1 Apr

F/2f; 10 parts; time: 89 minutes

An odd and unfortunately ineffective film, given the extraordinary cast.  Amelia Jane Rutherford and Nicky Montford play students in the final hours of rehearsal for their school play. We have not seen these two world-class bottoms perform together before. The headmistress, it must be ‘Miss Svenson,’ is very dissatisfied with their performances and will urge them through preparations via their bottoms

Part 1(11 minutes). Amelia is partially dressed for the stage, wearing a white blouse and panties, no pants  as yet. Nicky wears a silly party dress. Valuable minutes of each episode are wasted by a repeated scene of the girls writing production graphics on a blackboard, designed for internet episode clips. The acting is silly and must have been intentionally corny. Despite the length of this video, neither girl takes the spanking she could have been expected to accept, especially Nicky, the acknowledged most courageous bottom in the trade.

Nicky is spanked first OTK, just a frolic for her. Amelia’s turn next, in part 2.

Part 5 (10 minutes). The rehearsal continues. The girls have no panties now. They argue. Amelia dances around, flashing her perfect beaver trim. Both girls must stand at the wall in the frisk position, for the hairbrush. Then each must bend over and grab ankles for individual spanking.

Part 6 (18 minutes). The silly rehearsal continues. The girls practice their ‘final walkdown’ on stage. Except here, they have bare bottoms. Now this is the kind of school show we’d like to have seen at those many nights of torture.

Svenson will have each girl bend over for a spanking with a series of implements. They rotate, for the major portion of this longer segment. This would have been a good time to make some marks, but it didn’t happen.

Part 7 (8 minutes). The punishment continues. Svenson says she will use the “heavy tawse,” which it really isn’t. We’ve seen some really lethal-looking heavy leather tawses. Only Amelia is strapped in this segment.

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