21 Jun

We gather a few of our favorite films of girls getting soap in the mouth as part of a spanking. We will add a few more.’

Alice-cheerleader’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) REALSPANKING. Michael Masterson with Alice. She looks tiny here, in a cheerleader’s outfit, and we should say, barely legal. Masterson is angry she took her time returning his car, so he grabs her OTK without delay. It is a mild spanking, but when he hears, “Fuck, Dad, come on,” it will cost her. Alternate views, face and bottom.Off the a bath or kitchen. Masterson jams a bar of soap into her mouth. “Bite down.” He takes the bar and wets it, then scrubs her tongue and mouth as best he can with the big bar. Not a bad portrayal. Alice makes faces keeps her mouth open, and chokes as Masterson works. Masterson leaves to get a belt. Into the sitting room, red uniform panties down, doubled leather belt. Alternate views, face and bottom. To the wall, nice 

From the Headmaster- the Anarchy’ LUPUS. We start with perhaps our favorite, and we emphasize these are our choices, not an exhaustive list. This film is separately reviewed. The Headmaster coats the inside of a girl’s mouth with a soaped rag and pinches her nose to make her breathe it in.‘Clare soaped’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes; AAASPANKING. Clare Fonda stands in front of a bathroom mirror. An older woman opens a new bar of Dove hand soap, wets it, proceeds to coat Clare’s tongue with it before jamming it into her mouth. “Suck it, suck it, like you suck a cock.” Goodness, ladies!

The soaping continues, quite aggressive here. “Getting the taste of penis out of your mouth?” More tongue coating, soap all over her face. All in front of a mirror. No spanking.

‘Cheerleader Punished’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) CHEERLEADERSPANKINGS. We selected this film for a nice aggressive soaping. A mother-type is scolding a girl in a cheerleader’s outfit for swearing. She takes the girl quickly OTK on a familiar couch set and begins spanking her on white shorts.

Shorts down, the panties must have come too. The handspanking is followed by a hairbrush. A long session. One of those models with the perfect big bottom for CP films.

The spanking concludes and the cheerleader is marched into the bathroom, bare bottom. She is made to bend over the sink, which will provide wonderful bottom shots. The woman wets a bar of soap and coats the girl’s tongue with it and then jams it in. Out again, more coating. The girl chokes and spits. We watch in the full mirror over the sink, bottom shots interspersed.

Doctors Orders’ (H) FIRMHAND The series with Amelia Jane Rutherford, separately reviewed.’The Facility’ (E) FIRMHAND. Part of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s Punishment for crashing and trying to embed herself in a submissive training center. 

‘Katie Visits Meryl’ NUWEST. Separately reviewed. Stunning Katie gets a new bar of Ivory in her mouth, ineffectual but very cute. Nothing quite like Katie angrily stomping her bare feet in place with soap in her mouth or full intestines.

‘Kiki Diapered and Mouthsoaped’ MOMMASPANKINGS. Separately reviewed.

’Potty Mouth’ NORTHERNSPANKING. (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Alex Reynolds spanks and soaps Linny Lace in an altogether uninteresting film. After a tepid spanking, Alex unwraps a new bar of soap, wets it in a kitchen sink, then forces Linny’s mouth open and coats her tongue. A fair soaping, taking a few minutes. The oblique camera angle does not fully depict the action.

‘Professional Student’ GIRLSPANKSGIRL Lana scrubs Amkelia Jane Rutherford’s tongue. Separate review.

’at REALSPANKING’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) One of the most vigorous soaping scenes we have found yet. A girl is quivering, holding a strap, waiting for Masterson. He arrives, she drops her jeans and panties, lies over a pillow, and gets a hard strapping. Alternate views. 

Masterson takes her into a bathroom and wets a bar of soap. With it, he scrubs her tongue, even the underside of it, as well as the inside of her mouth. Masterson knew enough to use a bar that would fit. It is a thorough scrubbing, the best we’ve seen. 


’Rogue Model (D) FIRMHAND. Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a soaping, not so convincing. The new bar is square, not rectangular, and not easy for Amelia is hold in her mouth. Maybe that was intended.

‘Spanking with Pixie’ LAPRODUCTIONS.  Amber Pixie Wells. Separate review.

‘Stevie-soaped’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) PUNISHMENTONLY. Part of a longer film. Few faces.A guy unwraps a new bar of face soap. “Please, no,” mutters Stevie. The guy wets the soap, puts it in and out of Stevie’s mouth, then has her bite on it and hold. He spanks her hard standing while she bites. Two girls are watching, their pants down.

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