Maid For the Cane – BOTTOMLINE

8 Jun

MF/2f; time: 53 minutes

Another exercise for British aristocracy. The lord and lady of the manse seem to be having breakfast, but for reason the French maid serves wine. She promptly spills on the lord and earns a spanking immediately.

She is OTK with the lady, who gets her little uniform skirt and crinolines up to expose a naughty little thong. After a bit of spanking, the maid stands to drop her thong, which makes no difference but increases the embarrassment. The lady gets a strap with a handle. The maid kneels up on a wing chair, her knees spread on the arms. Very exposed. She seems to know just what to do. The lord is watching, waiting?

But he becomes mad at his wife, and as sometimes happens in these households where spanking is practiced, she will be spanked. The maid’s bottom is still on display. The wife is soon bare bottom, this is not new to her. The maid goes for a strap. The lady keeps warning the maid she will get it.

Sure enough, the husband exits and the maid is spanked again. Bigger strap, and finally, much harder. The British saga continues. The husband returns with a cane. The wife takes off her blouse and skirt, ends over a table, and takes 10 strokes, a few from the maid. The maid is grabbed and she takes 12 herself. In a cute touch, the lady fishes the maid’s panties down and off with the cane tip. The maid is stripped, down to just garter belt and stockings. A few more cane strokes. The lady and the maid are pretty much naked.

The husband returns and canes the maid, 10 more. She grabs her ankles. Somebody certainly must be horny by now. But we continue. The wife has dressed but she strips again. Hands on a high stool, 10 more strokes. She goes up the stairs, bare bottom, hoping for company.

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