Girls Just Want to Have Fun – GIRLNEXTDOORPROD.

24 Dec

F/2f; time: 1 hr. 6 minutes

Some potentially good spanking ideas not exploited, an opinion we might apply to almost all we have seen from this producer. Two brunettes, ‘Helen’ and another girl, are caught in a sudsy tub by an older woman. They’re making a mess. She is going to spank them, first handspanking then a wicked bathbrush. When the girls are out of the tub and suds are run off, we see two wonderful bodies. Wet bottom spankings, nice but not hard enough.

The film was released in clips. In part 2, the bare bottoms head up the stairs, towels open in the back. The woman will spank them again and takes the towels. Bend-over,  boobs hang. Some slipper (‘plimsol’) here. The woman is getting some pleasure out of these naked girls.

Next part, more with the brush. No impression made.   A lot  of slow ritual spanking  behavior, no bite.

Next part—these nubile girls are now dressed in schoolgirl kit. They will be spanked and strapped over their desk as the producer tries to exploit this genre. More, longer straps in the next segment. And the last part, the cane in the classroom.side by side bottoms.









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