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Brandi – FAREAST

11 Jun

M/f; time: 42 minutes

Thin brunette Brandi is on camera, her third appearance here, but our only review of her. Like all the girls who appear with the boys at FAREAST, she will show some spunk, and guts. We imagine this producer might have a few files of girls who broke down.

Joe and two crew members kid with her. Beside the conventional spanking arousal sequence, they have some “surprises” for her. You can see here the set is a motel room. Brandi wears a red top and flower print slacks.

The OTK spanking portion begins. Joe soon has the slacks down. There is just a G-string. After a cut, the top is off, and soon Joe has the bra and G-string gone. He puts a finger in her vagina, which crew loves. “A dip stick kind of thing.” Joe is spanking much harder. Brandi is struggling a little, whimpering.

Time for the hard sex. After a long kiss, naked Brandi is on her back for a long oral session from Joe. She helps him off with his pants and begins a blowjob. The boys have gone quiet so we can hear the heavy breathing.

Brandi gets on his lap for the first ride, then doggy style—the cinematic poses. More bj and “69.” [sirens outside, you can stop a porn film at this point] And the money shot.

Parking Ticket

9 Jun

M/f; time: 18 minutes

An interesting vintage film we have not been able to identify so far. A female British traffic warden gets spanked for giving a parking ticket to her husband. It is not the plot line of the JANUS film ‘Warden’s End,’ although the model here looks a bit like Linzi Drew, who played in that film.

The warden, wearing the full WPC uniform, so spankable in numerous British films, tickets a Rolls Royce. When she returns home, to a comfortable and well appointed setting someone provided for the producer, she pours herself a gin, neat. Her husband soon arrives and is upset he got a parking ticket. The wife is being encircled, she knows. She pours him a gin.

He decides to flip through his wife’s parking ticket book and finds his citation. Stage set. He takes her OTK for the action to begin. Can it be? Of course. This is England. She wants this spanking, some gin and a sore bottom to kick off the evening. Uniform skirt up, fashionable black lace panties. He reminds her as he whacks that he lived next door to her as a youth and used to hear her parents spank. They both have the British Vice!

She doth complain just the tantalizing amount. “But I’m just warming up.” “Don’t pull my knickers down.” But yes. He has her stand and remove her uniform jumper and blouse. Her bra and panties are a set. She kneels on a chair for his doubled belt. He wants her skirt off. We get the brief fuzz frontal of this vintage era. She kneels again, knees wide on the arms of the chair. We can see she is excited. He takes her bra off. More OTK spanking, then a concluding cuddle.

Office Spanking

8 Jun

F/f; time: 58 minutes

Female boss ‘Ms. Barbara Boch’ will spank and take some liberties with a very cute employee, ‘Debra.’ We could not identify the producer, but the film seems too complicated to be amateur. The tall, short haired girl is spanked in an office for just about anything. Silly spankings and scoldings, but things get better.

Long skirt up, a black lace thong. The boss spanks with a fly swatter. This never works. This looks like an office, but a shot captures an adjoining sitting room. The boss takes phone calls and does business while she spanks. She argues with everyone. Skirt up, Ms. Debra has an exceptional bottom.

And another first for us, Debra is made to put on knee pads so that she can crawl around. She crawls for a strap and then goes OTK. Back on her knees, Debra takes her top off, The boss takes her bra off and uses it as a blindfold. To add to the great tush, these are exceptional boobs. The girl doesn’t have to say lines.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson.” The boss attaches paper clamps to her boobs and slaps them with the swatter. Debra squeals when the clamps come off. OTK again, more spanking and phone calls. Over the desk, the thong is surviving. More spanking and scolding.

A rather odd film, except for the paper clamps in an “office,” and a smashing model.

Maid For the Cane – BOTTOMLINE

8 Jun

MF/2f; time: 53 minutes

Another exercise for British aristocracy. The lord and lady of the manse seem to be having breakfast, but for reason the French maid serves wine. She promptly spills on the lord and earns a spanking immediately.

She is OTK with the lady, who gets her little uniform skirt and crinolines up to expose a naughty little thong. After a bit of spanking, the maid stands to drop her thong, which makes no difference but increases the embarrassment. The lady gets a strap with a handle. The maid kneels up on a wing chair, her knees spread on the arms. Very exposed. She seems to know just what to do. The lord is watching, waiting?

But he becomes mad at his wife, and as sometimes happens in these households where spanking is practiced, she will be spanked. The maid’s bottom is still on display. The wife is soon bare bottom, this is not new to her. The maid goes for a strap. The lady keeps warning the maid she will get it.

Sure enough, the husband exits and the maid is spanked again. Bigger strap, and finally, much harder. The British saga continues. The husband returns with a cane. The wife takes off her blouse and skirt, ends over a table, and takes 10 strokes, a few from the maid. The maid is grabbed and she takes 12 herself. In a cute touch, the lady fishes the maid’s panties down and off with the cane tip. The maid is stripped, down to just garter belt and stockings. A few more cane strokes. The lady and the maid are pretty much naked.

The husband returns and canes the maid, 10 more. She grabs her ankles. Somebody certainly must be horny by now. But we continue. The wife has dressed but she strips again. Hands on a high stool, 10 more strokes. She goes up the stairs, bare bottom, hoping for company.

Naughty Baby-sitters – CALSTAR

6 Jun

MF/2f; time. 41 minutes

Formulaic CALSTAR, always entertaining for us. Two blondes, on the smarmy side, are babysitting. They look as if they would be comfortable on a street corner. They begin some Lesbian play with each other, ignoring the baby upstairs.

The couple comes home. It is the venerable ‘Jack Uppitt’ and a wife, the actress looking the same age as the babysitters. The sex play is interrupted, Uppitt is furious, and he will report the girls to their parents. Their Lesbian tendencies are secret. “Isn’t there another way?” The baby is wet and crying. Uppitt is quick: “You’re both going to get a good beating.”

First, the wife will spank both girls OTK, skirts up, thongs down, mild but colorful. Both girls are in gym shape. Uppitt brings the familiar CALSTAR oval paddle, and two more paddles for both girls. Uppitt hovers for .close looks and some fondling. Both girls are stripped naked during their paddlings. Uppitt does some paddling, much harder, and elicits squeals.

The wife continues the spanking while Uppitt goes for the cane. The wife will cane both naked girls—about 30 strokes are shown for each girl, half of them repeats. The girls have gone quiet. The models know this will reduce the strokes and improve repeat potential. One of the blondes glances at the camera in some desperation. We’d like to think this was more than she bargained for.

Uppitt and his wife arrange for the girls to return next week for another round of spanking, otherwise they will be reported. These two girls are lucky—in other films Uppitt arranges for a blowjob at this point. But he’s home, there is his wife, and the evening is ending.