Russian Slaves #89 – Tales From Life In Convent NETTLES

22 Aug

M/f; time: 59 minutes

Typically corny Russian fare, and as usual, the awful acting and staging are offset by a rousing caning of a very pretty girl. The scene is a convent. ‘Nikita Mikhalkov’ plays the Father, ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ a Mother Superior,’ and ‘Gerry Geroshvili’ a ‘deacon.’ ‘Aleksandra’ will be the unfortunate trainee. Again as usual, actor and subtitle spellings are approximate.

Aleksandra is a prostitute off the streets, brought to the convent for redemption. Gerry is caught having sex with her. 15 minutes of dialogue leads to the decision to have Gerry himself give her 50 strokes of the cane, in the ‘torture room.’ Punishing her is his punishment. But first she will be trussed and left hung upside down for the night.

Aleksandra is summoned and made to strip naked. All the characters wear nearly authentic convent clothing. She undresses slowly—headdress, tunic, shift, and last, bloomers. The model is very good at embarrassment. Father Nikita drools and manages a few fondles. Lovely clear bottom.

Off to the torture room, the large ballroom set used throughout these films. After a cut, Aleksandra is hanging from a frame upside down, professionally tied in a complicated configuration kinbaku or shibari style, which distributes her weight. The night has passed, the group assembles to see her hanging naked. Gerry is required to flog her, front and back, as she swings in her rope harness.

Another day: naked Aleksandra has been released and she climbs willingly onto another platform, knowing how to position herself and place her knees on pads on all fours without direction. Gerry proceeds with a 100 stroke caning, typically Russian-fierce, with inconsistent development of stripes. At least he switches sides, so the wraparound strokes on the thighs are even. Why 100 rather than the 50 awarded, we missed.

Nikita and Nadezda come onto the scene and are impressed with the results of the caning. Gerry whispers to Aleksandra that he is now in the mood to fuck her again.

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