Unladylike Manor – SPANKINGSARAH

13 May

The Lady Must Be Told’ #61 (F/f; time: 13 minutes) We have never been clear on this plot, but we suspect our readers are not here for literary insight. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a live-in nurse caring for the lord of the manor, Lord Stern. When she coerces the butler into giving her a phone number, he reports her to the Lady, played by Sarah Stern.

Sarah comes home and gives nurse Amelia a conventional spanking in the kitchen, strap and paddle. Seven minutes of talk before the spanking. Sarah gets the panties down, nice low shots. Bruises, and the white marks.

The Lady is Punished’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Stern. Ms. Rutherford is just a bystander in this film. She is the nurse and has been spanked in this series. Lady Stern’s husband has finally died.

An older woman (by CP film standards), ‘Susan Smart,’ arrives and will be spanked for some reasons we could not decipher. She is made to bend over the kitchen table seen in this series. Skirt up, black panties bunched then down. Amelia just watches.

The deadly plot’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Sarah Stern and Katie Didit call in nurse Amelia to meet Dr. Parker. They want her to administer some medicine which will hasten the patient’s demise. She absolutely refuses, so Dr. Parker will try to spank her into submission. He takes her OTK. ”This is most ungentlemanly.” And then some.

He pulls up her uniform and allows her to rub. Her bottom is huge on this little guy. ”You can’t spank someone’s ethics out of them.” But try. White panties down, ”Oh, Dr. Parker.” Routine but wonderful. Fade.

 #29 ( 2F/f; time: 14 minutes) Spanking goings-on continue at the Manor. This segment ends as the madam is just completing a spanking of ‘Pandora Blake,’ dressed in a police uniform. Nurse  ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ comes on this scene. The madam has spanked the policewoman for having dared to suggest there are strange things happening at the Manor, and now she will spank Amelia for having reported it.

While the madam goes to get her paddles, Pandora spanks Amelia herself. The madam  returns, they get Amelia’s white panties down, and each takes a buttock with a paddle. The ladies agree to partner up for ongoing punishments.

‘The Plot pt 2’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Leia Ann Woods, a nurse, is in cahoots with the Lady of the house. She hands the Lady (Sarah Stern/Bright) a flash drive of the Lord’s medical record, with the inappropriate treatment expunged. Sarah calls in Amelia Jane Rutherford, the other nurse on staff. Ms. Rutherford is deliciously young here.

Sarah complains about Amelia’s work and is clearly trolling for an excuse. Amelia is shocked her work is flawed. The long scold results in the usual choice—Amelia will take the spanking. OTK she goes, handspanking on her uniform. Up with the uniform, white knickers, garters, and lace-topped nylons, the usual elegant attire from Ms. Phillips.

Sarah takes the knickers down, Amelia accepts submissively. Bottom full screen. When Amelia stands, Sarah is not satisfied with the redness and lays on more fast smacks. ”I might as well enjoy myself.”

The Plot pt 4’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Sarah Bright,’ ‘Pandora Blake,’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ The corny murder story. PC Blake is interviewing Amelia in her resident nurse’s uniform. Sarah walks in and Blake suddenly arrests her for the murder of her husband. Amelia smirks pleasure.

Somehow–we lost the thread of the facts here, Sarah has been able to threaten Pandora sufficiently with false arrest that Sarah can get her OTK for a spanking. PC Blake has no leverage.

“We’ll have the skirt off.” OTK, black panties. Long conventional handspanking. Hands-on-chair. Amelia walks into this action (She is just a spectator in this episode–recovering probably). Pandora’s red bottom is noted.

To Amelia, ” You know what I am going to do to you, don’t you…you’re going to have a little go as well.” We’ve noticed, the phrase “having a go” has its entertaining meanings in British pornography.

The Plot pt 5’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Pandora Blake, Amelia Jane Rutherford, and Sarah Bright, in a film series. In excerpts of previous films, Sarah spanked Pandora, she spanked Amelia dressed as a maid, with Pandora looking on in a police uniform.

Here, Pandora is spanking Amelia on her white panties. Sarah brings Pandora a paddle, panties come down, and Sarah joins in for a few swats herself.

Unexpected Intervention’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Nurse Amelia, conniving Lady Stern, and Katie Didit. The butler brings in model ’Cherry,’ who has come to make the claim: ”Lord Stern is my father.” A challenge to the inheritance and a cute little bottom added to the story.

Amelia is tasked to chat with Cherry while the conspirators formulate a plan. Amelia becomes convinced. Dr. Parker is called in. ”We need her dealt with.” Parker carries a paddle for any eventuality. Amelia takes a DNA sample and gets it off before Lady Stern can doctor it.

Nurse Amelia is going to be spanked for her efficiency. She kneels up, Spencer strap on white panties, Bottom high, knickers down. Amelia apologizes.

‘The Love Child’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) The DNA test proves Cherry is the daughter of Lord Stern. But Lady Stern will deny it and use Amelia to console Cherry. Lots of silly talk between the girls, but we know another bottom has joined the cast. Cherry arrives, ’no match’ on the test, 1000 pounds wasted.

But the household needs a domestic maid, downstairs only. The house rules require a particular British initiation, Amelia thinks she will only watch, but Lady Stern will spank them both. Cherry: ”I’m pretty sure that’s not even legal.” Cherry OTK, skirt up, full white panties. ”It isn’t fair.” Panties down. ”Is it burning?” ”Yes.”

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