Disciplined by the Auditor – AAASPANKING

1 Apr

F/2f; time: 15 – may be more

Apparently AAASPANKING has an air hostess series. We will have to be on the lookout. We doubt they’ll outdo Samantha Woodley, our number one hostess. Attendants Helen Stephens and Jessica Taylor have been summoned by the airline auditor. The girls wear cute 1980’s   outfits and auditor Olivia is an older woman much in the style of a Janet Beckwith or Dana Specht.

A lot of duty free merchandise has disappeared during the girls’ flights. They are offered a locker search and dismissal, or, of course “…your bottoms spanked. That’s how I deal with this.” The dour matron much prefers this. Helen is taken OTK first, her white panties stay on for now.  Same then for Jessica.

The girls bend over the desk now, white panties come down. Olivia uses a strap on both of them, which seems to amuse them.





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