20 Jul

Syrena Arrival‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The model ‘Syrena’ sits in front of webmaster Michael Masterson’s desk, rocking, fidgeting, and almost shaking in apprehension, the RSN hardwood red Spencer paddle prominent in front of her. REALSPANKINGS  does these setups as well as anyone. He makes her wriggle while he does paperwork.

Whatever has summoned her to his presence–she now stands in front of his desk facing him and grabs her ankles. She must hold this position for a while. It develops that she has been reported missing the same class 5 straight days. Things are fairly relaxed here at the Institute, even though the remedies for diversion are severe.

Syrena squirms bent double; Masterson makes a phone call to prolong her anticipation. The paddling will begin. Masterson explains that the law has been changed–he may only administer a maximum of 12 paddle strokes a day. Her offense has earned 3 strokes per absence-15 strokes. He’ll find the opportunity to administer the paddle on another occasion. (We’re available.)

He lays on 12 absolute crackers on her jeans, her breath is knocked out of her and she struggles to hold position. She sits uncomfortably to conclude her interview, fighting tears. Masterson gives her a late-note for class. Alone, she drops her jeans to inspect the marks, impressive black-and-blue circular paddle patterns.

‘carrel studying’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) In full schoolgirl kit, she sits at a carrel. Masterson makes her bend over. She is already heavily marked. Over the table for a handspanking Face and bottom views.

Hourglass’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Syrena stands stark naked in a corner, wearing just the little necktie. She faces an hourglass, cowering in this humiliation. Masterson arrives, makes her bend over, spread her buttocks, and hold. OTK naked, Masterson spamls with two hands. Alternate views. We see Masterson has inserted his knee between her legs. She breathes hard. And last, she stands on a stool, bends over and spreads again, another stress position.

‘Messy Kitchen’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) To a darkened screen, Syrena is dragged into a lighted room, the familiar classroom. She has left a messy kitchen and bathroom and will be spanked for it. She bends over a chair, slip up, no panties. ”Straddle.” Handspanking. A big bottom gets fully red. Takes some work. Alternate views.

No panties’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Syrena has trouble from time to time remembering to wear panties, we guess there must be hall checks at the Institute.

She’s been sent to the Dean and stands facing us, kilt up, naked of course. Masterson like4 s his frontals. He enters and has her straddle a low bench. “Give up a good spread.” In addition to this total exposure, she knows she must pull her cheeks apart to display her anus. This will be more than a spanking. “You’re a frequent flyer, we are going to do more.” She gets a strapping here. Alternate views.

“Lose the shirt and the bra.” Syrena is naked. He puts her in the corner, in one of his stress positions, bent forward, nose to the wall, “spread.” He returns with a whip. She lies over the bench for the three-tailed whip. He moves side to side to spread the blows. Alternate views. Purple bruises.

To conclude he jams panties in her mouth and has her bend over and spread her legs again.

No panties again’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Syrena has been caught again without panties. She is waiting for Masterson in his office, seated in one of the stress positions, a squat with legs spread over a chair. Masterson enters. Syrena also did poorly in a job interview, “and you lost your panties along the way.”

The spanking starts. Bend over a chair for a tawse. Very hard on the thighs. Alternate views. Very good closeups, marks on bottom and thighs. RSN excels at this. To the wall, skirt up, into the spread position.

‘office stool spanking’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Smoky Syrena, in full schoolgirl kit, reports to Masterson. He puts on a stool at a table to do her homework. This is not going to work out. She stands, drops her panties, and sits back down, her bottom hanging over. What stools are for.

Masterson straps the overhanging bottom. He uses a heavy ruler. Bottom closeups. Heavy marks. Back to work, bare bottom. Masterson continues strapping the overhanging buttocks. Alternate views.

Cowgirl In the office’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Syrena, glamorous and sophisticated here, waits in Masterson’s office. She wears a pretty floral print dress and squats cowgirl style on a stool. Maybe the pose does not match her classy appearance.

Masterson enters and pulls up the hem of her dress, which has probably fallen. No panties. He begins a conventional handspanking as she rides the stool. The camera angle from the side catches both her bottom and her face. The alternate angle repeat of this spanking is full-bottom rear, where we see the stool spreads her legs most revealingly. Quivering.

In a continuing segment, Syrena stands and lies across the chair, bottom bare. Masterson will use a tawse, typically very hard, and down the thighs and on the buttocks crease. More quivering. Alternate side view. Syrena stands and goes to the wall in the RSN position.

Syrena  purple slip’ (M/f; time: 3:57+) Syrena enters a darkened set, wearing a purple slip, and lies on her back on the hassock and easy chair, RSN’s ‘big furniture’ which so amused Amelia Jane Rutherford on her visit. She drops her panties and gets into the diaper position, already heavily marked. Masterson straps her, mostly in closeup. Alternate views, very revealing. She quivers. Marks all the way down (up) her thighs.

2 girls dress code violations’(M/2f; time: 25 minutes) ‘Syrena’ and auburn-haired girl have been jumped by Masterson for uniform code violations. They are not wearing bras. He open their school blouses and lets their boobs hang out.

He orders them to strip naked, which they do slowly, down to knee socks and only. Then into the RSN attention-position, facing us.

Masterson will spank the auburn girl first. She kneels on a stool and is held by Syrena. Masterson draws a touch of blood with his hand and stops the proceedings to treat the pop and put on a band aid, before the show goes on. Alternate view of this. The girls swap and Syrena gets the same, but no damage.

Masterson likes his torture poses. The girls must lean forward and touch noses with no other support. Then they hold hands in the same bent position. Michael straps the bottoms, alternating positions to facilitate the camera angle.

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