4 Nov

2F/2f; time: 72 minutes

A long and somewhat silly film, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford in a ballerina role, an activity part of her personal experience, as she will illustrate. Instructress ‘Miss Matthews’ is unhappy with Amelia and ‘Charlotte.’ Both girls are in tutus and are not prepared to perform. Amelia looms almost one foot taller than Charlotte.

Matthews is going to give the girls a spanking as a reminder. “What?” Amelia is taken OTK first, her ballerina pants come down. “Always on the bare.” Amelia is a lapful.  Charlotte does ballet positions off to the side in the shot. The girls will switch, and Amelia has the chance to flash her frontal, as she likes to do.

Cbarlotte gets the same spanking with Amelia posing in the background, except now she has no pants on. The girls are directed to do some ballet without pants. Amelia can easily touch her palms to the floor, quite a sight bare bottom, the repeated feature of the film. She is a figurine here.

Next comes a slipper session for the girls, with a bare bottom bend-over for the other girl.  Miss Matthews has never spanked hard in any of her films. Hasn’t she seen some of the other dominatrix’s in action? Amelia is able to pose en pointe here. The girls will return in the evening for a caning session.

The bare bottomed girls are bent over for the cane. Again, Ms. Rutherford’s bottom steals the scene, rising above Charlotte’s. The caning is slow, a lot of talk. Each girl starts with six, Amelia’s a little harder. It takes a closeup to see the marks.

The  next day: another female disciplinarian  will take the caning up a notch. The girls are back in schoolgirl attire. Blazers then skirts must come off. “Why?” Both girls bend over a desk. The Domme does the panties. She is lefthanded. Each girl gets six and then another six for  not being contrite. 










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