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30 Oct

F/2f; time: 25 minutes

The ‘intake,’ for prisons, reformatories, remedial boarding schools, has supplied themes for numerous producers. We think principally of BARSANDSTRIPES and GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL,  and of course the incomparable detention houses of LUPUS. And we don’t forget the wonderful ‘Arrival’ humiliations at REALSPANKINGS.  Nothing like a girl shrinking in front of the desk of a uniformed supervisor.

’Cara’ and ‘Arielle’ will be given the what-for by ‘Miss Bernadette’ for their intake. The scene is a rather slapdash medical setup, not much in the way of fixtures. Miss Bernadette orders them to strip, which is done with the proper bit of reluctance, with the appropriate pause at panties.

First they are weighed—lots of good bottom exposure time here. The girls then kneel on a table for a rectal thermometer. Both bottoms have been spanked. Spanking implements await on a chair. The girls are paddled then strapped in turn, on the moderate side. An unusual detail—some sunlight has crept onto the set and highlights part of their pink bodies. The film concludes with the girls strapping each other, always soft stuff, we have found.


Painfull Memories – CALSTAR

17 Oct

F/f: time: 22 minutes

Spelling by the producer. Two credited actors in this American film: ‘Debbie’ and ‘Lesley Faye.’ Cute blonde Debbie, dressed credibly as a schoolgirl, is being scolded by her mother. She is being accused with having sex with her mother’s boyfriend. Debbie is asked to recall what happened to her the last time, setting up a flashback and the first spanking scene. Debbie was caught, lounging on a foldout bed, drinking beer. We go quickly to a brief and mild OTK bare bottom spanking.

Dissolve back to the present, where the scolding continues. Dissolve again to a bathroom, where Debbie was caught stealing a smoke. She wears only white bra and panties, loosely fitting. Her mother takes her to the living room, where she must drop her panties. She is strapped with a doubled belt on the couch, in various postures, including the diaper position. There was no shaving done when this film was made. Lots of pubic shots. Cute scene, and a bit more severe for the Americans.

Back to the present and the scolding. Debbie’s eyes bug out when she sees the cane her mother brandishes. She begs and denies, to no avail. She must drop her panties and bend over  desk. The caning is moderate, scattered snaps all over the place. Debbie confesses to the sex.

To the corner, more caning standing, panties up and down. Debbie great, American producer more adventurous.

Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippin’s – RAVENHILL

17 Oct

M/4f ;  Time: 60 minutes

Uncle Wayne has won the State lottery and now has enough disposable income to indulge a fantasy and take in and rehabilitate naughty female relatives by whipping them in the woodshed. Such a theme establishes the premise for several spankings. And, are we wrong? This is some of the hardest spanking we have seen at RAVENHILL.

A brunette niece has been sent to his farm for taking a cut from relatives getting financial handouts from him. There is a flashback of the girl being spanked at home for a bad report card.

Cut to a scene in Wayne’s woodshed. (We struggle with the plot continuity.) Uncle Wayne wears full ‘Hee Haw’ gear, as do the girls—flannel, suspenders, cutoffs, halters, torn jeans. He has two country girls there—they messed up his house at a party. He has the money to fix things, but, “You need some good old fashioned spanking.” We are in the woodshed.

After a long scolding, he spanks them OTK, cutoffs and g-strings down. Long  handspankings, at least 7 minutes each, hard and fast. No pauses for dialogue. The camera roves the scene, catching all the angles. There may have been an opportunity   for repeats or for Wayne to rest his arm.

Cut to the niece again, who narrates another woodshed appointment. A short haired brunette has backed into another car and gets sent to Wayne. He gives her another seven-minute bare bottom session, just as intense. Wayne throws her over a log sitting on horses. Bare bottom high. Very NUWEST.

And another woodshed scene. The narrating niece herself is caught with someone else’s jewelry. Wayne spanks her bare bottom, for even a longer time. This is the best bottom of the four girls, but only by a hair. After a good 10 minute walloping, she goes over the log for a huge strap. Absolutely full swings from Wayne, no punches pulled. Recognizable random strap marks, and that besieged far buttock.

David paddled – NUWEST

8 Oct

2F/m; time: 7 minutes

A film fragment someone has dug from archives. We have often wondered why some enterprising videographer couldn’t access what must be miles of discards and outtakes, films where the model broke down, etc. Maybe the porn industry has evolved or devolved beyond such interest.

This would seem to be one of those scraps. An interesting little ditty. Two girls will paddle ‘David’ with his shorts down over their laps, using what looks like a Jokari paddle. The girls, the second of which is ‘Joanne Jameson,’ will paddle very hard, following the audible commands of the director—Action, Cut, etc.

When David changes laps for Joanne, he flashes his jewels but does not have one of his classic erections. Are we too early for chemical help here? The girls virtually squeal as they paddle. We have said F/m is not our thing, but Joanne is so sexy here…….


Piano practice – CALSTAR

8 Oct

M/f; time: 19 minutes

An old but not vintage film, with Michael Dawes at the helm. An Auburn-haired girl is practicing on the piano. It is clear the model has never taken piano lessons. She wears a black top and plaid kilt. Dawes enters the room with a cane. He is in his latter-day unwashed and shaggy period. The set is different than the familiar CALSTAR rooms, because a piano was needed.

Dawes will of course cane her, and right to it in this short film. The girl bends over the piano, kilt up, little black panties. Dawes pulls them down slowly, in the style all his own. You would need a 10 cubic yard container to hold all the panties he has lowered.

He canes very hard, almost nasty. Marks develop quickly and become welts. And some marks down the thighs. A lot of pressure on that far buttock, suggesting this barrage is quite authentic. Lots of camera angles here, face, overhead, bottom closeup, long shot. Repeat, Dawes is nasty. He crouches for one of his intimate bottom inspections. This lady won’t be practicing piano for a while.