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29 Nov

F/f; year: 2014; time: 22 minutes

Alice is a cute redhead; this model may be Ella Hughes, looking very diminutive here; we always are attracted to redheads being spanked, and producers know and share this predilection. Alice reports to Miss Svenson, in a decently appointed office set. Looks like a school spanking.

Miss Svenson will do the undressing. It looks like she likes this sort of thing. She helps Alice off with her blazer, then her skirt, and then her panties. Alice does demur a bit. First comes some slaps, the the OTK spanking, left handed, rear and facial shots. Hands on head to the wall, Her long blouse has remained on and is doing the modesty job. Alice is put to work dusting, bare bottom.

Alice takes a break, sits at the desk, and works on her makeup in a mirror Of course Svenson catches her, and there will be more spanking. The model can’t avoid  giggling at the dialogue. Another bend-over. Alice has recovered her panties, but they don’t last long. The slipper this time.

OTK, the hairbrush this time. Lots of angles, overhead, rear, facial, reverse shots. Hands on head again. Scene change—Alice is now in pajamas. She drops her bottoms  and panties and lies over a pillow on a chair. Good views of a strapping.

Another scene, a classroom, actually the office set with a school desk added. Alice is waiting for Svenson and sneaks a phone call and is caught. Svenson undresses her again. Some frontal tease here. Over the desk for a strap and back to the wall.

And in the last scene, Alice is sent to get the cane. Six strokes on the bare, one very low, which was an accident. Welts immediately. A bit of OTK to conclude.  No doubt, both Alice and Svenson like spanking.





Jodi Cline and Ed Lee -NUWEST

19 Nov

M/f; time: 10 minutes

A short segment which  may have been excerpted from a longer film. We have not been able to solve this. Jodi wears a white top and denim cutoffs. Ed Lee is feeble here, in his latest stages.

Jodi gets the hair brush here, a long handled mean thing. On the denim, on her panties, and on the bare. Fast and hard. Struggling. Repeat angles from face, rear, and full front. A good production, as was the case in these years.



19 Nov

M/f; time: 19 minutes

Sarah Gregory and John Osborne. Some attempt at Victorian costumes. Sarah wears a sort of bustier and pantaloons, Osborne a fringed suede jacket. They are having a discussion seated on a bed. Sarah is hanging her head in shame.

An OTK spanking begins on the bed. Sarah’s pantaloons seem to open by themselves. Her bottom absolutely soars on his lap, the subject of all the screenshots taken of this film. Nice facials—Sarah has arranged her hair. Osborne adjusts his position so that her bottom is even more prominent and to provide views between her thighs.

Sarah removes her top. She has her big boobs here. Osborne has a crop. Sarah kneels  on the bed. Boobs hang, more puss views. Osborne arranges a stack of pillows for her to lie over. He uses a rug beater. We still insist this implement is mostly for show and does not make an impression. A long fondle and cuddle at the end.

Well Disciplined at Gamma Sigma House -CPENTERTAINMENT

19 Nov

F/f; time: 25 minutes

Harley Havlik and an older Chelsea Pfeiffer. Chelsea is on her familiar set and will give Harley a routine spanking. Harley is a pretty auburn haired model on whom we not reported much. She has the lovely full feminine bottom so admired in this business. Skirt up, panties bunched then down. Face,rear, and overhead shots.

In a second part, Harley cavorts on a bed, on her cell phone, wearing a negligee. Girls on cell phones get spanked a lot, but only in CP films. Chelsea catches her and takes her OTK on the bed. Tiny bikini panties, which soon come down. More varied views. Good spanking, but nothing new here. Chelsea finishes her off with a hairbrush. Varied angles may have allowed for repeats.







All I Did Was Take Off My Clothes – CPENTERTAINMENT

19 Nov

F/f; time:  10 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer will spank Alex Reynolds. A standard spanking on a bed. Alex splays her legs with experience. This simple film ends with the strap over the end of the bed.

Dedication of On Call Nurses – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Nov

M/f; year: 2019; time: 12 minutes

We have always assumed on-call nurses were dedicated, but it is axiomatic that some girls need a little reminder now and then. An older Paul Kennedy in doctor’s smock, and another hot little British redhead, Lizzy McAllister. She is all in white, hose and all.

Lizzy reports to Kennedy in his small office. She gets a long scolding. A spanking is announced, and Kennedy comes up with a huge strap he had handy. He must see nurses regularly. She bends over a table, handspanking first. Kennedy pulls down her white tights and then her sky blue panties. Her wonderful bottom is a surprise on such a small model.

She drops to her knees. Is she offering something else? The strap is next. At the conclusion, Kennedy laughs. He records these spankings









19 Nov

M/f;  year: 2013; Time: 21 minutes

A conventional spanking film, with Paul Kennedy and a stunning Irish/Scottish redhead, Scarlot Rose. We thank NORTHERNSPANKING for dating their films. It makes it fun to track some models’ careers. We are not familiar with Ms. Rose.

Scarlot has been naughty at a party, so her husband Paul is going to spank her. Again  it seems, for she is just recovering from punishment for damaging the car. Scarlot wears a pretty flowing flower print dress, fresh from the country club party.

She submits easily and goes OTK on the bed. Hem of her dress up, to display frilly pink panties, garter belt ensemble, and nylons. A moderate and sexy handspanking. She stands and removes her dress, slowly. Down to bra, panties, and garter belt. She must wait at the fireplace.

Kennedy gets a cane. She bends forward and takes 12 moderate strokes, standing. Closeups and distance shots may have permitted repeats. Rubbing, hugging, promises. Credits say Zoe Page on camera.



16 Nov

F/f; time: 34 minutes

Zoe Page plays a solicitor, and Amelia Jane Rutherford plays ‘Emma,’ a secretary or p.a. The scene is the office set so often used by FIRMHAND and others. As is guaranteed in such a setup, Emma does poor work. When Emma is left alone, she lounges on Zoe’s desk and spills tea on correspondence. She finds Zoe’s spanking implements, including a long thin cane.

Zoe catches her with the cane on on her laptop.Solicitor Page keeps a clear desk and office; we like attorneys who to clear off a chair for you to sit down. After 11  minutes, Emma is going to get her spanking. Amelia wears a black sweater and a very short pink skirt. When she is directed to go OTK: “Is this a spanking?” Routine handspanking, skirt up, white panties, garters, and nylons—office attire.

After some closeups, Emma stands to get a ‘slipper’ for Zoe. Another rather ineffectual OTK spanking. A strap next.  Ms. Rutherford lies over a straight chair, so tall. Mild stuff.

And then the cane. Zoe wants her panties down, as do we. “What?” Emma grabs her ankles and takes 30 mild strokes. She had to put her panties in a desk drawer. The cane taps are so light we assume this pair is making more than one film today. We know Ms. Page is not a hard spanker in any circumstance. A lot of silly shouting from  Amelia as she counts. She is sent off without her knickers.





How to Punish a Masochist -ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIOS

14 Nov

M/f; time: 16 minutes

’Anthony,’ an infrequent and different male for this series,  plays a dominating character and Ariel Anderssen his submissive partner. She’s run up her phone bill. He interrupts her reading in bed, wearing baby doll pajamas. He grabs her. “What are you doing….are you going to punish me?”

Anthony takes Ariel OTK on the bed and begins a rather mild spanking. The lefty spanker pulls her silk shorts down, always a nice moment. Lots of groaning from Ariel. Her almost invisible pink thong comes next. A frontal flash as she undulates.

Anthony reaches for a strap. A lot of bottom on the screen. He is going to begin palm slaps with the strap. Ariel absolutely collapses on the first smack. Now Ariel must strip naked—she had pulled up her thong. So off with the pajama top, a bra, and the thong. Naked!

More palm slaps and faux suffering, maybe a bit corny. But she is a masochist. The couple concludes with a long hug, then a gentle naked OTK spanking, a sort of cool-down.





13 Nov

2F/2f; time: 8 minutes

Big cast: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Zoe Page, Michael Stamp, and Dodgy Dave. Probably a Hywel Phillips production. The girls sit on the studio bed, in an argument with their uncles. It seems they have a cell phone addiction  and have run up the bills. Nobody has heard of unlimited minutes?

The girls are dragged off the bed. They will be spanked together. Dave spanks Amelia,  Michael does Zoe. The camera angles are poor. Amelia is nicely exposed at the foot of the bed, but we don’t see enough of Zoe around one side. Amelia is wearing print panties, unusual for her, and she shows some bruises here. Panties come down. The girls get in bed without pants.