Spanked Within An Inch of Her Life – PACIFICFORCE

19 Dec

M/f; year: 2013; time: 48 minutes

A watchable effort from PACIFICFORCE at least for us. Jacqueline Omertà interviews a young couple, ‘Sir Nik’ plays ‘Sal,’ and ‘Nicole.’ Both are into spanking, they play spanking games. Nicole is a pretty brunette with a wedge hairstyle. She wears an outfit Sal likes for spanking— a short skirt and knee socks.

After a long discussion, we hear that Sal “has brought Nicole here to be spanked.” There is a fade while things must be organized. Nicole is taken OTK, the camera moves to find an acceptable angle. Sal spanks moderately hard, but this will be a long session. Skirt up, full white panties come down. Sal likes thighs and cheeks.

Nicole gets up to remove her blouse, no bra. Sal takes the panties all the way off. Very nice unenhanced body, and a perfect feminine bottom. You can imagine the model taking her pants off at an audition. More OTK.  At the wall now, Nicole removes her rucked up skirt and will now be naked for the rest of the film.

Sal will use a small round paddle OTK, with fingers between her legs. In various positions—OTK, kneeling and bending over a chair, or standing, Sal will use a hairbrush, paddles, straps, a crop, and of course a cane. There will be tears, running  mascara, and lots of facials for this pretty model, in addition to closeups of her bottom.  Hug to conclude this voluntary punishment. Pretty Nicole makes up for any production deficiencies.










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