Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippin’s – RAVENHILL

17 Oct

M/4f ;  Time: 60 minutes

Uncle Wayne has won the State lottery and now has enough disposable income to indulge a fantasy and take in and rehabilitate naughty female relatives by whipping them in the woodshed. Such a theme establishes the premise for several spankings. And, are we wrong? This is some of the hardest spanking we have seen at RAVENHILL.

A brunette niece has been sent to his farm for taking a cut from relatives getting financial handouts from him. There is a flashback of the girl being spanked at home for a bad report card.

Cut to a scene in Wayne’s woodshed. (We struggle with the plot continuity.) Uncle Wayne wears full ‘Hee Haw’ gear, as do the girls—flannel, suspenders, cutoffs, halters, torn jeans. He has two country girls there—they messed up his house at a party. He has the money to fix things, but, “You need some good old fashioned spanking.” We are in the woodshed.

After a long scolding, he spanks them OTK, cutoffs and g-strings down. Long  handspankings, at least 7 minutes each, hard and fast. No pauses for dialogue. The camera roves the scene, catching all the angles. There may have been an opportunity   for repeats or for Wayne to rest his arm.

Cut to the niece again, who narrates another woodshed appointment. A short haired brunette has backed into another car and gets sent to Wayne. He gives her another seven-minute bare bottom session, just as intense. Wayne throws her over a log sitting on horses. Bare bottom high. Very NUWEST.

And another woodshed scene. The narrating niece herself is caught with someone else’s jewelry. Wayne spanks her bare bottom, for even a longer time. This is the best bottom of the four girls, but only by a hair. After a good 10 minute walloping, she goes over the log for a huge strap. Absolutely full swings from Wayne, no punches pulled. Recognizable random strap marks, and that besieged far buttock.

2 Responses to “Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippin’s – RAVENHILL”

  1. naughtynora October 17, 2019 at 11:57 pm #

    I like this particular video, as corny as it is. In the last scene, the niece gets the strap because she was taking a cut of Uncle Wayne’s money and got caught 🙂

    • spankingfilmreview October 18, 2019 at 11:43 am #

      Thanks for reading. Have tried to capture RH’s corn vs. their fruitful spanking ideas.

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