17 May

Ms. Rutherford’s own productions with husband Hywel Phillips and a few friends from the scene, much in the Glasgow tradition. With the exception of the first review, the rest are non-spanking talk-only trifles. We have reviewed the more important productions from this site separately.

Ariel-bondage’ (M/f; time: xxx) Not sure of the producer here. Ms. Rutherford spends the first half of the film dressing and primping for the camera, the fetish/fashion side of her work these days. After a segue, she has been bound spread eagle to a brass bed, wrists and ankles, and gagged. After another segue, she is bound on her stomach, up on her knees jodhpurs and knickers down. Philip Johnson is spanking her. Harmless stuff, and filmed in dim light for effect.

Air Stewardess strapped and caned’ (MF/f; time: 31 minutes) Several wonderful films around about pretty stewardesses coerced into spanking punishment. Zoe Page and Philip Johnson are reviewing the file of “Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ an airline stewardess who has been caught shoplifting and assaulting a passenger. Johnson directs: “Go and prepare her for punishment.”

Amelia squirms waiting in Zoe’s office, in full uniform and already handcuffed. She protests she is innocent and doesn’t deserve the corporal punishment she has heard all too much about already. “You will be strapping and caning a completely innocent flight attendant.” (We always think of CALSTAR’s ‘Out Patient,’ where a nurse gets a wicked spanking and caning, but they learn it’s the wrong nurse. They spelled the name wrong!) Zoe tucks up and pins Amelia’s skirt to expose full red panties and a garter belt. Such detail. There is no appeal. Amelia half-asks, “They said something about bare bottom.” She is left to wait, panties on display.

A trestle is set up in front of the desk. Amelia is brought in, a panty parade. We’ve said in other reviews, a passerby in the corridors would have worked so nicely to add to the humiliation. Her charges are repeated. The sentence: “50 strokes of the strap and 50 strokes of the cane on the bare bottom.”

Cut back to Johnson at his desk, the familiar FIRMHAND set. A cane and Spencer strap lay displayed.

When Amelia protests a man should not spank her, Zoe is ready and almost jumps out of her skin. Amelia tied rather loosely over the trestle, legs wide. Zoe has removed her garter belt. “I don’t need to be tied down.” They assure her she does. Another check of the charges and we are ready. Don’t want the wrong bottom. Zoe pulls down the red panties.

Johnson straps and Zoe counts. They will switch off. Despite all this delicious ritual, the strapping is very mild. Zoe might be wetting herself. Next, “The cane is the master of discipline.” Zoe does the work, and again very mild. Only 35 strokes, despite the sentence. She is released and will stand and rub in the corner.

Amelia’s surprise’ (F; time: 15 minutes) Another POV film where Amelia narrates. She has reported to the headmaster, wearing a little-girl outfit. And she is pushing 40 here. After her apologies she bends over to display white panties. Cane strokes are simulated and not seen.

Another thrashing for my butler‘ (F; time: 9 minutes) Ariel spends the whole 9 minutes lecturing and threatening an unseen butler. She shows him a rug beater and explains how it is going to hurt. Nothing to see in this film. She wears riding gear. Ms. Rutherford must have determined there is a market for this. Not us.

‘Ariel as lazy maid hogtied’ (MF/f; time: 18 minutes) Ariel, in one of those silly maid’s uniforms which shows the top of nylons, is caught by her mistress lounging and reading. In this house, that means punishment. The mistress slowly blindfolds and gags Ariel. She plays along.

The mistress handcuffs her wrists behind her back, leans her over a couch arm, and begins a playful spanking. Bound like this, Ariel is guided OTK, knickers down, the world class bottom.

Silliness compounds. A male voice is imagined, frightening Ariel and directing the mistress to gag herself. The mistress pulls a knit cap over her eyes so that she too is blindfolded. In a segue, both girls are hogtied, struggling on the floor for the rest of the film, fully clothed.

‘Ariel in leotard thong’ (f; time: 12 minutes) Ariel stands POV type in a parlor, wearing a white leotard thong. She is all bottom, the point of the thing. The low camera angle accentuates her height. She walks around the room in a fashion display, of her body.

She does a wonderful bend-over. What more to be said about this view? Her narration, although admirable, is superfluous.

Babysitter’s plot to spank’ (2F; time: 16 minutes) Another 16 minutes lost, two wasted bottoms. Ariel and Zoe Page will sit on a bed and gossip. Zoe has just had her first drug experience at a club. Ariel has been hired to babysit a 20 year old boy and is required by his parents to spank him. It obviously thrills Ariel, and Zoe seems to be wetting her pants at the idea herself.

Ariel is sent to get towels. Zoe rolls them into logs and uses one to blindfold Ariel, and one could expect it does not work very well. They switch to a scarf. Another towel to gag Ariel, she is getting excited. She hears rattling. “You know the sound of handcuffs?” Now manacled, Ariel kneels on the couch for a sIlly spanking. She keeps yacking through the gag.

‘New pajamas and a chat’ (f; time: 13 minutes) silly but lovely Amelia. She undresses slowly while she narrates for the camera. Floral dress off, red undies and garter belt, she is soon naked, pausing dramatically before her knickers come down. Nice little pubic fuzz, delightfully less manicured here.

Amelia chats with us naked, like tea talk. She puts on lovely new floral pajamas and admires the softness. She steps over to adjust the stationary camera. In an unusual film, she will not show her bottom at all.

‘your cruel wife seduces workers’ (f; time: 16 minutes) Another chatty film from Amelia in the familiar bedroom. Fixed camera. She strips slowly, white undies, lovely bottom always, and frontal closeup here. When she dresses again, we are actually disappointed to see her new knickers go on. This is mostly a nudie and glamour film. A copyright date here suggests she might be 43 years old

Sexy Feet’ (F; time: 10 minutes)Ariel arrives at and enters a very British house, where she has to duck to enter the front door. She slowly takes off her scarf and woolen cap. She goes to a charming antique desk and finds some erotic manuscripts and reads it aloud, while the camera caresses her legs and feet. She then lounges on a couch for a foot display for the foot fetish market, while she continues to read. She strikes ballet poses as she undulates. She stands and takes all her clothes, yet another glorious moment for this nonpareil model. The short film ends as the camera follows her bottom down the hall and outside the house, quite naked.

Tormenting the butler’ (2F; time: 11 minutes) Eleven minutes of Zoe Page and Ariel excoriating an unseen butler. They brandish a strap and cane. No action.

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