Brandi – FAREAST

11 Jun

M/f; time: 42 minutes

Thin brunette Brandi is on camera, her third appearance here, but our only review of her. Like all the girls who appear with the boys at FAREAST, she will show some spunk, and guts. We imagine this producer might have a few files of girls who broke down.

Joe and two crew members kid with her. Beside the conventional spanking arousal sequence, they have some “surprises” for her. You can see here the set is a motel room. Brandi wears a red top and flower print slacks.

The OTK spanking portion begins. Joe soon has the slacks down. There is just a G-string. After a cut, the top is off, and soon Joe has the bra and G-string gone. He puts a finger in her vagina, which crew loves. “A dip stick kind of thing.” Joe is spanking much harder. Brandi is struggling a little, whimpering.

Time for the hard sex. After a long kiss, naked Brandi is on her back for a long oral session from Joe. She helps him off with his pants and begins a blowjob. The boys have gone quiet so we can hear the heavy breathing.

Brandi gets on his lap for the first ride, then doggy style—the cinematic poses. More bj and “69.” [sirens outside, you can stop a porn film at this point] And the money shot.

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