Office Spanking

8 Jun

F/f; time: 58 minutes

Female boss ‘Ms. Barbara Boch’ will spank and take some liberties with a very cute employee, ‘Debra.’ We could not identify the producer, but the film seems too complicated to be amateur. The tall, short haired girl is spanked in an office for just about anything. Silly spankings and scoldings, but things get better.

Long skirt up, a black lace thong. The boss spanks with a fly swatter. This never works. This looks like an office, but a shot captures an adjoining sitting room. The boss takes phone calls and does business while she spanks. She argues with everyone. Skirt up, Ms. Debra has an exceptional bottom.

And another first for us, Debra is made to put on knee pads so that she can crawl around. She crawls for a strap and then goes OTK. Back on her knees, Debra takes her top off, The boss takes her bra off and uses it as a blindfold. To add to the great tush, these are exceptional boobs. The girl doesn’t have to say lines.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson.” The boss attaches paper clamps to her boobs and slaps them with the swatter. Debra squeals when the clamps come off. OTK again, more spanking and phone calls. Over the desk, the thong is surviving. More spanking and scolding.

A rather odd film, except for the paper clamps in an “office,” and a smashing model.

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