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Spanking Shame #10

26 Jul

More from this defunct site. The films bounce around the web. If you like spanking, a little embarrassment at being naked, some intrusive doctoring, nude PT of the best kind, and occasional sex, look for these films. This is our 10th collection, all not so well organized.

1.Brunette spanked’ (M/f; time: 41 minutes) One of the male regulars in this series will have quite a tussle with a brunette. The two-pigtailed girl is in the studio with the green couch. She wears a tank top and jeans.

She has along discussion with her examiner as she inspects the spanking implements. The struggle begins to get her OTK. The guy grabs her boobs as they wrestle and her face turns red. Fondles.

Some agreement is reached, because the girl takes off her top and shoes. More spanking. The guy unsnaps her bra and works her jeans down, in a major struggle unusual even for this series. Black panties. Her thighs and bottom are red now. He smacks the soles of her feet.

The guy yanks her panties down, but she gets them back up for a moment. Lovely little twirl, hands on head. He rubs her pussy as the struggle continues. The girl goes to a corner and stands naked. A long hold. Nice.

The guy positions a hassock and the brunette kneels on it, bottom high. The devilish guy shines a light on her pussy and probes her labia. More spanking and pussy probing. This is this actor’s specialty. The girl will kneel on the couch. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles. Some flogging and frigging before the naked girl goes back to the corner.

2.‘Muriel the medical student’ (M/f; time: 27 minutes) This film, in French, has occasional subtitles. Muriel is reporting to Dr. Tom for a medical exam prior to the school year. “You’re 18,” affirms Tom. She takes her top off, and then her bra, She is endowed. She is upset, but compliant. “A nice piece of ass,” the subtitles say. Tom would not have said this.

“Take your knickers off.” Tom explains that discipline is part of the program. When she faces us, she has a full untouched thatch of pubic hair. “Quite fuzzy.” Tom loves her boobs and makes her jump up and down. The model can not suppress a giggle. Finally OTK, legs spread, Tom probes.

Onto the gurney, Tom kisses her feet, spanks and some bastinado. “Please, sir, I’ll be good.” Some probing and examining on the table, Tom has her relax then contract her anus. The film seems to end here.

3. ‘Dr. Tom and blonde in gym’ (M/f; time: 37 minutes) A short haired blonde reports to Dr. Tom in the gym setup. She wears a black outfit. After some discussion (in French, as usual), the blonde begins to take her clothes off without objection. First, a black top, to display a red checked bra, and then black slacks down to show a black thong.

In her undies, she begins some mild PT. She takes her bra off and covers shyly while To flicks a small martinet. She has some navel jewelry. Tom makes her jump so her can admire her bouncing boobs and play with them.

Whatever hold Tom has on her, it is firm, because she pulls down her thong herself. Fuzzy front, hands on head, thong up and down, viewed from front and back. Very nice.

She takes her thong off and seems mildly amused. She parades nude for Tom, a nicely built model, especially the bottom. Tom has the blonde stand on a small step stool, and he takes a seat, so that her bottom and vagina are at face level. Leg exercises, Tom holds her between the legs for balance.

Hands and knees on a mat, Tom kisses her bottom and inspects. Closeups. More spanking, then into the OTK position. Erotic squirming and kicking. Naked into the corner. Great model, nice staging, and Tom kept his pants on.

4. ‘Dr. Tom. Panties up and down’ (M/f; time: 45 minutes) Dr. Tom will keep it up at length here. He greets a very attractive curly dark blonde in his studio gym setup. She wears a sweater and jeans, with a bare midriff. Whatever French dialogue transpires, she begins to undress without dispute. She unbuttons and removes her sweater and kicks off her shoes.

The undressing continues, slow enough to increase the tension. She drops her jeans and is now down to bra, white bikini panties, and little nylon ankle-length stockings. Tom works the panties down, then up. He has her step up on a small step-stool. Tom pulls off her bra and begins his fondling. She resists only a little. He pulls up a stool behind her so that his face is almost at her bottom level, and he begins the panties up-and-Down routine while smacking her.

During this process he takes his cock out of his sweatpants. He is fully erect, pointing to the ceiling. He has the pretty blonde reach back and stroke him. Long fondle, he rubs his cock between her buttocks, and keeps smacking, panties up and down. He twirls her so we can watch from front and back. Nice. He keeps fondling. She must know what’s coming.

Position change. The blonde kneels on all fours on an exercise mat, naked but for those little nylons. Tom pries and fingers her anus in closeup, a bit novel for this series. We are ready for the doggy style here, but the girl gets up and is taken OTK for more spanking and probing, in closeup.

Back onto the mat again, this time the screwing begins. A condom has appeared. A very slow and erotic doggy ramming, as good as ever for Tom. After a cut, poses naked at the wall, bottom out of course

5.. Dr. Tom spanks, limbo, shave, sex’ (M/f; time: 56 minutes) A long film means we will see everything. Dr. Tom meets a thin ponytailed brunette on the medical set. ‘Katherine’ wears a green top and black skirt. Tom wears his doctor’s smock. The girl has something explained to her then begins to j undress behind the set screen. It is a decorative one, made of light metal with rattan panels spaced with gaps which can be seen through. The girl is aware. Katherine strips to bra and panties. Tom begins his inspection, taking off her pink bra and fondling.

Like a doctor, he seats himself in front of her for the perfect view, then works down her white panties Lovely bottom, full screen, some tattoos. Bend-over, probe, she tries to cover up. She has not shaved. The closeup is so fine you’re tempted to count the hairs. Heads on head. When Tom inserts a finger into her vagina, she rises reflexively on tiptoe.

Exercise time. Panties back up. First some spanking, always mild in this series. Panties down again, she doesn’t like a little frig. Panties up and down, some ruler spanking. Onto an exercise mat, on all fours, Tom pulls off her white socks and rolls over a medical cart. This can’t be good. He takes off his smock and unpackages one of his huge erections. He will fuck her buttocks crease to start.

Condom on, doggy fuck. But we’re not finished. Some naked action with the. Limbo bar—it should be a requirement! More cock action. And last, a slow pussy shave lying on an exercise bench. And a surprise, he turns the girl over, lathers and skillfully shaves buttocks crack. This film contained most all of the kinks and some of the best camera work.

6. ‘Tom’s foot job’ (M/f; time: 50 minutes) Dr. Tom, dressed all in black here, greets a brunette in pink top and scarf. The set is the green couch. After a long discussion, she has agreed to something and he begins fondling. A spanking OTK begins while she is still fully clothed.

The girl gets up and drops her jeans, Tom eager to help Back OTK, the black panties don’t last long. She stands for more fondling and half naked posing. She kicks off her jeans and panties, then removes her top and bra. One of the nicest stripping scenes in this series.

Onto Tom’s lap face up for some pussy play. He has her roll over for more spanking and probing. After they roll around on the couch a bit, he smacks the soles of her bare feet. Tom opens his pants and pulls out a large erection. The girl rubs his cock with her bare feet. He strokes himself, frigs some more, then fucks her buttocks crease. A rather abrupt end here.

7. ‘Dr. Tom with ‘Angel’ (M/f; time: 55 minutes) As usual, no title here. Tom greets a pretty brunette on the green couch set. He wears glasses here and is dressed in black. The girl wears an ‘Angel’ T-shirt top and pedal pusher type pants. We notice, Tom notices immediately, that the girl seems to have a special bottom.

They sit and talk a long time on the couch, as Tom gradually accelerates his fondling. The girl goes OTK, without dispute, for a long and slow spanking, gradually harder. She squirms and becomes distressed. She stands, takes her top off herself, and Tom pulls down her slacks. Loose white panties. She takes them down herself and hands them over. The girl indeed has a wide feminine bottom, clearly a delight to Tom. This series is about bottoms, and here is one of the best.

Bra off, more fondling. She is shaved. Tom gently frigs. OTK again naked, closeups and all bottom. As Tom spanks, he holds her in place by grabbing a boob. He pulls a desk lamp close to illuminate her pussy and anus.

The girl moves to a kneeling position on the couch. Tom opens his fly and rubs his huge erection between her bare feet. He gets into the doggy style position, and after a cut to allow a condom to be put on, gives her a good rogering, one of the longer ones, with acceleration suggesting he might actually had an orgasm. She dresses slowly and leaves.

Kiki Cali – more at REALSPANKINGS

20 Jul

We assemble many short spanking episodes and add our own titles

’Belting for Kiki’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Masterson straps dark-haired Kiki on her little pink pattern panties. panties down, Masterson is using his doubled belt. All pink bottom. Alternate views and inset shots.

‘Kiki the cheerleader’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki wears a partial cheerleader’s outfit and sits fidgeting at Masterson’s desk, a huge paddle placed in front of her. Masterson enters, makes her bend over his desk, legs spread, and he paddles her on her white tights. She squirms so nicely. Alternate views of this. She signs a statement that she was punished. And last, she drops her tights and we see the round circle marks of the paddle.

’Kiki more cheerleader’ In her cheerleader’s outfit, she sits fidgeting, looking at paddles hung on the wall. She has been behaving improperly for a school cheerleader and gets two weeks’ detention. “All of you are getting paddled.” She will get 10 spanks each day of the detention.

Skirt up, red SPANX panties. 10 swats. Alternate view. She drops her panties to display.

-classroom bench’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Kiki straddles a bench, cowgirl style, thighs wide, puss fully exposed. Masterson arrives. “I’ll get those little spots I missed.” Masterson pries between her buttocks. Alternate views. Masterson leaves her to get a more “creative” implement. He returns, makes her take the rest of her clothes off—strip naked and lie over the stool for a flogger. She struggles, wiggling her hot little body. “Sore?” “Yes,sir.” Alternate facial views.

Kiki-classroom, nothing works’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki is straddling a bench cowgirl. MastersoN enters. He makes her strip naked and lie across the bench. Since nothing is working with her, he begIns slashing with a French whip. “It takes a while, but we’ll get there.” Kiki can’t suppress giggles. Masterson switches sides to distribute over both cheeks. And he hits at the buttocks crease. “Sore?” “Yes, sir.” He  massages and fondles. “Shall we get the paddle?” “No, sir.” Cute frontal.

Kiki-embarrassing position’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) The  film opens in the classroom. Kiki kneels facing us, kilt up, no panties. Long dark hair. One of Masterson’s humiliation poses. He has her arrange herself, kneeson two benches, bent forward and down, thighs wide, full puss. In this film Kiki has a little band aid repair on her right buttock. They keep the shooting schedule ar RSN. Masterson has her stand on a stool.

He returns with a strap. Kiki ends over on this standing position on the stool, hands on the table. She struggles under the strap, bottom and thighs, easy when she is off the ground. Alternate views.

’Kiki-frozen’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki has been left standing naked on a stool in the classroom. Masterson has turned the heat down to 60 degrees. “Get you naked, get you cold, then we’ll warm up your bottom.” Over a stool for a paddle, low camera shots. Hard round wood paddle. Alternate side shots.

’Kiki and Isabella’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Schoolgirls Kiki and Isabella sit at a table. When Masterson enters, Kiki laughs, but she shouldn’t have. She must bend over the table. “Bend, drop your panties.” A sharp OTK.

Isabella’s turn over the table. Then both girls sit bare bottom to continue with their schoolwork. Kiki is next ,for a doubled strap.

‘Kiki-late’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Masterson puts her over the couch. She is wearing her little blue top and shorts. You could fit both into a sandwich bag. Shorts down, very cute. Alternate views. Hair up.

Kiki and Masterson cuddle’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Zoom on Kiki’s bottom, bare.  She pulls her flower panties up. We see Masterson’s hands cuddling her. Various shots in panties and jeans. In one scene they hug and she wears just a bra. Diaper position spanking. Alternate shots.

’Kiki paddled at school and home’ (time: 13 minutes) Kiki brings a note from a teacher to Masterson, caught in class with no bra. She is wearing slacks and a white top. This is an offense, so she will get 4 swats of the paddle for the uniform violation and 4 swats for lying about it. Bend over the desk, huge paddle. Alternate views. As usual, she pulls down her pants to show the result.

She is sent to the kitchen to get a spoon. She returns to Masterson and gets the spoon on her slacks.  Pants down, yellow pattern panties. After the spanking, she is sent to the corner.  Panties survive.

’Kiki and paddles’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki in her candy hair, sits holding two paddles, wearing a tiny suit sun. She must have to shop in the children’s department, making her bottom all the  more enticing. She drops her shorts and Masterson starts with the huge paddle. She jumps. Alternate views. There are marks and welts down her thighs, long shooting days at RSN.

’Kiki pulled from the gym’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki has long dark hair here. She wears a white sports bra and white tights. Various paddles. Hands on a low stool, various views. Masterson pulls down her tights to inspect the results. There’s that band aid repair on the skin pop.

’Kiki sent to the dean’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes2 part) Schoolgirl Kiki, here in dark hair, reports to Dean Masterson with a note. You know what this means. “Why am I not surprised.” He makes her stand on a stool, raise her kilt, drop her panties, and twirl. Classic RSN humiliation. She stands exposed while she is scolded.

She bends forward from the stool, hands on desk. She gets the strap, and has a hard time holding this position. Alternate view repeats.  Masterson points to the marks he made on her thighs.

Kiki will now strip naked, skirt and panties off, then sweater and blouse. Masterson laughs when he sees her nipple jewelry. This is just beginning.  There are other violations, such as ‘no bra.’

’Kiki-voyeur paddling’  RSN  did some of these secret or security camera episodes, and we ourselves like the suggestion of a private or illicit view of a spanking. The camera follows Kiki being marched from a classroom to Masterson’s office. There, he paddles her on her jeans, unusually mild. They must have a busy day on tap. Alternate facial views, curly dark hair here. Kiki drops her jeans for a private rub.


20 Jul

‘No panties’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Syrena has trouble from time to time remembering to wear panties, we guess there must be hall checks at the Institute.

She’s been sent to the Dean and stands facing us, kilt up, naked of course. Masterson like4 s his frontals. He enters and has her straddle a low bench. “Give up a good spread.” In addition to this total exposure, she knows she must pull her cheeks apart to display her anus. This will be more than a spanking. “You’re a frequent flyer, we are going to do more.” She gets a strapping here. Alternate views.

“Lose the shirt and the bra.” Syrena is naked. He puts her in the corner, in one of his stress positions, bent forward, nose to the wall, “spread.” He returns with a whip. She lies over the bench for the three-tailed whip. He moves side to side to spread the blows. Alternate views. Purple bruises.

To conclude he jams panties in her mouth and has her bend over and spread her legs again.

‘No panties again’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Syrena has been caught again without panties. She is waiting for Masterson in his office, seated in one of the stress positions, a squat with legs spread over a chair. Masterson enters. Syrena also did poorly in a job interview, “and you lost your panties along the way.”

The spanking starts. Bend over a chair for a tawse. Very hard on the thighs. Alternate views. Very good closeups, marks on bottom and thighs. RSN excels at this. To the wall, skirt up, into the spread position.

‘In the office’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Syrena, glamorous and sophisticated here, waits in Masterson’s office. She wears a pretty floral print dress and squats cowgirl style on a stool. Maybe the pose does not match her classy appearance.

Masterson enters and pulls up the hem of her dress, which has probably fallen. No panties. He begins a conventional handspanking as she rides the stool. The camera angle from the side catches both her bottom and her face. The alternate angle repeat of this spanking is full-bottom rear, where we see the stool spreads her legs most revealingly. Quivering.

In a continuing segment, Syrena stands and lies across the chair, bottom bare. Masterson will use a tawse, typically very hard, and down the thighs and on the buttocks crease. More quivering. Alternate side view. Syrena stands and goes to the wall in the RSN position.

Alfred and George Go Spanking – PARADOX

18 Jul

2M/f; time: 19 minutes

A golden oldie for sure. We were guessing at the title and the cast until a careful reader helped us. Two geezers from the KANE era seem to share an apartment. They would appear to be two old queens, except for the fact they are eying a prostitute, a street walker positioned on the corner below.

They decide to entice the girl upstairs to teach her a lesson, the British way. One of the antique gentlemen gets the girl, the spanking actress ‘Jenny Close,’ to come up, thinking she has been hired to spank THEM. Jenny wears short shorts and a halter top. Alfred encourages his friend. “You just do with her whatever amuses you.” Jenny is not all that disturbed. This is a business. “I was under the supposition I was to spank YOU.” Another example of dialogue only in British CP films.

The guy wants Jenny in the “time honored position,” which doesn’t puzzle her. He is a left hander. Nice OTK spanking, facial and bottom shots. She keeps the hair off her face. She is made to take off her shorts and the panties come with them. Bend over the couch. The boys each take a buttock.

Gasping. Halter off, no bra. She is naked now. Overhead camera shots. Alfred tweaks her boobs,. And in a classic pervy touch, Jenny is made to stand on the couch, legs spread, straddling a seated Alfred, her pussy in his face, while the other guy spanks her.

After this experience, Jenny agrees to get out of the business. Doubtful.

Renter’s Dream – NUWEST NWV-361

18 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An odd film we have not been able to figure out. It seems to have been associated with both NUWEST and OOHTEEKAY. And the production values are very much not in the tradition of NUWEST.

The story is simple and repetitive. Girls are late with their rent and induce spankings from their landlord. Some of the girls find this thrilling and entice their friends to pay late or not at all. There are a series of spanking scenes and narration by the girls. The spanker would appear to be Ed Lee, although we will not see his face or hear his voice. His technique we recognize.

We do see one NUWEST face, either Jodi Cline or Jacque. Lee does all the spanking in an elevated chair, with a base built to withstand the rollicking activity. The best spanking is that of tenant ‘Katherine,’ who is most animated as her bare bottom is whaled. We are led to believe she didn’t know this would happen to her.

Slow Motion – FIRMHAND

8 Jul

FIRMHAND attests that a different camera focused on the bottom of Belinda Lawson during the making of her series,’ and here we see those spankings in closeup, with different speeds of slow motion. We hope she had royalties.

(A) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Belinda is naked and bent over, hanging onto the blackboard. 12 minutes, all bottom. Earl Grey uses the ‘slipper,’ 24 strokes quite hard, shown regular speed, then 30%, then 15%. Seems to have been taken from the ‘New Years Special’ segment. Belinda’s clothes, including her heavy-duty bra, hang in the shot.

(B) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Belinda bent over a desk, all bottom. Various speeds.

(C) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) scenes from ‘Marks out of 10’ with Phillip Johnson. The girls are dressed in school uniforms, part of their humiliation at this point in the long and exhausted series.. This is the episode with Belinda lying over a spanking trestle. All bottom.

(D) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) From ‘Marks Out of 10.’ Philip Johnson canes Belinda Lawson while Helen Stephens holds her. Nothing new here, but Belinda’s jiggle in slow motion impresses.

Another scene from the same series, over the horse in the garden. Then both sequences repeated regular speed.

Ladies Who Love to Cane #7 – NUWEST

2 Jul

F/m; year: 1997; time: 15 minutes

Maestro Ed Lee will take a series of canings from his girls in five different scenes.

In the first scene, Lee is bent over a chair, wearing one of those corsets he likes. A woman walks onto the set and removes her robe. She is wearing a bra and corset. She canes Lee and soon draws blood on that weak spot on his right buttock. The severity of the scene is lessened by trips to the wall.

Vanna canes in the second segment. Lee pulls down the corset. She wears a pants suit and keeps it on. To the corner.

A brief scene with another girl, shot from a ceiling CAM.

And last, Katie! Lee is naked here. And Katie is wearing only latex bra and cutaway panties. She canes him and for some reason pulls her punches. Katie goes to the wall, sits in a chair, strips off her panties. She spreads her thighs over the arms of the chair and beckons Lee is come over and service her, which he does for a few seconds.