Parking Ticket

9 Jun

M/f; time: 18 minutes

An interesting vintage film we have not been able to identify so far. A female British traffic warden gets spanked for giving a parking ticket to her husband. It is not the plot line of the JANUS film ‘Warden’s End,’ although the model here looks a bit like Linzi Drew, who played in that film.

The warden, wearing the full WPC uniform, so spankable in numerous British films, tickets a Rolls Royce. When she returns home, to a comfortable and well appointed setting someone provided for the producer, she pours herself a gin, neat. Her husband soon arrives and is upset he got a parking ticket. The wife is being encircled, she knows. She pours him a gin.

He decides to flip through his wife’s parking ticket book and finds his citation. Stage set. He takes her OTK for the action to begin. Can it be? Of course. This is England. She wants this spanking, some gin and a sore bottom to kick off the evening. Uniform skirt up, fashionable black lace panties. He reminds her as he whacks that he lived next door to her as a youth and used to hear her parents spank. They both have the British Vice!

She doth complain just the tantalizing amount. “But I’m just warming up.” “Don’t pull my knickers down.” But yes. He has her stand and remove her uniform jumper and blouse. Her bra and panties are a set. She kneels on a chair for his doubled belt. He wants her skirt off. We get the brief fuzz frontal of this vintage era. She kneels again, knees wide on the arms of the chair. We can see she is excited. He takes her bra off. More OTK spanking, then a concluding cuddle.

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