Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

30 Aug

F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes

Another Female/male video. In our interest to review as many NUWEST films as possible, we take a look at this one. We’ve said before this isn’t our genre. ‘Steve,’ poor Steve, reports to ‘Chelsea,’ described as the dominatrix ‘Chelsea Allat’ on NUWEST’s website. He kneels before her and is ordered to strip.

Once he is naked, the white shorts coming last, she wants him to kiss her thighs. We are in NUWEST’s versIon of a sitting room, sparsely furnished. Hard handspanking, and a strapping. Flashes of his cock. He is endowed for the part, but, as we have said before, he is no ‘David,’ who could spring an erection just in conversation.

Some foot kissing, Steve has to ,put on female panties and suck a dildo, you know where it’s going to go. After more strapping, he is made to stroke himself. Face slapping, wanking, he seems erect. We are rooting for him. He must lubricate the dildo, and here HE puts on its condom.

Various attempts to get the dido working, typical NUWEST snafus. When Steve is forced Into the diaper position, the dildo seems to find a home. Lots of ‘ma’am’s’ and sexy talk. Various dildo actions we doubt. On the bed for more spanking then a crouch for the dildo. He must sit on the dildo while Chelsea lies on her back. And to conclude, he gets into the diaper positIon for the long thin dildo. We are convinced.

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