Sarah’s Real Spanking – MOMMASPANKINGS

13 Aug

F/f; time: 56 minutes

A long film with two veterans, Sarah Gregory and the dominatrix Dana Sprecht. The ladies will be very corny here, but there will be a lot of spanking, which will help offset the clunky dialogue.

Sarah plays a rather postgraduate student here. She is in her long blond hair phase. Her mother catches her on her cell phone, not doing her homework. Dana is going to pull her out of her school and send her to boarding school, where they practice “discipline, do you know that word?”

Cut to a new scene. There are a lot of choppy segues in this film, in contrast to the continuity normally required to maintain a developing red bottom. Sarah is sent to put on a full school uniform, very much the fetish—blouse, tie, red sweater, gray skirt, white knee socks. Dana loves it.

OTK to begin. Red regulation panties, but Sarah has retained her white knickers underneath for padding. Both come down, standard spanking. In the background we see a bookcase full of video tapes, setting a date for the making of this film. Sarah scampers off. She is shaved.

Into her bedroom, panties stay down, on the bed, she is back on her phone. Dana catches her again, will spank some more, eliciting some obscenities from Sarah. They will march to the bathroom, where Sarah is going to get a mouth soaping.

This is an odd scene, with poor camera angles, probably shot in too tight a space. Dana spends some time lathering up a bar of soap, but the bar which goes into Sarah’s mouth appears to be dry. Her choking and gasping are entertaining enough. She gets into her pajamas and is sent to the corner, pants down.

‘30 minutes later’: Dana returns with a hairbrush. Sarah has gotten her panties back up. OTK for the brush, on the bare, mild enough here. You get the feeling the director is preserving her bottom to last the length of the film.

Cut to a bathtub scene. Dana pulls her out of the bath for a wet bottom spanking.

‘Home from boarding school’ The implied passage of time means a clear bottom. White panties down, at the mantelpiece, British style. Now Dana will use the cane. Sarah flinches at the swoosh, which amuses pervy Dana. The first whippy stroke is very hard, which seems to surprise Sarah. She breaks position and needs a moment. Six strokes to begin— some wild ones, marks will appear high and on her thighs. Rest periods between strokes.

Sarah bends and locks her hands behind her knees. She has climbed onto a low stepladder, which will facilitate Dana’s aim and help with facials from a wall mirror above the mantel. Six more strokes. The preceding mild spankings are made up for here. A little more OTK spanking then back to bed.

‘And later that weekend’ Dana finds cigarettes in Sarah’s bag. Cut- back in pajamas. More bare bottom spanking, some of it filmed through a window from the garden outside, voyeur style. This is the longest and hardest handspanking so far. Back to bed, bare bottom.

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