19 Nov

M/f;  year: 2013; Time: 21 minutes

A conventional spanking film, with Paul Kennedy and a stunning Irish/Scottish redhead, Scarlot Rose. We thank NORTHERNSPANKING for dating their films. It makes it fun to track some models’ careers. We are not familiar with Ms. Rose.

Scarlot has been naughty at a party, so her husband Paul is going to spank her. Again  it seems, for she is just recovering from punishment for damaging the car. Scarlot wears a pretty flowing flower print dress, fresh from the country club party.

She submits easily and goes OTK on the bed. Hem of her dress up, to display frilly pink panties, garter belt ensemble, and nylons. A moderate and sexy handspanking. She stands and removes her dress, slowly. Down to bra, panties, and garter belt. She must wait at the fireplace.

Kennedy gets a cane. She bends forward and takes 12 moderate strokes, standing. Closeups and distance shots may have permitted repeats. Rubbing, hugging, promises. Credits say Zoe Page on camera.


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