29 Nov

F/f; year: 2014; time: 22 minutes

Alice is a cute redhead; this model may be Ella Hughes, looking very diminutive here; we always are attracted to redheads being spanked, and producers know and share this predilection. Alice reports to Miss Svenson, in a decently appointed office set. Looks like a school spanking.

Miss Svenson will do the undressing. It looks like she likes this sort of thing. She helps Alice off with her blazer, then her skirt, and then her panties. Alice does demur a bit. First comes some slaps, the the OTK spanking, left handed, rear and facial shots. Hands on head to the wall, Her long blouse has remained on and is doing the modesty job. Alice is put to work dusting, bare bottom.

Alice takes a break, sits at the desk, and works on her makeup in a mirror Of course Svenson catches her, and there will be more spanking. The model can’t avoid  giggling at the dialogue. Another bend-over. Alice has recovered her panties, but they don’t last long. The slipper this time.

OTK, the hairbrush this time. Lots of angles, overhead, rear, facial, reverse shots. Hands on head again. Scene change—Alice is now in pajamas. She drops her bottoms  and panties and lies over a pillow on a chair. Good views of a strapping.

Another scene, a classroom, actually the office set with a school desk added. Alice is waiting for Svenson and sneaks a phone call and is caught. Svenson undresses her again. Some frontal tease here. Over the desk for a strap and back to the wall.

And in the last scene, Alice is sent to get the cane. Six strokes on the bare, one very low, which was an accident. Welts immediately. A bit of OTK to conclude.  No doubt, both Alice and Svenson like spanking.





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