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13 Nov

M/f; year: 2014; time: 18 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, with Agean as ‘Mr. Boyle.’ Amelia deadly here as usual, in candy striped blouse and black skirt. Her blond hair is as long as we can recall. She is a secretary who has mishandled some orders, so a spanking is warranted. The set is the familiar sitting room for this producer.

After a long discussion, easy with Ms. Rutherford’s ad lib skill, she must have been convinced, because she stands, raises her skirt, to display black panties,  matching garter belt, and stockings. A standard OTK spanking ensues, panties come down. Varied camera views, face and rear, with the usual stunning bottom closeups. Lots of rubbing.

Spanking Showdown – KURTSTEVENS

12 Nov

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

Our last look at this producer. A shabby little exercise, where ‘Melissa’ and ‘Nancy’ will be encouraged by an off screen voice to spank each other. They alternate  sessions with each other, in street clothes, then negligees. Various OTK and bent over  poses. Lots of pubic hair. You can skip this one.


12 Nov

M/f; time: 31 minutes

Joceline and Hywel Phillips make a nice paddling film. Hywel discovers that Ariel has 17 unpaid speeding tickets. She now faces court and jail and a big fine. Hywel is an attorney and will help her if she will “endure some domestic discipline.”

Hywel orders Ariel to go to the bedroom, strip naked, stand in the corner, and wait for him. This she does, and strips quite slowly, in the muted light of the bedroom. She  walks around gloriously naked, keeping her hands above her waist so we can contemplate her bottom.

Hywel enters and will start her off with an OTK spanking, seated on the bed. She has a clear bottom. Hywel goes to get his paddle. Ariel will kneel on all fours on the bed for the “first 25” from a short, thick maple paddle. The experienced Hywel will concentrate on one buttock at a time.

After this first round, Hywel arranges some pillows for Ariel to lie over. She coyly pretends not to know what to do. Hywel ties her hands behind her back with his necktie because she has been struggling. 25 more, and this position provides more access to her lower bottom and thighs because she is bent far over the pillows.

A long hug to conclude, some tears not convincing, then back to the corner naked.








Correction Castle

12 Nov

3F/3m; time: 59 minutes

A genre not our thing, as we have said ad  nauseam.  This one attracted us because of the presence of ‘Miss Brown.’ She is mature here, and in that she is advertised as for hire, she has probably made a number of F/m films. This is the only one we have intercepted so far. No luck yet on finding the producer.

The scene is a faux castle, where male inmates are tortured and punished in ways surely not in the policy manual. Two pretty blond uniformed female guards march a male prisoner through the stucco portals, where Miss Brown greets them. The guards strip off the guy’s uniform. There will be no covering up in this film.

A sign is lettered and hung on his neck. “Lewdness. 10 crop.” The guy is taken to a faux dungeon, where two other naked men are caged. In a series of scenes, the girls will torture the men, fighting smiles on their faces. Bullwhipping, a braided whip, penis torture. . In one scene, a guy’s cock has been fastened to a board and wired to electrodes, but there is no realistic shocking. It could have been colorful.

Halfway through the film, the three naked men finally have their audience with Miss Brown. She will cane and strap each of them, just as hard or harder than we have reviewed her in numerous F/f films. She uses those sharp, wristy, lefthanded strokes. The prisoners rock and groan on trestles or benches. Hardly a hint of an erection throughout the film.




6 Nov

2M/f; time: 13 minutes; year: 2006

Michael Stamp, Kara Jayne Dempsey, and (a relative?) Colin Dempsey. All three wear full dress white naval uniforms, and we will read their ranks from U.S. epilette designation.

Lieutenant Stamp reports to Captain Colin. He is reporting a female officer for committing sexual harassment. A gorgeous Kara Jayne is summoned, a Lieutenant J.G. The scene would appear to be the office used in BARSANDSTRIPES. 

“Are you familiar with corporal punishment?” The officers will tear up all the complaints against her if she will take a spanking. We assume this then is unofficial. Dempsey takes a cane and belt out of a file. We missed how he was able to store the long cane in a drawer. Kara willingly raises her skirt, drops her panties, and bends over the desk, no reluctance.

16 mild and snappy cane strokes to start. The watching Stamp winces. Kara lies over the bench next for a strap. She keeps the front of her skirt down. When she is excused, she sneaks a grabbing grope of Stamp’s butt. Fun for all.


6 Nov

F/f; time: 14 minutes

We stretch for storylines. Sarah Stern has commissioned Amelia  Jane Rutherford to babysit her pet turtle. But for some reason, Amelia sells the turtle then reports it escaped to Sarah. Ms. Stern soon figures out the caper and of course will spank Amelia.

An older Ms. Rutherford wears pigtails, a pink skirt, and print blouse. It is almost impossible to find any duplication of her clothing anywhere in her catalogue. After a long scolding, Amelia goes OTK on the bed. The camera angle is not great. Her bottom is partially obscured. Skirt up, white panties bunched before Sarah takes them down. A standard spanking; the camera finally moves to improve the view.


6 Nov

2MF/2f; time 60 minutes plus

An ambitious production from the Hywel Phillips operation, with a large cast for the genre, scene changes, complex costumes, and some of the best technical values we have seen.  It is about BDSM. You will have to set aside any interest in watching Ariel Anderssen’s bottom being spanked, which is what we sought. You can compromise here.

The plot is not important to explicate. Its description can be read on the RESTRAINEDELEGANCE website. Ariel and blond Danielle Maye will be seduced and tortured BDSM-style, in lengthy scenes.  Zoe Page leads Ariel around in an English country garden. Ariel wears a complicated pony girl harness, head gear, and blinders, so intricate, in fact, that her charms are disguised. We defer to Mr. Phillips’ awareness of the video market as to whether this was a good idea. Ourselves,  maybe a few less straps. Hywel and  Michael Stamp will make brief appearances.

There are pony scenes in the garden, in the “dungeon,” and in the Asian floral-decorated room seen in other films. Danielle, a buxom Suzanne Sommers type,  is drugged, induced to strip, and she joins Ms. Phillips in long naked pony scenes.

Ariel is manacled to  and tortured on a bed, with an electrode inserted in one of two private places (we could have recommended where) , and with a violet wand. Lots of foot fetish action here, for those customers. We couldn’t do half as well, but we would have  liked (1) a more firm bed to make Ariel’s bottom higher, and (2) better closeups on the salient areas.



4 Nov

2F/2f; time: 72 minutes

A long and somewhat silly film, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford in a ballerina role, an activity part of her personal experience, as she will illustrate. Instructress ‘Miss Matthews’ is unhappy with Amelia and ‘Charlotte.’ Both girls are in tutus and are not prepared to perform. Amelia looms almost one foot taller than Charlotte.

Matthews is going to give the girls a spanking as a reminder. “What?” Amelia is taken OTK first, her ballerina pants come down. “Always on the bare.” Amelia is a lapful.  Charlotte does ballet positions off to the side in the shot. The girls will switch, and Amelia has the chance to flash her frontal, as she likes to do.

Cbarlotte gets the same spanking with Amelia posing in the background, except now she has no pants on. The girls are directed to do some ballet without pants. Amelia can easily touch her palms to the floor, quite a sight bare bottom, the repeated feature of the film. She is a figurine here.

Next comes a slipper session for the girls, with a bare bottom bend-over for the other girl.  Miss Matthews has never spanked hard in any of her films. Hasn’t she seen some of the other dominatrix’s in action? Amelia is able to pose en pointe here. The girls will return in the evening for a caning session.

The bare bottomed girls are bent over for the cane. Again, Ms. Rutherford’s bottom steals the scene, rising above Charlotte’s. The caning is slow, a lot of talk. Each girl starts with six, Amelia’s a little harder. It takes a closeup to see the marks.

The  next day: another female disciplinarian  will take the caning up a notch. The girls are back in schoolgirl attire. Blazers then skirts must come off. “Why?” Both girls bend over a desk. The Domme does the panties. She is lefthanded. Each girl gets six and then another six for  not being contrite. 










Bathtime Beatings – SAMSDIARIES

2 Nov

F/f; time: 7 minutes

We promised to review the Amelia Jane Rutherford appearances at SAMSDIARIES separately from any comments  on the other films on the site we have the opportunity to see. We have counted about 19 AJR films.

Sam interrupts Amelia, quite naked in her bath, as a lady should be. Amelia is ordered to stand, presenting the perfect wet sudsy bottom, unlike any other.  In a rare moment for Amelia, she glances at the camera, as if to question why it also was in the bathroom. Sam herself is wearing just yellow bra and boy shorts, and in this era she is popping out of the bra. Since Amelia is already in the slightly elevated tub, her bottom is at waist height for Sam.

She begins to spank Amelia, whose bottom height is another depiction on how tall  Ms. Rutherford is. Out of the tub, bend over for the tawse. Amelia kneels on the tub for the final strapping. This film mostly a bottom tribute. And there is still much to say about the eroticism of wet bottoms.