Caning For Jasmine – XEROTICS

30 Jan

M/f; time: 26 minutes

we write this film separately from our collections of XEROTICS because it is special. Peters is on the phone with Jasmine’s school, where he is receiving reports of her bad behavior. He tells the school this is “nothing short of disgraceful” and “I’ll soon knock her into shape.”  Jasmine is going to spend a weekend with Peters.

Jasmine arrives—the exotic dark redhead, not quite a schoolgirl, even though she wears the kit. Peters seems to be some friend of the family. “You seem slightly nervous.” He tells the sexy lady: “Sterner measures are needed….a good dose of the rod.”

The spanking starts. OTK, skirt up, white panties. Jasmine conveniently spreads her legs for Peters. Panties down, slow spanking. Jasmine has shaved to a pencil thin landing strip. She steps out of her panties and Peters unfastens her skirt. Nice closeups.

Peters has her bend over an arm of the couch for the cane. Hot scene. The slipper is next. Jasmine will  now undress. Necktie, sweater, blouse, white bra. She hands the clothing to Peters. Some family friend! She is naked for a standing handspanking. A terrific body— she hasn’t done this often. Long hold on her nudity. And the weekend begins.








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