Dreams of spanking

27 Aug

2M/2f; time: 1 hr 35 minutes

An American film we can’t title or identify, a failure at emulating plot lines from many British or Czech CP films. A potentially good story: a girl is returned expelled from her school to an ‘uncle,’ just a guardian, not a relative. The girl will be spanked by both this guardian and a male tutor, and a female governess will get it from the tutor. The spankings are tepid, but at least plentiful. Everyone in this house has the fetish.

Brunette Lucinda is delivered to Uncle Charles and governess Clara. Because Lucinda has been acting like a child, she will be treated as if she were still in the nursery. Clara takes her to her bedroom and shows her the hairbrush. “You can’t mean….” Clara wants her clothes off and if she doesn’t get right to it, a man will brought in to help. Slowly, most of tbe clothes come off. Bloomers open, bend over for the hairbrush, disappointing after all this preamble. The male uncle and tutor listen outside to the yelps. The arrival of this girl is a gift.

After the spanking, Clara will wash Lucinda’s pussy and shave what little hair there is, the most erotic part of the film.

Lucinda is brought to Uncle. She must show her red bottom and the shaving job. “Nice job, Miss Clare.” A “hateful bastard” costs Lucinda more spanking. Governess Clara is fascinated and turned on.

Lucinda is taken to the tutor, who himself wants a shot at that bottom. He will spank and cane her.

After a fade, the tutor appears in Clara’s bedroom. He will spank, strap, and cane her, despite her protestations. Once again, all these models must have in their contract—take it easy. She is forced into the diaper position, a welcome escalation. Some tears with the cane—22 strokes we counted.

Lucinda is caught masturbating. She is spanked of course. Around we go, it becomes obvious that Lucinda is loving, as is Uncle, who more frequently puts his fingers where they shouldn’t be.

The film ends. “Lucinda” has slept over in her office employment and has been dreaming about the erotic spanking. She prepares to receive a new boss, who looks just like Uncle in the dream. If she plays her cards right…

A long review about a film not worth much. Good bottoms, good plot, we hoped for a firm hand.

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