Houseguest from Hell – FIRMHAND

1 Apr

A potpourri of episodes from FIRMHAND files, over some years, featuring many of their stars. 

(A) (F/f; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) Allaura Shane and Alison Miller start off this long series. Allaura goes OTK here, panties down, for a fast and conventional handspanking. 

The opening: a shiny F-100 type truck pulls into an absolutely spotless garage Allaura  is driving, Alison waits for her. They go inside for the spanking. The girls will giggle through it.






(G) F/f ; year: 2009; time: 4 minutes) Cindy Wallace chases Michaela McGowan around a pool table, in the style of a porn more, which we guess this is. The set is the second floor with the balcony used by FIRMHAND. She is caught and bent over a bannister for spanking. Great shots of Michaela’s face from down the stairs. This is what happens when you wear the wrong thing. Michaela is wearing the naughtiest little skirt which shows a lot of bottom in any position.  

(H)(F/f; year: 2009; time: 7 minutes) Cindy will paddle Michaela for her attitude. She uses what they call the ‘big board.’  Jeans and T-short. Shots of a dog FIND

(I) (F/f; year: 2010; time: 5 minutes) Allaura Shane wears a cheerleader’s outfit, one of the very good ones we have seen in a number of FIRMHAND films. Allison Miller is going to cane her for lying about working in a club.

She bends over a kitchen counter She wears sky blue boy shorts under the outfit. Allison pulls them down and begins a moderate caning. The camera work is more excellent than usual.  Great bottom closeups, a brief overhead view. Good bruises. In an out-take the girls goof off and break the cane. 

(J) (F/f;time: 6 minutes) Brunette Allaura Shane and Allison Miller, with a male character playing Allison’s brother. He will cane Allaura. They help her into the diaper position on the kitchen counter, pants down. Her bottom  is already red. The caning is silly, just push strokes.

(x) (F/f; year: 2012; time: 5 minutes) Allaura has hidden Allison’s paddle, in hopes we assume. But Allison has a strap. Pants and thong off, Allaura on all fours on a table. Allison  begins strapping and checks with the director, rare for her. A rare frontal flash also Slow motion repeats. 

(Q) (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Stepmom Cindy has caught Michaela charging money to a friend, Justine, for staying at their house. In addition, Michaela has been taking the liberty of spanking Justine. Cindy is going to give her a taste of her own medicine.

“I want you to stand up and pull your pants down.” She gets a routine spanking on red lace panties. When Cindy notes her already red bottom, Michaela says her boyfriend spanked her. Fast OTK handspanking. Cindy pulls down the panties. Zoom on the fabulous CP bottom.

(R) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Cindy has gotten the college student out of her house, and she will continue spanking Michaela. “Where did we leave off?” This means panties and pants down again. Same fast handspanking, bent over. Zoom on well bruised bubble butt. Slow-motion accentuates the jiggles. They agree, there will be a “one a day” spanking for a while.

(S) (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Michaela comes home complaining after a long day and is distressed to see Cindy waiting with a strap, a big one. “I’m 29 years old,” she protests. The departed college student showed Cindy where the spanking implements were and how they were used.

“Stand up, bend over, and put your hands on the table.” Cindy straps her on her slacks, then Michaela must  drop the slacks and soon the black panties. Reaction CAM and slow motion.

(T) (F/f; time: 11 minutes) The set is a completely clean kitchen. Michaela starts on dinner after shopping, but Cindy is mad because she has ordered Japanese food in a miscommunication. This sets up the next spanking. Michaela’s “butt” still hurts from earlier today. “Another spanking?…to undistract me?” “I’m not the main entry here.” She meant of course the “main entrée,” which suggests to us there was actually a written script for her to mispronounce. She is quite the entrée.

She climbs onto and soon lies flat on the granite counter. Cindy spanks her with the prototype wooden spoon. In this awkward posture, only Michaela can pull down her slacks and panties. Standard stuff except for the charming script error.

(U)(F/f; time: 14 minutes) Michaela thinks she’s going out for the evening. She is hot and spankable in a cowboy hat, halter, and designer jeans.   Cindy slaps a long-handled bathbrush in her palm. It is one of our favorite instruments,  perfected at NUWEST. It hits hard, local and specific. Girls always jump.

Michaela will first kneel on a bar chair for a fast series on her jeans. She drops her jeans to display a pink thong  and more of the brush. When Cindy allows her to pull up her jeans, she mouths off, so the jeans must come down for 10 more. The up-and-down of jeans is the cinematic point here, a bit of a struggle over that Barbie bottom.

“You know what’s coming, bend over the chair.” Next, a posture we don’t recall seeing, and we love it. Michaela lies over the tall chair, her head and shoulders through the open back, so that her bottom is centered bare and waist-high for the spanker. And the bottom is more or less trapped.  Apparently the college girl showed Cindy the use of this position. Michaela goes back up a palatial staircase rubbing her bottom, jeans back up. We need a Nude on this Staircase.

(V)(F/f; time: 14 minutes) Cindy has found a damaged artwork in her house, worth over a million dollars. Michaela thinks that is a silly value, which seals her fate that she did the deed. Lots of long and silly dialogue before we get to the spanking part.

“Pull your dress up.” Michaela bends over the table, diaphanous red lace panties don’t do much to cover this bubble bottom. Cindy begins with a strap and the wants the panties down. Michaela’s far buttock is taking the worst. Why doesn’t Cindy step back a bit. The red bottom shines in this particular lighting. A fast strapping, zoom on that bottom. A long slow motion repeat completes this segment.

(W) (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Cindy waylays Michaela as she is headed out for the evening. It seems Michaela forgot to set the house alarm this morning and that is all it takes around here. As Cindy slaps a paddle in her hand, “You’re just picking on me for the smallest thing.”

Michaela must assume the frisk position at the wall, the He, of her dress up, for a large floppy leather paddle. There’s the bubble bottom. Shots of this paddling will be taken from the conventional rear, but also down the wall frOm a balcony above, and up her legs from the floor. Quite hard with the paddle. At the conclusion, Michaela walks up a curved staircase and stops to pull up her dress. The camera does not follow to capture the normal staircase shot.

(X) (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Michaela sits hung over at the kitchen table. Cindy confronts her. Michaela borrowed and damaged Cindy’s car. Cindy has brought the huge board/paddle. Michaela bends over a chair and the paddling begins on her pink shorts. This is better than any hang over remedy.

Shorts down, white panties. Her bottom already peeks bright red under the knickers. Michaela pulls her own panties down. The paddle rocks her bubble bottom. Reaction CAM side view. Bottom fully red. You can feel it yourself when she coaxes her panties back over her bottom. Slow motion.

(Y)(F/f; year: 2008/2019  time: 11 minutes)  FIRMHAND says this is a lost episode. Cindy continues to whale on Michaela, for absolutely any excuse to writers can conjure. Here, Michaela forgot to report an important call from the art gallery.

From an exterior they mar him to the kitchen for a spanking, where the light and sound can be controlled. When Cindy goes and retrieves a cane and Michaela sees it, “No, I don’t think so.” Michaela takes her jacket off and assumes the position, grabbing her ankles. About 10 strokes on her jeans, repeats from the rear and side. Michaela drops her jeans and panties. She is very red and maybe swollen, as she always is.

10 more, on the bare, the same repeats. Zoom. Michaela pulls her print panties up, painfully.

(Z) (F/f; time: 17 minutes) A banner reports the copyright here as 2008-2020, suggesting the gradual release of this series, this the finale.  Remastered from the original.

Michaela will get one last spanking from Cindy for treating Cindy’s house like her own.  She strips naked in front of the fireplace, surely one of the most glorious mantle scenes in our collection. Cindy will spank and cane her. Michaela moves majestically to the couch and assumes the diaper position over one arm. Glamorous and perfect, although we will see from outtakes that the positioning was not as easy as it transpired. 

A dozen or so cane snaps from Cindy on Michaela’s bottom and thighs. She squeals and jumps on each one. Reaction CAM  and slow motion repeats; outtakes of Michaela moving around in her naked glory.

(BF)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Allaura and Allison. The scene is a garage. Allaura is tinkering with Allison’s car. She has failed to do something. Allison is going to spank her with a large dust brush with a flat back. After a long discussion, Allaura lies over a stool and gets a fast smacking, jeans and panties down along the way. 

(BK)(F/f; year: 2011; time: 7 minutes) Allaura Shane and Alison Miller. Alison has her candy colored hair. Allaura is a “lazy-ass roommate.” Alison spanks her OTK, shorts down, white panties down. Zoom on nice bottom. 

(BM) (F/f; year: 2012; time: 5 minutes) Allaura has hidden Alison’s paddle and will now get the strap for that. She bends over a couch arm. In a position change there is a flash of pubic fuzz, unremarkable except for its rarity. Hands on knees for the strap. Slow motion. 

(BO)(F/f: year: 2012; time: 5 minutes) bBrjnette Allaura Shane and a dyed redhead. Allaura is the guest here and has made a mess of the house. The redhead will use a huge paddle on her. Allaura bends over the kitchen counter and enhances the fun by acting like an excited dog. Hard paddle on her jeans only amuses her.

(BS)(F/f; year: 2012; time: 6 minutes) Allaura is bare bottom, lying on the kitchen  counter top. She rolls onto her back and wiggles down to the edge to get into the diaper position. She pulls her thong down (actually up) and is ready for Allison’s cane, all buttock and thigh. Sharp cane strokes make her jump. When Allaura can’t hold her legs vertically, Allison teases them back with the cane. 


(CC) (F/f; year: 2009: time: 7 minutes) Cindy and Michaela. Cindy is going to strap Michaela for not doing her household chores. Michaela wears a white sweater and black skirt. She bends over a couch and takes the strap on nothing but a thong. Face and bottom shots mixed. Reaction CAM.  
(CE)(F/f; year: 2009; time: 6 minutes) Michaela is scolded in a sunlit room and then kneels on a couch for the strap. Face and rear shots mixed. Slacks down, just a thong. Michaela seems to be begging. 

(CG) (F/f; year: 2013; time: 7 minutes) Allaura Shane has not been paying her rent, so Allison Miller will cane her as payment. Allison drops Allaura’s tights. Only a yellow thong remains. Allaura kneels on a couch for a mild caning. Reaction CAM. Allison is amused.   

(CH)(F/f; year: 2009; time: 7 minutes) Michaela will be paddled for her attitude. Cindy will use the big board. She wears a white top and jeans. She grabs her ankles. Very hard. There are shots of a fluffy dog watching the action. Reaction CAM. Jeans come down. Very red. 

(CK)(F/f; year: 2013; time4: 6 minutes) Allaura Shane is doing too much gambling. Allison will use the big board on her. They roll dice for the number of strokes. First on the jeans, then the jeans and panties come down. Such a lovely bottom. Full bruises 
Interview (2F; time: 8 minutes) Allaura Shane and Allison Miller giggle through a silly non spanking interview. They handle a broken cane. Allaura says the paddle is back but nothing like the cane. Allaura is wearing something they call a “butt chilling pad.” We will google that.  

(DA)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) Jana Tatum and Allison Miller. Allison. Has had enough of her houseguest wearing her clothes. After a long scolding, Jana will accept a spanking rather than be kicked out. OTK in the large open room; a rather ineffectual spanking on her denim shorts. She must stand to pull them down. Panties down, the spanking concludes. No dishes broken.


(DD) (F/f; year: 2013; time: 7 minutes) Jana Tatum and Allison Miller. Jana has ‘borrowed’ $700 from Allison and will be spanked for it. The set is the bedroom. Allison will use the big paddle. She stands at the foot of the bed and takes it on her denim shorts. After, she drops her shorts to show the results. 

(DG) (F/f; year: 2013; time: 6 minutes) Jana Tatum and Allison Miller in this group. Houseguest Jana has done something to earn a more serious spanking. She lies flat on a table, Allison bunches her panties and spanks her with the embossed leather paddle.











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