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20 Jul

We assemble many short spanking episodes and add our own titles

Belting for Kiki (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Masterson straps dark-haired Kiki on her little pink pattern panties. panties down, Masterson is using his doubled belt. All pink bottom. Alternate views and inset shots.

Kiki and Betty’ (F/f; time:6 minutes) A continuation. Candy hIred Kiki is naked and kneeling on the padded slanted footstool for a fast strapping from Betty. Alternate views, face and bottom.

Kiki the cheerleader‘ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki wears a partial cheerleader’s outfit and sits fidgeting at Masterson’s desk, a huge paddle placed in front of her. Masterson enters, makes her bend over his desk, legs spread, and he paddles her on her white tights. She squirms so nicely. Alternate views of this. She signs a statement that she was punished. And last, she drops her tights and we see the round circle marks of the paddle.

Kiki more cheerleader’ In her cheerleader’s outfit, she sits fidgeting, looking at paddles hung on the wall. She has been behaving improperly for a school cheerleader and gets two weeks’ detention. “All of you are getting paddled.” She will get 10 spanks each day of the detention.

Skirt up, red SPANX panties. 10 swats. Alternate view. She drops her panties to display.

‘Classroom bench’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Kiki straddles a bench, cowgirl style, thighs wide, puss fully exposed. Masterson arrives. “I’ll get those little spots I missed.” Masterson pries between her buttocks. Alternate views. Masterson leaves her to get a more “creative” implement. He returns, makes her take the rest of her clothes off—strip naked and lie over the stool for a flogger. She struggles, wiggling her hot little body. “Sore?” “Yes,sir.” Alternate facial views.

‘Kiki classroom-nothing works’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki is straddling a bench cowgirl. Masterson enters. He makes her strip naked and lie across the bench. Since nothing is working with her, he begIns slashing with a French whip. “It takes a while, but we’ll get there.” Kiki can’t suppress giggles. Masterson switches sides to distribute over both cheeks. And he hits at the buttocks crease. “Sore?” “Yes, sir.” He  massages and fondles. “Shall we get the paddle?” “No, sir.” Cute frontal.

‘Kiki-embarrassing position’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) The  film opens in the classroom. Kiki kneels facing us, kilt up, no panties. Long dark hair. One of Masterson’s humiliation poses. He has her arrange herself, kneeson two benches, bent forward and down, thighs wide, full puss. In this film Kiki has a little band aid repair on her right buttock. They keep the shooting schedule ar RSN. Masterson has her stand on a stool.

He returns with a strap. Kiki ends over on this standing position on the stool, hands on the table. She struggles under the strap, bottom and thighs, easy when she is off the ground. Alternate views.

Kiki-frozen’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki has been left standing naked on a stool in the classroom. Masterson has turned the heat down to 60 degrees. “Get you naked, get you cold, then we’ll warm up your bottom.” Over a stool for a paddle, low camera shots. Hard round wood paddle. Alternate side shots.

Kiki and Isabella’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Schoolgirls Kiki and Isabella sit at a table. When Masterson enters, Kiki laughs, but she shouldn’t have. She must bend over the table. “Bend, drop your panties.” A sharp OTK.

Isabella’s turn over the table. Then both girls sit bare bottom to continue with their schoolwork. Kiki is next ,for a doubled strap.

(continued) The girls sit at the table doing their homework, naked now Kiki is tiny compared to Isabella. Kiki to called out to be strapped. “Cold?” She bends over the table for a strappjng, bottom view first then repeated with a side/facial view.

Kiki-late‘ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Masterson puts her over the couch. She is wearing her little blue top and shorts. You could fit both into a sandwich bag. Shorts down, very cute. Alternate views. Hair up.

Kiki and Masterson cuddle’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Zoom on Kiki’s bottom, bare.  She pulls her flower panties up. We see Masterson’s hands cuddling her. Various shots in panties and jeans. In one scene they hug and she wears just a bra. Diaper position spanking. Alternate shots.

Kiki paddled at school and home’ (time: 13 minutes) Kiki brings a note from a teacher to Masterson, caught in class with no bra. She is wearing slacks and a white top. This is an offense, so she will get 4 swats of the paddle for the uniform violation and 4 swats for lying about it. Bend over the desk, huge paddle. Alternate views. As usual, she pulls down her pants to show the result.

She is sent to the kitchen to get a spoon. She returns to Masterson and gets the spoon on her slacks.  Pants down, yellow pattern panties. After the spanking, she is sent to the corner.  Panties survive.

Kiki and paddles’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kiki in her candy hair, sits holding two paddles, wearing a tiny suit sun. She must have to shop in the children’s department, making her bottom all the  more enticing. She drops her shorts and Masterson starts with the huge paddle. She jumps. Alternate views. There are marks and welts down her thighs, long shooting days at RSN.

Kiki pulled from the gym’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki has long dark hair here. She wears a white sports bra and white tights. Various paddles. Hands on a low stool, various views. Masterson pulls down her tights to inspect the results. There’s that band aid repair on the skin pop.

Kiki sent to the Dean’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes2 part) Schoolgirl Kiki, here in dark hair, reports to Dean Masterson with a note. You know what this means. “Why am I not surprised.” He makes her stand on a stool, raise her kilt, drop her panties, and twirl. Classic RSN humiliation. She stands exposed while she is scolded.

She bends forward from the stool, hands on desk. She gets the strap, and has a hard time holding this position. Alternate view repeats.  Masterson points to the marks he made on her thighs.

Kiki will now strip naked, skirt and panties off, then sweater and blouse. Masterson laughs when he sees her nipple jewelry. This is just beginning.  There are other violations, such as ‘no bra.’

Kiki- shoplifting’ (M/f: time: 8 minutes) A different storyline, outside of the usual Institute theme. Kiki, long dark hair,  plays a shoplifter caught and dragged to a storeroom by store security, Masterson of course. There are several websites on this theme, very pretty girls caught stealing and confronted by security. They get a lot more than spankings.

Kiki is put against a wall and accused, caught on camera. She wears jeans and a bare midriff top and claims there is nowhere to put anything she might have stolen. Now, she shouldn’t have worded it that way. Masterson frisks her at the wall, quite free with his hands. He wants her top up, no bra. Then jeans and panties down, facing us. Then she turns around and bends over. Very cute.

Kiki is not offended by much, even though she claims to be innocent. Masterson  takes her OTK for one of his standard bare bottom spankings, filmed from the front and bottom. This episode ends with Masterson unfastening his belt, very bad news in those other ‘shoplyfter’ films.

Kiki-voyeur paddling’  RSN  did some of these secret or security camera episodes, and we ourselves like the suggestion of a private or illicit view of a spanking. The camera follows Kiki being marched from a classroom to Masterson’s office. There, he paddles her on her jeans, unusually mild. They must have a busy day on tap. Alternate facial views, curly dark hair here. Kiki drops her jeans for a private rub.

‘One hundred strokes of the cane’ (M/f; time: 27  minutes) Different film identification here. An RSN affiliation ‘Michael Masterson,’ which seems to be a ‘private collection’ for his ‘baby girl.’  Let’s be beneficent and say Kiki requested and cut   a partnership deal here. She will deserve one.

She sits in pink top, skirt, and panties, giggling with Masterson and holding canes. She admits she deserves a caning, and “one hundred strokes,” for an offense they won’t mention. You can just imagine what this naughty girl might have done. She drops her panties and lies flat on a bench. Looks like a clear bottom. “Fresh canvas.” The set is a residence. A cat mews in the background.

Masterson uses two canes with wrapped handles and rubberized tips, an appropriate precaution for 100 strokes. The caning is filmed in closeup. Kiki struggles on each stroke. This first part is repeated with the facial view.

Masterson to the opposite side, knowing as well as anyone the impacts on near and far cThere is a pattern of welts by now. Facial repeats. And back to the other side again. The cat is now in the shot, stretched out in the sun. Back and forth, cheek to cheek. Significant welts and bruises. Ms. Cali took some time off after this one, and not at the beach.

’Kiki gets the switch‘ (M/f; time: 14 minutes)  Another MICHAELMASTERSON private product. Kiki in a top, panties, and knee socks, peels the bark off a switch then positions herself bare bottom over a padded stool to wait for Masterson. He enters and there is some giggling about conversations they had last night.

He goes to work with the switches, often fast, and all the way down Kiki’s thighs. She squeals. Looks like it stings. Surprising switches are not used more often in CP films. It appears she is wearing a butt plug,  the reason for which we have not learned. Maybe training for later? In another conventional film at RSN, Kiki was sent to Institute classes wearing a butt plug to increase her focus. In performances for other producers, a butt plug occasionally appears. Must be a thing.

Masterson concludes the whipping with a thick synthetic cane. To the wall to display her laddered stripes. Like these private sessions.

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