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Punishment Room – CALSTAR

26 Sep

2F/2f; time: 26 minutes

Another disappointing American distribution. At least the idea is good. We are in a school ‘punishment room’ to witness two school spankings. Even on its limited budget, NUWEST could have done so much with this plot.

The first spanking is underway. ‘Miss Price’ is spanking a little blonde, ‘VirginIa,’ and not very hard. Panties down, handspanking and a paddle. There seems to be barn siding walls, suggesting some sort of ‘woodshed’ discipline.

In a new scene, Miss Price is arranging another spanking appointment, “tomorrow at 9 AM in punishment room 2.” Must be a very busy place. A cute blonde awaits Price in the room. A table displays a collection of spanking implements. The girl bends over the table and pulls down her own panties. “Pull ‘em down!” Paddling, palm slaps, not much.

But Miss Price is a bit of the devil. The blonde must crawl on all fours onto the table, skirt and panties gone, fully exposed, wearing just a gym slip. She gets the cane here and more laying flat on the table. Hard enough to make the film survive.

Real Disciplinary Handspanking Samantha Woodley – DALLASSPANKSHARD

20 Sep

M/f year: 2008;. Time: 19 minutes

Another wonderful appearance from Samantha Woodley at DSH. We would think Dallas must have regarded Ms. Woodley as one of his best. Samantha sits on a hassock surrounded by a collection of spanking implements. Dallas is off-sceen, explaining that Samantha is going to get a lengthy and severe spanking, with these implements. She has a way of hanging her head and casting down her eyes in embarrassment, a gesture too corny anywhere but In anticipation of a bare bottom spanking.

Samantha wears a purple top, bare midriff, little black shorts, and black heels. After a cut, as she stands hands on head, Dallas takes her OTK. She stands to drop her shorts. Black lace panties. Dallas always spanks very hard, especially with his experienced models. Samantha struggles. Panties down, she kicks. Lovely.

Part 2 is titled ‘A Severe Paddling.’ Samantha kneels on the floor, wearing the same outfit. OTK, she must hand him the first paddle, a nasty looking short thick pine model. It takes her breath away.

For the second paddle, Samantha strips to just black bra. Her panties are kept at her knees, very important. Sexy full face as she is scolded, she is a poseur.

Cut for the next paddle and position. She has gotten her panties back up. A long thin paddle here, nice struggling. She is left on the floor in a heap. Some blooper inserts catch a rare frontal of her, rare anywhere in her literature.

Ms. Hardcastle-Hastings – PUNISHMENTCLUB

19 Sep

This experienced CP warrior, variously known as Gillian-Lancer, Hastings-Gore, and other names over the years, caught our attention early  as a severe dominatrix, working with many of the best female models for the best studios. You might search for the above names on this site. Here are some films she made. Unfortunately, they lack some edge she could have inserted, given her experience. For some models, not all, over the years, she could take their breath with a paddle or cane.

She seems to be for hire as a Fem-Dom and apparently anything you want. And there are short films, being released in 2018 and 2019. Here are some of them.

A Bad School Report’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) In summary, we must say: Another flyswatter spanking. We are yet to see a good one. Ms. Hastings confronts a comely little brunette lolling on a couch. Hastings plays a mommy.

She makes the girl stand and begins smacking with a flyswatter. It is simply not heavy or firm enough to do this job. Black panties down, the girl is leaning on a chair. Vertical and horizontal smacks, and the thighs. Hastings gets her to adjust position to get at the front of her thighs. A hairbrush next, and much harder. We only see the girl’s face briefly, and not all that much of Hastings. Her bottom is well marked, either by the makeup department or the spankings.

Girl playing in sink’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Auntie comes home to find her daughter or niece playing with suds in the sink. After a scolding, Hastings takes off her belt. “What are you doing? Not that. Can’t you use your hand?”

Hastings starts off with palm slaps, then the girl bends over the counter for the strap on her panties and then on the bare. “Oh, Auntie.” A paddle also. Conventional stuff, heavy on the ritual.

‘Suspended or Punished Now’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) Miss Hastings-Gore is a headmistress, sitting at her desk. She calls in student ‘Leanna,’ we think that was the name. Ms. HG quite an accent. It seems Leanna locked a teacher in a small closet. Leanna is in full schoolgirl kit, including blazer.

[Do we hear shutter sounds or an air conditioner?] There is an exceptionally long scolding from HG. She calls the offended teacher, where the choice of a suspension or a “short, sharp, shock” is debated. Time is passing. We had better get to the spanking.

Leanna is sent to the wall. Then she directed to position a chair and take off her blazer. Leanna carefully bends over the chair. HG raises her skirt and begins caning her on her white knickers. A lot of measuring and feinting, but there follow 3 hard snaps on the knickers. HG pulls down the panties lays on six on the bare. Leanna screams.

When HG is finished, she put the cane away with some ceremony, which must come as a relief to the schoolgirl. She dresses and leaves.


Secret Agent – FIRMHAND

18 Sep

Another series with Amelia Jane Rutherford. In the past, we have withheld the review of a series until it was released in its entirety, which has occasionally been to insufferable and repetitive  lengths. This time we will review. and amend the series as we view it. Ms. Rutherford is in her early forties here, the release dates are 2019, and she can still kneel naked on a desk with the best of the models.

The story here is unfortunately tiresome. We have reflected often that there must be spankos out here who could contribute story ideas which would not break the budget of this challenged genre. In fact, Hywel Phillips, in his blog, cites the quantity of scripts he receives for private production. Ms. Rutherford plays an undercover spy. The setting is the same windowed office used repeatedly by FIRMHAND.

(A) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Amelia confronts the James Bond  ‘Mr. M’ of this series, ‘Timothy Tipton,’ played by Philip Johnson. She wears an improbable costume—glasses, red skirt, white blouse, suspenders. Not very ‘undercover.’ Tipton is going to spank her for her careless public display, like he spanked the highly respected ‘Ramona,’ another one of his agents, much admired by Amelia.

Amelia is quickly OTK, to a little gasp. Tipton doesn’t wait—he pulls the white panties down immediately. Very nice. Zoom on her bottom, some puss winks at us. Somewhat indignantly, she stands and pulls up her panties. There is some discussion about more appropriate dress on the next mission.

(B) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia before Tipton again, wearing another bizarre outfit, a silly hat and cape. Too conspicuous. Another spanking coming, this one he calls “preemptive.”

OTK. Amelia wears a backless blue dress. Hem up, transparent black net panties down very quickly. She wears glasses here, and her long blond hair is braided up. Hairbrush; three camera angles alternate—front, rear, and overhead. She pulls her panties up full screen and stomps off with her briefcase. Slow motion repeats.

(C) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Tipton is on the phone, receiving some bad report on Amelia. She reports to him, again in bizarre attire, this time a leopard print leotard, short skirt, and very high heels. Tipton wants her shoes off; in fact, he wants all her clothes off. She hesitates only a second.

Shoes kicked off, skirt dropped, leotard unsnapped between her legs. She is fully naked and she absolutely looms in this room. Her bottom is faintly pink. Tipton uses a tawse on her as she bends forward over the desk.Not hard, but cute.

Then, a diversion, and a welcome one. Amelia is ordered to walk nude across the lawn of the country mansion and kneel on a chair on her haunches for all to see. After an interval, the camera follows her bottom as she returns to the house. Terrific.

(D)(M/f; time:11 minutes) Amelia is preparing to attend an embassy dinner as an observant agent. She has an argument with Tipton about her attitude. He is already in his tuxedo. Tipton wants her to strip naked. She does and bends over the desk. Some sight. Glasses, pigtails and 6’2” of bare skin.

When Johnson stands next to her, he must be all of 5’2”. How did he get this job? Lovely strapping, face, rear, some fuzz. At the conclusion of this episode, Amelia kneels up on the desk on haunches, perhaps her most dramatic pose found in her videos over the years.

(E) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia reports to Tipton in an evening dress, ready for the limo ride to the embassy dinner. Amelia accidentally spills her purse and Tipton sees her ID card, which she should not be carrying.

Tipton is faux appalled. “I’m afraid that’s it…..I’m going to have to let you go.” “You can punish me, like Ramona.” Amelia is asked to select a very severe spanking implement from a collection. She picks a cane, lifts her dress, and bends over the desk.

Tipton wants more. “These will have to come off,” tapping her black lace panties. He lays on 15 mild to moderate strokes, leaving faint lines. Excellent camera angle, low, featuring Amelia’s long legs and soaring bottom. “My God, that really hurts.” Her hair is always nicely arranged out of the way.

(F)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Most of the 15 stroke caning is repeated here, with some new views. Amelia now knows she will not have her ID card anywhere near work. She is released and told to prepare for the limo ride. But she must leave her panties behind. It is quite clear there will be a price to get them back. A lot of slow motion and some out-takes here.

(G) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia and Tipton are still in formal clothes. Amelia is over excited, Tipton says. Her dress falls off a shoulder to expose a breast—a wardrobe malfunction which just increases the tension. She notices a spanking bench and riding crop in the room. “What is this furniture?” Tipton doesn’t like her tone and instructs her to climb on. “You can stick your ass in the air.”

Amelia doesn’t quite get the bench. She kneels on the high part and leans forward to put her elbows on the lower part. Just fine with us. The opposite of the way we see this commercial model used, and we compliment the creativity.

Hem of her evening dress up, we don’t see any panties. Black stockings with black garter belt. She gets that riding crop in this position, then more while standing and straddling the bench. Her bottom turns nicely red. Slow motion repeats.

(H) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Agent Amelia must always be in trouble for something to justify a spanking. Here, she is in the office, wearing a form fitting black latex body suit—FIRMHAND calls it a ‘pvc cat suit,’ probably more accurate. We presume it was custom made—for her 6’2” height, light in the chest, and heavy in the bottom department. Did it occur to anyone to film the costume fitting?   

Tipton enters and is again horrified at Amelia’s dress. “Are you going on a motorcycle trip or something?” Another spanking.  He has her bend forward and lean against a blackboard where “Tipton’s Rangers” is written. Amelia places her hands in drawn palm outlines. He will use the ‘big board’ paddle. 

The first smack makes a loud crack on the black latex. Amelia’s reaction is delayed. She reaches back reflexively to protect. A moderate but colorful spanking. There is no way to get this outfit off and stay on script. 
(K) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is in the office, wrapped in just a towel. Apparently she fell in a river during a spy caper, risking everyone. It is all Tipton needs to spank her again. She is fully naked here, the usual glorious sight. She bends over the back of an antique straight chair, hands on its seat, for a spanking with a ruler-like board, filmed from below, which accentuates her looming height. Phillips will continue with a cane. 

(L) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The finale. Johnson will move from the stick to the cane. Amelia is naked but for glasses, which will slide around as she bucks under the cane.   She remains bent over the back of a straight chair, hands on its seat. She is so tall, with her legs locked, that her waist does not touch the chair. All choreographed. 

Johnson  canes her. 20 strokes are shown, most probably 10, with facial and bottom repeats. Moderate stuff, but glorious. On the last stroke, she collapses onto the floor to one of her haunches positions, a specialty. A very erotic caning. She is so skills miserable. 

(M) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The producer’s announcement of the finale, the show goes on. Amelia has returned to Tipton. He confesses he has gotten to like spanking but it is not good spy training. They decide to reprise her first spanking in his office. Amelia is wearing a breezy flower print dress.

OTK, When Tipton pulls down her white panties, we get one of those patented Rutherford gasps.  He likes that. Nylons, white garter belt. Next comes a plastic hairbrush, a large surface to it. Slow motion repeats of the hand and brush. The crop is next.





Implement Shopping Network – TENAMORETTE PLAYHOUSE

16 Sep

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Billy Joe’ do a silly segment. They are selling wooden paddles on a shopping network. Amelia, looking quite young here in the muted lighting of what appears to be a motel room, wears a simple white dress. Billy will paddle her, and if they achieve a sales goal, she will take her panties down.

5 harmless stokes on her dress, then 5 more. Dress up, lovely white lace panties. 10 more. Billy urges the viewers “Count them out in your living room.” Another another 10 on the panties.

The sales are mounting, and the goal is reached. After some coaxing, Amelia. Takes her panties down. Just the best, as always. 10 on the bare. Nothing has been hard.

Rude Amelia Learns Her Lesson – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

16 Sep

2M/f; time: 16 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is going to marry Michael Stamp. But she does not get along with Michael’s best friend, who will be best man, played by ‘Dodgy Dave.’ The Glasgow crew. Stamp is going to spank her for her attitude. She wears a slinky blue knit dress and has her long blond hair curled here.

There is and will be enormous chatter on the set, including with Dave as he enters the shot. Amelia is apparently OK with a spanking from Stamp, but not will Dave in close observation. Amelia will yammer throughout the film.

Stamp takes her OTK. Again, her size startles in the presence of these two smallish men. She is properly angry when her dress hem comes up and equally chagrinned when her tighty whities come down. It is a standard spanking, a lot of bottom to be dealt with. She accuses spectator Dave as “loving this,” especially the bare bottom part.

Stamp produces a strap. “What is that?” He will give her 12 and then in fact let Dave have a go. The strap seems to hurt more, but this is mostly mild stuff for the venerable Ms. Rutherford. She is very loud here. When she gets up to exchange laps, Amelia will cover her front, but the boys will have some glimpses later, especially when she stands to face them and apologize.

Not much really happens here. This film could easily have be made in conjunction with other productions on a studio visit. But as we have noted, Ms. Rutherford always has a supply on new clothing and the continuously pleasing panties.

Be Home By Midnight – SMAX

11 Sep

M/f; time: 26 minutes

A British film, and an awkward attempt of some father-daughter discipline for a missed curfew. In fact, Vicki was out all night.

There seem to be recollections and flashbacks. She seems to get spanked the next day. And her bottom is already red, suggesting misplacement of scenes. Decent OTK spanking and struggling. A graphic for part 2 suggests Vicki will dress as a schoolgirl for her step-father.

Something Long Overdue – OOHTEEKAY

4 Sep

F/f; time: 43 minutes

A bit of a silly exercise to tick off your list. A blonde not very convincing as a domme, will spend the entire film spanking a showgirl-like brunette.

The girl’s clothes gradually come off. The best parts of the film are when she stands naked at the wall.

The blonde will spank her in various positions, with a hairbrush, several paddles, a stick bundle, a few straps, a sort of yardstick, and a cane. It is all very mild, producing only a rosy glow. The girls hug when it ends.

Lazy Maids – PAIN4FEM

3 Sep

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 50 minutes

Another long form film from PAIN4FEM, and a bit of a disappointment, given this producer’s attention to detail and plot development in most of its films. Two very pretty girls, brunette Susanna and blonde Tanya, work for their mistress in the manor.

Madam goes off to work and wants a clean house when she returns. The girls work awhile and then fall into Lesbian play. Of course the mistress catches them naked. When the girls, pretty runway-style models very much in the P4F tradition, beg to keep their jobs, the mistress offers corporal punishment.

She will call in the gardener (Peter Schober as ‘Josef’) to do the hard work. First, the mistress gives each girl an OTK spanking. Peter arrives for his part, two bare bottoms on display. He is unfazed. He takes up an “African whip,” it is called, and straps both bare bottoms. The mistress wants it “harder,” because she should, and she enjoying all this. The intensity so far is a bit below P4F standard.

Madam has a cane nearby. The girls must strip naked, which they do slowly, side by side. Josef canes each girl, almost 30 strokes each are shown. There are repeats, maybe in triplicate. Facial, rear, closeups of face and bottom. Lots of chance for repeats. Mild stuff. Tanya jumps and screams, the best part of the film.

The girls are sent naked to their room. The madam signals she has something more for Peter to do; we hope we know what that is. The mistress brings the girls powder and they tend their stripes and have daydreams about spanking and caning their mistress in revenge, giving us the third bottom for the film.

At tbe conclusion, the girls’ mistress returns to their room to compliment them on their courage. She is feeling better about things and we see why. Her bottom is striped. The gardener has caned her and maybe done some plumbing.