Music Teacher’s Detention -AAA SPANKING

30 Dec

MF/2f time: 20 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Gregory are in some sort of detention assigned by their music teacher. We learn Sarah is failing the course and Amelia has been digging in office files. The girls wear matching short blue print house dresses, of the kind so sweetly flipped up or removed in many spanking films. The little dresses deserve nothing but bra and panties underneath. The garment will take years off any spanking model. And knee socks and maryjanes.  The girls jostle and argue at a table in front of a piano, accusing each other.

On the table, Sarah wrestles Amelia OTK and begins to spank her. In many films, Amelia always loses these struggles. There is a dissolve, so that the spanking can be shifted to the camera side of the table. Sarah gets Amelia’s full white panties down. There are some old bruises. Standard spanking, gorgeous young Amelia.

Music teacher John Osborne interrupts this spanking. Quite a cast. The girls shouldn’t be surprised that Osborne will continue the spankings.  Sarah is bent over the table first, a standard bare bottom spanking. After just a brief session, she is sent on her way.

Amelia will be spanked next, and she will be the main feature. Bent over the table again, panties down. Osborne does his thing. Amelia resists losing her panties. Osborne switches to a paddle and hits harder. Then a Rutherford specialty pose. She climbs up and lies flat on the table for the paddle. Osborne takes a moment to slide her panties off her ankles. Amelia rises to knees and elbows, bottom soaring, as you would expect. Hair off her face, wonderful sight.

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