6 Nov

2M/f; time: 13 minutes; year: 2006

Michael Stamp, Kara Jayne Dempsey, and (a relative?) Colin Dempsey. All three wear full dress white naval uniforms, and we will read their ranks from U.S. epilette designation.

Lieutenant Stamp reports to Captain Colin. He is reporting a female officer for committing sexual harassment. A gorgeous Kara Jayne is summoned, a Lieutenant J.G. The scene would appear to be the office used in BARSANDSTRIPES. 

“Are you familiar with corporal punishment?” The officers will tear up all the complaints against her if she will take a spanking. We assume this then is unofficial. Dempsey takes a cane and belt out of a file. We missed how he was able to store the long cane in a drawer. Kara willingly raises her skirt, drops her panties, and bends over the desk, no reluctance.

16 mild and snappy cane strokes to start. The watching Stamp winces. Kara lies over the bench next for a strap. She keeps the front of her skirt down. When she is excused, she sneaks a grabbing grope of Stamp’s butt. Fun for all.

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