Rude Amelia Learns Her Lesson – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

16 Sep

2M/f; time: 16 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is going to marry Michael Stamp. But she does not get along with Michael’s best friend, who will be best man, played by ‘Dodgy Dave.’ The Glasgow crew. Stamp is going to spank her for her attitude. She wears a slinky blue knit dress and has her long blond hair curled here.

There is and will be enormous chatter on the set, including with Dave as he enters the shot. Amelia is apparently OK with a spanking from Stamp, but not will Dave in close observation. Amelia will yammer throughout the film.

Stamp takes her OTK. Again, her size startles in the presence of these two smallish men. She is properly angry when her dress hem comes up and equally chagrinned when her tighty whities come down. It is a standard spanking, a lot of bottom to be dealt with. She accuses spectator Dave as “loving this,” especially the bare bottom part.

Stamp produces a strap. “What is that?” He will give her 12 and then in fact let Dave have a go. The strap seems to hurt more, but this is mostly mild stuff for the venerable Ms. Rutherford. She is very loud here. When she gets up to exchange laps, Amelia will cover her front, but the boys will have some glimpses later, especially when she stands to face them and apologize.

Not much really happens here. This film could easily have be made in conjunction with other productions on a studio visit. But as we have noted, Ms. Rutherford always has a supply on new clothing and the continuously pleasing panties.

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