Stepbrother’s Helping Hand – TEARSFORAUDREY

19 Dec

2M/f; time: 58 minutes

Audrey Knight and Brandon Summers. Ms. Knight falls into a preferred category of ours, with Samantha Woodley, Abigail Whittaker, Michaela McGowan, among others.   Insouciant America bottoms. She has distributed films on several now defunct websites, including this one. Her can be found on GIRLSPANKSGIRL, SPANKTHATBRAT,  among others. As with a number of celebrity spanking models, her most erotic punishment can be found at DALLASSPANKSHARD. The film was marketed in clips.

It contains a naughty premise occasionally portrayed. . Audrey’s father is going to allow his stepson, her stepbrother, to spank her. She will be bare bottom for a contemporary.

1. Invitation: After Audrey’s father spanks her briefly, she learns Brandon will be in charge over the weekend. He father takes her OTK and goes for the panties immediately. And a surprising touch, he has a strip of duct tape at the ready and covers her mouth. Brandon arrives and clearly loves the bare bottom. Ms. Knight squirms delightfully. To the fireplace, on display.

2. stepson pinch hitter: Brandon takes over the OTK spanking. Did we miss something? The panties are different. He will use a hairbrush here. Cute stuff. She kicks her heels. Back to the mantel.

3. Homework proctor: The weekend progresses. Brandon will spank her for poor homework. Dress top and jeans. OTK again, jeans down, polka dot panties. She is made to lie flat on a bench, Russian or DSW style. When Audrey is back at the mantel on display, the father returns and congratulates Brandon on the red bottom he sees.

The father will take Audrey OTK again, and we are sure we saw his fingers sneak between her legs for a split second. Brandon is excused.

4. Green Thumb, Red Bottom. Audrey at work in a garden on a patio, an exterior scene. She wears a red top and gray shorts. Brandon returns and there will be another spanking. OTK, first on the shorts, an effective cover for an already red bottom. Audrey has to help to get the shorts down. Colorful green panties soon down. A paddle appears. Some good overhead camera here.  Brandon retrieves a switch from a bush. After these spankings, Audrey returns to gardening, but without pants.

5. Kitchen Discipline. Audrey is goofing off in the kitchen. She wears a simple sun dress. Brandon has become the resident historian, accosts her, bends her over the sink, and begins spanking. Hem up, pink panties down, one of those great wooden kitchen spoons is handy, as is a slipper. Kicking and struggling. Afterward, she returns to work bare bottom.

A long film when the clips are linked. Very good production values and lighting.Too bad we don’t have more of Ms. Knight. Clothes mostly stay on and no frontals here.




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