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Amelia Jane Rutherford at BRITISHTEASE.COM

14 Aug

F; time: 9 minutes

This is the only film we have seen where Ms. Phillips is billed as ‘Jocelyn Brook Hamilton,’ an identity she seems to use for the more fashion sessions not related to her CP and BDSM personas.

She sits before a webcam, wearing a candy striped blouse, red sweater, and black skirt. She does some conventional fashion poses, except maybe the bend-over is non-prototype. She begins to undress—sweater off, shoes kicked away. Her nylon stockings have a blue lace trim, heel, toe, and thigh. Skirt up, a garter belt.

Ariel sits on the back of a couch, legs open, blouse coming off. Her undies are a complementary blue/gray. Blouse and bra off, panties down slowly, a dark beaver bush, one of the few measures of chronology for this ageless beauty.

Clare Fonda as housemother

13 Aug

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

We need a title here. Clare Fonda plays a housemother who jumps on girls as they return to the house. In the hands of FIRMHAND or similar serial producer, this could make a great string of episodes.

Amber Pixie Wells and ‘Ashley’ sashay into the building. Silly acting, long discussion of the girls’ behavior. They seem to be messing with each others’ boyfriends. Clare suggests Amber should spank Ashley. “Is everyone in this building a spanking fanatic?”

It is Clare who takes Ashley OTK. Amber will spank her also. Skirt up, thong down, After Ashley is finished, it is Amber’s turn. Clare gets her panties down. Two bottoms on the screen now. Both bottoms over the arms of the couch, facing in opposite directions. Clare spanks and paddles both. This position is not great for the camera. Standard spankings to completion.

Bastinado – NUWEST

13 Aug

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A very short and quite plausible depiction of the bastinado process. We see NUWEST made a number of bastinado films, longer than this, with multiple actors, and using demonic equipment typical of Ed Lee’s imagination.

A small brunette walks onto the set. She wears a blouse and slacks. She lies on a sort of workout bench, on her stomach. She bends her knees and raises her ankles. After a cut, Lee has attached her ankles to a T-bar so that the soles of her feet squirm in the lights. Lee often struggled with fastenings. Someone edited that out here.

Lee walks off the set to take a camera and zoom in on the blonde’s bare feet. “I’m going to give you some on your ass because you made me wait.” With a short whip, Lee begins slashing her bare soles lengthwise, not the conventional style. Excellent facials. The girl seems genuinely shocked, as she struggles and curses.

Lee switches to a strap and now whips her soles in the conventional perpendicular direction. The girl cries realistically. Lee reminds her to keep her hair off her face. Lee whips rapidly. It looks like he deflects some stokes. It is difficult to tell.

Lee lets the blonde get up She is very reluctant to put weight on her feet or to put on her shoes. Lee assists as she limps off the set, on through to the outer office, wincing at the pain like you would expect. She slaps at him in pain and anger, a reflexive reaction you will see occasionally around the CP trade when a model’s pain threshold has bee breached.

Sarah’s Real Spanking – MOMMASPANKINGS

13 Aug

F/f; time: 56 minutes

A long film with two veterans, Sarah Gregory and the dominatrix Dana Sprecht. The ladies will be very corny here, but there will be a lot of spanking, which will help offset the clunky dialogue.

Sarah plays a rather postgraduate student here. She is in her long blond hair phase. Her mother catches her on her cell phone, not doing her homework. Dana is going to pull her out of her school and send her to boarding school, where they practice “discipline, do you know that word?”

Cut to a new scene. There are a lot of choppy segues in this film, in contrast to the continuity normally required to maintain a developing red bottom. Sarah is sent to put on a full school uniform, very much the fetish—blouse, tie, red sweater, gray skirt, white knee socks. Dana loves it.

OTK to begin. Red regulation panties, but Sarah has retained her white knickers underneath for padding. Both come down, standard spanking. In the background we see a bookcase full of video tapes, setting a date for the making of this film. Sarah scampers off. She is shaved.

Into her bedroom, panties stay down, on the bed, she is back on her phone. Dana catches her again, will spank some more, eliciting some obscenities from Sarah. They will march to the bathroom, where Sarah is going to get a mouth soaping.

This is an odd scene, with poor camera angles, probably shot in too tight a space. Dana spends some time lathering up a bar of soap, but the bar which goes into Sarah’s mouth appears to be dry. Her choking and gasping are entertaining enough. She gets into her pajamas and is sent to the corner, pants down.

‘30 minutes later’: Dana returns with a hairbrush. Sarah has gotten her panties back up. OTK for the brush, on the bare, mild enough here. You get the feeling the director is preserving her bottom to last the length of the film.

Cut to a bathtub scene. Dana pulls her out of the bath for a wet bottom spanking.

‘Home from boarding school’ The implied passage of time means a clear bottom. White panties down, at the mantelpiece, British style. Now Dana will use the cane. Sarah flinches at the swoosh, which amuses pervy Dana. The first whippy stroke is very hard, which seems to surprise Sarah. She breaks position and needs a moment. Six strokes to begin— some wild ones, marks will appear high and on her thighs. Rest periods between strokes.

Sarah bends and locks her hands behind her knees. She has climbed onto a low stepladder, which will facilitate Dana’s aim and help with facials from a wall mirror above the mantel. Six more strokes. The preceding mild spankings are made up for here. A little more OTK spanking then back to bed.

‘And later that weekend’ Dana finds cigarettes in Sarah’s bag. Cut- back in pajamas. More bare bottom spanking, some of it filmed through a window from the garden outside, voyeur style. This is the longest and hardest handspanking so far. Back to bed, bare bottom.

Doctor’s Orders – NUWEST

8 Aug

2F/m; time: 30 minutes

Maestro Ed Lee, as ‘Leon,’ will allow himself to be spanked and strapped by two women. NUWEST made enough of these F/m films, most of them with Lee as the submissive, that (1) there must have been a market, and (2) Lee must have gotten some kick out of it beside payroll savings.

Not sure about the meaning of the title. One of Leon’s female tormentors must be his ‘wife.’ She is going to show her friend how to dominate. Leon walks onto the set. The girls pull down his shorts, bend him over a chair, and begin a typically NUWEST hard handspanking. They will spank, sit and sip wine, spank again, etc. in typical NUWEST rhythm. A bit of a bore if you are not into F/m.

“That’s the only way you can get men to be obedient.” There is another way to quickly access the hearts and minds of men, but that did not happen in the 90’s here. The women alternate spanking him, one prompting the technique of the other. Various implements are displayed.

The girl learning how to spank improves quickly. Several straps, a strop, and a riding crop, which tip breaks off. Lee doesn’t mark much here, and no blood is drawn.

Four Girls Paddled For Marijuana – REALSPANKING

5 Aug

M/4f ; time: 36 minutes

Another four-girl spanking story, where Michael Masterson satisfies requests of his customers. Masterson introduces Allison, Miss Kat, Harlan, and Roxie. This will be their last scene of the day (which means marked bottoms). The girls sit in a row, holding paddles, and giggling.

First, the girls drop their pants to show the day’s results. Cut to the story. The girls were caught with marijuana, and since no one will fess up, they must choose between the police, or the “private option,” 9 swats. Short discussion—the paddle.

The girls bend over, hands on knees, 3 stokes each on their jeans, seen from the rear and face. The girls drop their jeans to display a variety of bikini panties, not school style. Masterson starts down the line again with his paddle, but Miss Kat quits after two strokes.

The last 3 strokes for the remaining girls are on the bare. There is some reflexive quivering. The girls sign waivers. The scenes are repeated, face and bottom. The episodes end with a 3 minute interview where the girls giggle through the experience of the day and do another moon bend-over to show us.

Lesson for Lisa – PARADOX

3 Aug

M/f; time: 23 minutes

An old film, apparently not important enough to be included on the SPANKINGFORPLEASURE/PARADOX website. A very young ‘Reggie’ is on hand, typically full of ad lib. And he is the most accomplished pervert. Lisa is a very conventional-appearing schoolgirl, fitted out in a pinafore.

Uncle catches her on earphones, reading a magazine, not doing her homework. She sits at an ancient computer, with a CRT no less. Lisa has been left with this uncle while her parents travel. He is proud to announce he has been given “carte Blanche” with her. Does she know what this might mean?

The sound of the several cameras varies, and there are shadows for lighting. Amber this is why this film has disappeareWhen uncle asks her how these matters are disciplined, “You’re going to smack me, aren’t you?” “Lift that dress.” She is wearing full black knickers. Uncle pulls them down in the back. “I want you to feel humiliated.” That will be accomplished and then some. The OTK spanking begins. Lisa must kneel on the floor to get over his lap. Lots of ad libs. Panties down. “You’re showing your uncle your bottom.” He is happy to see she isn’t wearing one of those “trendy thongs.”

When the knickers are down, he discovers a tattoo, centered on Lisa’s right buttock. Thers are many models in the CP trade sporting models, but for only two, this ‘Lisa Bateman’ and the legendary ‘Emma Brown,’ have we seen the tattoo right on the bottom. We’ll save the fantasy of the trip to the tattoo parlor for another time.

Full wall mirrors enhance the lcsmera angles. “I am the jury and executioner,” declares uncle. Lisa bends over a chair for a strap. “Anything to say before sentence is executed?” He uses the strap on her buttocks crease, what a guy.

“I want you completely naked.” She pulls her dress over her head. No bra, and nice fuzz, in keeping with the age of this film. Part of her poor school report was bad attendence at sports. He makes her run in place naked, holding out his tawse for her to touch with her knees. Very British. And lovely bottom views.

Cut to a bedroom. Lisa lies on her stomach still naked. She receives six strokes of the cane. “Always the cane the most efficacious.” So Reggie! She is left to sleep naked.