lady, played by Sarah Stern.

Sarah comes home and gives nurse Amelia a conventional spanking in the kitchen, strap and paddle. Seven minutes of talk before the spanking. Sarah gets the panties down, nice low shots. Bruises, and the white marks.

The Lady is Punished’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Stern. Ms. Rutherford is just a bystander in this film. She is the nurse and has been spanked in this series. Lady Stern’s husband has finally died.

An older woman (by CP film standards), ‘Susan Smart,’ arrives and will be spanked for some reasons we could not decipher. She is made to bend over the kitchen table seen in this series. Skirt up, black panties bunched then down. Amelia just watches.

The deadly plot’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Sarah Stern and Katie Didit call in nurse Amelia to meet Dr. Parker. They want her to administer some medicine which will hasten the patient’s demise. She absolutely refuses, so Dr. Parker will try to spank her into submission. He takes her OTK. ”This is most ungentlemanly.” And then some.

He pulls up her uniform and allows her to rub. Her bottom is huge on this little guy. ”You can’t spank someone’s ethics out of them.” But try. White panties down, ”Oh, Dr. Parker.” Routine but wonderful. Fade.

 #29 ( 2F/f; time: 14 minutes) Spanking goings-on continue at the Manor. This segment ends as the madam is just completing a spanking of ‘Pandora Blake,’ dressed in a police uniform. Nurse  ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ comes on this scene. The madam has spanked the policewoman for having dared to suggest there are strange things happening at the Manor, and now she will spank Amelia for having reported it.

While the madam goes to get her paddles, Pandora spanks Amelia herself. The madam  returns, they get Amelia’s white panties down, and each takes a buttock with a paddle. The ladies agree to partner up for ongoing punishments.

‘The Plot pt 2’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Leia Ann Woods, a nurse, is in cahoots with the Lady of the house. She hands the Lady (Sarah Stern/Bright) a flash drive of the Lord’s medical record, with the inappropriate treatment expunged. Sarah calls in Amelia Jane Rutherford, the other nurse on staff. Ms. Rutherford is deliciously young here.

Sarah complains about Amelia’s work and is clearly trolling for an excuse. Amelia is shocked her work is flawed. The long scold results in the usual choice—Amelia will take the spanking. OTK she goes, handspanking on her uniform. Up with the uniform, white knickers, garters, and lace-topped nylons, the usual elegant attire from Ms. Phillips.

Sarah takes the knickers down, Amelia accepts submissively. Bottom full screen. When Amelia stands, Sarah is not satisfied with the redness and lays on more fast smacks. ”I might as well enjoy myself.”

The Plot pt 4’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Sarah Bright,’ ‘Pandora Blake,’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ The corny murder story. PC Blake is interviewing Amelia in her resident nurse’s uniform. Sarah walks in and Blake suddenly arrests her for the murder of her husband. Amelia smirks pleasure.

Somehow–we lost the thread of the facts here, Sarah has been able to threaten Pandora sufficiently with false arrest that Sarah can get her OTK for a spanking. PC Blake has no leverage.

“We’ll have the skirt off.” OTK, black panties. Long conventional handspanking. Hands-on-chair. Amelia walks into this action (She is just a spectator in this episode–recovering probably). Pandora’s red bottom is noted.

To Amelia, ” You know what I am going to do to you, don’t you…you’re going to have a little go as well.” We’ve noticed, the phrase “having a go” has its entertaining meanings in British pornography.

The Plot pt 5’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Pandora Blake, Amelia Jane Rutherford, and Sarah Bright, in a film series. In excerpts of previous films, Sarah spanked Pandora, she spanked Amelia dressed as a maid, with Pandora looking on in a police uniform.

Here, Pandora is spanking Amelia on her white panties. Sarah brings Pandora a paddle, panties come down, and Sarah joins in for a few swats herself.

Unexpected Intervention’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Nurse Amelia, conniving Lady Stern, and Katie Didit. The butler brings in model ’Cherry,’ who has come to make the claim: ”Lord Stern is my father.” A challenge to the inheritance and a cute little bottom added to the story.

Amelia is tasked to chat with Cherry while the conspirators formulate a plan. Amelia becomes convinced. Dr. Parker is called in. ”We need her dealt with.” Parker carries a paddle for any eventuality. Amelia takes a DNA sample and gets it off before Lady Stern can doctor it.

Nurse Amelia is going to be spanked for her efficiency. She kneels up, Spencer strap on white panties, Bottom high, knickers down. Amelia apologizes.

‘The Love Child’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) The DNA test proves Cherry is the daughter of Lord Stern. But Lady Stern will deny it and use Amelia to console Cherry. Lots of silly talk between the girls, but we know another bottom has joined the cast. Cherry arrives, ’no match’ on the test, 1000 pounds wasted.

But the household needs a domestic maid, downstairs only. The house rules require a particular British initiation, Amelia thinks she will only watch, but Lady Stern will spank them both. Cherry: ”I’m pretty sure that’s not even legal.” Cherry OTK, skirt up, full white panties. ”It isn’t fair.” Panties down. ”Is it burning?” ”Yes.”

Belinda Lawson at FIRMHAND

8 May

M/f; time: 10 minutes

We assume this is a FIRMHAND production because of the actors and the filming technique. However, it was filmed on a set we don’t recognize. If this is an excerpt from a Belinda series, we have not found it yet.

Belinda is at a pool table with Richard Anderson. He shows her the embossed leather paddle she has seen a few times in her career. She has a gleam in her eye. She bends over the pool table, wiggling her bottom. We have noted a few times that a pool table is the perfect height for a bend-over, very masculine, and delightfully British.

Anderson begins to paddle her on her black boyshorts. She loves it. In most of her FH series spankings, she was coyly resisting being spanked. Anderson pulls the shorts down and continues on perfect pink panties. She takes her panties down, very slowly. Slow motion rub, welts on her bottom.

She narrates at the conclusion—very warm bottom, first time for that paddle. With her bottom bare, we follow her out of the room in slow motion.

Ariel Anderssen at FUTILESTRUGGLES

4 May

Amelia Jane Rutherford made some virtually hardcore BDSM films with this producer, a real surprise to us. We will collect and review some of them in one place here. Some longer films we will do separately. They seem to be quite recent. Posting dates are late 2018 and ongoing in 2019. Ms. Rutherford does look older, and we think her penchant for BDSM has been developing in the last decade. ‘Eric’s’ website is shabby and maybe in construction. His specialties are gags and ropes. These are American productions, and Ms. Phillips will push her own limits.

‘Epic impact and more’ (M/f; time: 29 minutes) Most of these films are more about BDSM than spanking, which, when the model is Ms. Brooke-Hamilton, is a bit of a disappointment. Not so much this one, when the male antagonist is as interested in her bottom as we are.

Ariel stands alone in one of her typical floral print dresses. A guy manhandles her, fondling her roughly. He takes her OTK on a couch, handling her like this series demands. Dress up,,she is quite red already. Legs splayed, he holds her by her hair. Dirty feet. Slow motion.

The guy scrapes with fingernails, pries her buttocks apart, and spanks with both hands, bo on her buttocks and thighs, quite hard for her.

Ariel kneels on the couch, where the guy whips with his belt. And a BDSM touch new to us, he puts elastics around her feet so he can snap them bastinado-style while still having her bottom centered.

Ariel strips naked, gets more rough fondling, then kneels at the wall on the points of her knees. Palm slaps, a long sexy frontal. He ties her wrists behind her back, more handspanking, some whipping of the fronts of her thighs, and some face slapping which could have rattled some teeth.

Ariel is bent over the arm of the couch. As red and marked here as you will see her. Good facials. She is getting a very hard time. And the final painful kneeling position again’

OTK Spanking’ (M/f; time: 34 minutes) The only film here by Ms. Rutherford which is mostly spanking. Ariel kneels on a leather couch, struggling. She wears a tight pink dress. It may be ‘Miguel,’ the protagonist in most of this series, who ties her wrists behind her back. She is taken OTK on the couch. The dress comes up, there are no panties, and no evidence of a thong.

The guy begins to spank very hard, and since this is a long film, this will be a notable performance by Ms. Phillips. Amongst spanks, the guy fondles, gropes, rakes her with fingernails, and pulls her hair. He has gotten her thighs open, an unusual but not unprecedented view for her.

Facials—she looks quite disturbed.

She slides off his lap and is urged to crawl to the wall on her knees, in the erect position. A long scene of her suffering in this painful posture. Back OTK, the spanking continues, maybe even harder. More kneeling, she must wiggle in circles to display herself. Rough stuff for Rutherford.

Ariel Secretary must atone for her work’ (M/f; time: 83 minutes) A long BDSM-only film from Ms. Phillips. We won’t detail the action. There is no spanking. Ariel plays a secretary who is going to be punished for her poor work and using Instagram to complain. Miguel drags her into the warehouse. She is dressed for work. Her wrists are aleady shackled behind her, a mild start.

She will banter away until the gags start. Miguel strings her up by her hair and jams in a large ball gag. In her heels, Ariel is 6” taller than Miguel. He begins roping and fondling. He lowers her to a chair and puts clamps on her nipples. He stuffs her mouth with bubble wrap and secures it with adhesive tape around her neck. Very BDSM.

She is left to struggle, clips off, blood returns to squeals. More clips on her boobs, more silent struggling. Gag out, Miguel clamps each of her lips squeezed with pencils, an Oriental bamboo torture. After a bit, the pencils are removed. Her lips are swollen and she is flushed.

An Ace bondage wrapped as a gag next. He wraps her head with non-stick electrical tape into a sort of harness. Goofy, but hot if you like to see this goddess suffer. More breast clamps, tape and gag off. She is even more flushed. Miguel smears her lips with lipstick and writes ‘bimbo’ on her forehead and ‘useless’ on her bare chest.

And now, the penis gag. “What’s that?” It is about 4” long and she chokes. He takes it out, she must not be able to deal with it. A cloth gag, rubber bands around her face. Nostril clamps pull her open. Ankle spreader bar, crotch wide open, but she has kept her panties. More ropes, she is left moaning.

Clamps on her labia, some sort of juice is poured on her head. Arms tied back in the strappado position. She trussed and stretched, left to struggle.

So much for the British RESTRAINEDELEGANCE dalliances. In a post filming Interview, a flushed and marked Ariel tells us how exciting some of this was and how stressful other parts were. She certainly didn’t like the penis gag or the nostril hooks. She came to the U.S. to do this, because it can’t be done in Great Britain.

Ariel-secretary’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes+) Ariel’s torment continues. She kneels erect, her vagina resting on something not nice, her hands fastened to a pole behind her back, a rope pulled tigh through her labia by a bag of weights. Clamps on her breasts. She slobbers through her gag and moans like a pro.

Miguel adds and subtracts from the clamps. That hurts. Rope around her neck. He removes the gag and stretches her panties over her face and head, the gusset over her nose and mouth. He wraps non-stick tape around her face and head into a harness configuration. She is breathing through the cloth. Zoom on pussy. To conclude, a stiff and high leather collar to hold her head uncomfortably. Not the most extreme BDSM, but nicely erotic. You might not see stills from this shoot in Ms. Phillips’ marketing material.

‘Ariel. Tough Cop-Captured and Hogtied by the Toes’ (M/f; time: 36 minutes) Another non-spanking BDSM film made in the USA. Ariel pulls up in a clearing in a car bearing Florida plates. She enters a house where Miguel jumps her. She struggles but agrees to calm down.

She wears a blue blouse and short beige skirt.Miguel proceeds with BDSM torment—duct tape over her mouth, wrists and ankles tied. When she able to reach her cell phone, Miguel cuts off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Some unusual frontal nudity here. She is hogtied on the floor, her toes tied to her wrists. The rope must be tiny to do this. Long typical hogtie struggle, moaning some frontal closeups.

Tight Box Hogtie’ (M/f; time: 58 minutes) A long BDSM struggle for Ariel. The only spanking for her we have seen on this site is reviewed above. Ariel struggles, naked and hogtied, on a sheet of cardboard on the floor of the warehouse set. She wears a ball gag which is held in place by a leather head harness. She is bound with Japanese style ropes. Closeups of her feet and face, and bruises on her bottom. Ariel would not have to do too much acting to appear uncomfortable.

Miguel rolls her onto her side so that he can flick her with a stick. He attaches nipple clamps and strings them tightly to a loop in a neck collar, so that any move torments her.

In a new scene, she is on her feet on the cardboard, quite naked. There is actually very little total nudity on the FUTILESTRUGGLES site. He squeezes her boobs, puts the gag harness on again, and hooks that harness to a ceiling rope. He is now able to haul her erect into a painful position. More roping, waist, thighs, ankles, shoulders. She should soon be ready to do anything you want if you let her down.

Kiki Diapered and Mouthsoaped -MOMMASPANKINGS

1 May

MF/f; (17 minutes) A five-part film.

Tubaman is strapping tiny Kiki on a couch. How diminutive she is becomes accented when she shares the scene with others. The woman takes over with a hairbrush, mild. Kiki is sent to the corner while the woman prepares the couch with a cloth cover. Trouble coming.

Kiki has  gotten her jeans and panties back up. She is now put into the diaper position  on the cloth. She is shaved in this video. Kiki is small enough to be held in this position by the ankles, literally like a baby. She gets a generous dose of talcum powder in the right place and then an adult diaper is put on. It is almost too big for her. This part of the humiliation is almost too sIlly for us.

Into the bathroom, Kiki’s hair is pinned up now. The woman wets a bar of soap and puts it in her mouth and holds it in place. She takes it out and wets the bar again a few times, at one point coating Kiki’s tongue with soap from a cloth. Kiki gags and spits realistically. The scene is filmed from the sink mirror.

Soaping is a torment which pops up periodically in the CP fetish. It would seem it could be performed authentically with the models, eliciting a colorful response, without any damage. Kiki looks most unhappy here. We have commented on the wash rag-in-the-mouth scene in LUPUS’ ‘From the Headmaster: Anarchy.” In NUWEST’s ‘Katie and Meryl.,’ Katie is cute enough with a new bar of Ivory jammed in her mouth, but the bar needs to be smaller, wetter, and go in further.