Principal’s Office – FIRMHAND

1 Apr

Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens and others   will play students who must make repeated visits to the Principal’s office for discipline. They love it and so does he. An opportunity for a series of separate spanking episodes with the FIRMHAND stars.

(A) (F/f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes) Kailee Robinson will escort Ashley Thomas, a stunning blue eyed brunette. You have to wonder how FIRMHAND can convince these girls to drop their pants. Kailee  marches Ashley in to see Principal Bateman. Ashley is charged with fighting and dress code violations. “Twelve swats or suspension.”

Ashley bends over a desk and takes 12 rockers on her jeans. Reaction CAM. We follow her jeans bottom as she leaves the room. She then drops her jeans to show us the damage. Nice bruises. Slow motion repeats.

(B) (M/f: time: 7 minutes) Rhianna Parsons (Danielle Hunt) has been called into headmaster Richard Anderson’s office for profanity. She is incredulous that she can be spanked. She bends over a chair for the very big board on jeans. Routine stuff. Reaction CAM. 12 smacks. She loved it.

(C) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Valerie Bryant and Richard Anderson. Valerie has been fighting in school. She wears designer jeans and a jersey. 12 strokes of the paddle over a table, the bib board. She drops her jeans when she leaves, mild for her.

(D) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Rhianna (a/k/a Danielle Hunt) was caught in the boys’ locker room. Shew gets the paddle on her barre bottom,  her pants and panties puddled. Facials. Slow motion.

(E) (M/f; year: 2012; time: 6 minutes) Beth Thompson  will get it from Patrick Bateman. She is a very hot blonde. Bend over the table; Tbe paddle Kat St. James is watching. She seems surprised by the ferocity of the paddle. Reaction CAM. We figure that when a model can keep her pants on, she do more segments. Slow motion.

(F)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Patrick Bateman and Carina Thompson. Assistant Principal Kat St James will observe. She bends over for a moderate paddling on her jeans.


(H)(M/f; year: 2013′ time: 6 minutes) Another off-campus violation. It will be either “swats or suspension,” 4 swats for each of three violations. Belinda wears a white T-shirt and jeans. She bends over a chair and takes 12 hard strokes of a large paddle on her jeans, no way to fake this. Reaction CAM repeats.

(J) (M/f; year: 2013: time: 12 minutes) Kat St. James and Patrick Bateman. Kat is shocked she is going to be spanked. Beth Thompson will observe. A huge frat paddle will be used. The cute blonde bends over a table, skirt up, black panties down. A hard handspanking, this model can do the c.oseups. Kat and Beth talk afterwards, about the adrenaline rush and the broken paddle. Cute.

(K) ( M/f; year: 2011; time: 5 minutes) Blond Tanya Carter and exotic Latin Jennifer Torrance. Richard Anderson has caught the girls in the boys’ locker room. Jennifer gets the big board on her jeans. Tanya will be next.

(L) (M/f: time: 6 minutes) Jenifer Torrance reports to Richard Anderson. Hands on the counter for the paddle. We see some of the school here.

(M)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Belinda reports to Richard Anderson here. She’s been caught using profanity. “Swats or suspension?” “I’d rather take the paddle.” Belinda bends over for 12 strokes of the paddle, squealing out the count.  She pulls down her jeans to display that marbled look she develops.

(N) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Alison Miller and Richard Anderson. She has violated dress code. Excuses are brushed aside. Spaghetti strap top  and jeans with fashionable holes. Does Anderson know how much they cost? She gets a boasrd fully 2 feet long, very hard. Anderson ,must have been told to lighten up. 12 smacks. Reaction CAM. Slow motion.


(P) (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Alison Miller and Richard Anderson. Alison has a dress code problem, so many girls do. Pink hair, schoolgirl kit. Bend over, kilt up, white panties. Anderson uses a big paddle, very hard. The set is a very well appointed sitting room. Reaction CAM. Swats are repeated.


(R) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Stacy Stockton reports to Patrick Bateman. She was caught on security cameras after curfew and smashing lights. Detention has failed. It will be “12 swats” of a fraternity paddle on her little denim shorts. Quite hard and slow. Shorts remain, a d at the conclusion she drops the shorts to show the authentic paddle bruises.

(S) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Adrienne Black and Jonny Stockton. Another glamorous blonde. Texting in class. There  must be quite a waiting bench for girls outside the principal’s office for this one. Jeans and red top. Get the paddle. Slow motion. Same walkoff, no marks on her bottom.

(T) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) It is Stacy this time who knocks at Jonny Stockton’s door. She has a note, tardiness and dress violations. She is absolutely abductable in a sleeveless top and designer jeans. She bends over the desk for the large paddle and counts out the strokes.

(U) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Cute photogenic blonde Tara Somerville and Frank Reed. She is called in for fighting and vandalism. This should require several appointments to correct this. She gets the paddle on designer jeans and shows us the results.


(W)(M/f; year: 2015; time: 6 minutes) Anderson paddles Belinda in an open brick-walled room we haven’t seen often. Good place for spanking-echoes. Belinda assumes the ‘frisk’ position and counts out 12 strokes. She shows us the results. Despite the release date, this is early Belinda. She is much thinner here, but the bottom department is just wonderful.

(X) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Camilla Scott and Earl Grey. Another dress code violation. She bends over for the paddle on her jeans. Reaction CAM. Lovely facials from this most smoky model.  And down come the jeans to show the results.

(Y) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Stacy Stockton and her husband Jonny, with Kylee Anders in attendance. She wears jeans and a jacket. She bends over for the paddle, and she  takes off her jacket, we are reminded to see more of her. Paddle on jeans,  very erotic here Reaction CAM. When she drops her jeans for inspection, there are the telltale round bruises.

(Z)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Belinda reports to Earl Grey; her denim shorts are scandalously short, and they ear her 12 hard strokes of the paddle, film from various angles and in slow motion.

(AA) (M/f; year: 2015; time: 4 minutes) Principal Stockton and Karen Hughes. She will be paddled for alcohol in the dorm. On the jeans, but she will show us the result.

‘xx’ (m/f; time: 5 minutes) Belinda Lawson now appears before Earl Gray in the classroom. Rather saucily, she tells Gray that “Mr. Anderson’s spankings hurt quite substantially more than yours.” She is, of course, inciting him to action, as well as showing off her ad lib skill. Acting affronted, “What did Mr. Anderson use?” Rather snottily, “What didn’t he use, sir–paddle, cane, strap, hand.”

Gray has Belinda get the slipper. “Bend over, touch your toes…skirt up, panties down.” Belinda hesitates, but there is no doubt this heading where she wants it to go. He will  slipper her until he hears an apology. After several sets, she manages a rather desultory apology. “Just six more, then.” “But, sir.”

(AB) (M/f: year: 2014; time: 14 minutes) Alison Miller and Frank Reed. She knocks and enters the principal’s office, slightly amused by the whole thing. She has been cutting school. She is going to be paddled with a medium length board, still big enough to cover both cheeks. She wears a red top and jeans. She gets 12 strokes on the jeans, which stay on. Hard enough. Reaction CAM. She leaves and narrates, showing us her bottom, not much marked.

(AC)(M/f: time: 9 minutes) Raven haired Kaylee Anders and Jonny Stockton. Stacy Stockton is on hand to watch (and supervise?)  The three are eating a meal, like a break in the filming. Jonny shows Kaylee the board her is going to use. She stands and grabs her ankles. Jonny paddles her on her black tights. legs spread for balance. Reaction CAM. She also narrates the experience when she leaves and shows her mildly colored bottom. She does jiggle her buttocks to conclude.

(AD) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Kaylee and Jonny again. She gets 12 from the big board and doesn’t like it as much this time. Tears. Low angles. Reaction CAM. She drops her denim shorts, no marks.

(AE) (M/f; year: 2016;time: 7 minutes) This time Stacy reports to Jonny. She wears a low cut top and is quite buxom here. We should look for a nude scene. Hands on a counter for the board on her tights. She shows her bottom, more bruises than the other girls.

(AF) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda has been caught off-campus and must report to Grey for another spanking. Occasional conspiratorial glances at the camera suggest this is all fine with her. “This is the second offense…means an automatic paddling.”

She is led into an adjacent room, glancing at us in satisfaction. Bend-over, the huge fraternity paddle on her jeans. It is very hard, and no way to fake it in this simple setting. Jeans and panties come down together. Her bottom is already furiously red. More paddling, then the whole thing repeated from a facial ‘reaction CAM.’ Swollen and blotchy bottom. How does she do it?

(AG) (M/f: time: 12 minutes) Allison Miller with Patrick Bateman. She has been skipping school and violating the dress code. She wears jeans and an off-the-shoulder top, and again, she is a bit amused by the whole thing. Hand on the counter for the board, and here, the principal bares her bottom, which makes Allison wonder if he has to do that. Closeups of classic white circle paddle bruises. Sloe motion repeats.

(AH)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Belinda, as a cheerleader, has been caught drinking at games. She must report to Grey, in her uniform. Girls/cheerleaders’  outfits/CP films. She will be expelled from the cheerleaders’ squad.

“Isn’t there anything else that can be done, sir?” “What do you suggest?” “When I was at high school they used to use the paddle.” Grey feigns surprise at such an idea, but just for a second. “It will mean 12 strokes on your bottom.” He has a huge fraternity paddle, not so implausible in this fully stocked trophied classroom.

Belinda counts out the 12 whacks on her uniform shorts. We can see how red her bottom is from past filmings, and we know from some of her narration how the crew fills out her spanking day.

She pulls down her shorts to inspect for herself. Looks pretty convincing to us. She narrates: “No more alcohol.”

(AJ) (M/f; time:11 minutes) The blackboard shows the spankings received so far: 1.Handspanking; 2.Firmer handspanking + slipper; 3. Strapping 35 +15; 4. Paddling (lost count).

Grey has Belinda in his clutches again, this time for fighting. Belinda narrates how these sessions are proceeding. “My bottom is holding up really well,” and of course she shows us. She is wearing the schoolie kit of blouse, tie, and kilt.

Dissolve; Grey arrives. He wants her to suggest what punishment might be appropriate for fighting. “12 swats of the paddle.” Bend-over, she grabs her ankles, full white panties.

After the paddling, a ‘reaction CAM’ repeats it. Some screaming from Belinda. In her concluding narration, she claims this was her worst paddling ever, difficult to believe, but we’ll study it. She hates the “sting-thump” of the paddle. She pulls down her panties to show us, and is happy to note that “you guys in the U.S.” lobby FIRMHAND for use of the paddle.


(AL) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda as a blonde again, confronts Earl Grey. She has gone off-campus without permission. Grey faces her at a little table set they have used in several films. She is quickly offered the CHOICE–suspension from school or a paddling. Good girl, she will take the spanking. Excellent contemplative facials, pale complexion, wide hazel eyes. This actress can present us her face, boobs, or bottom with equal elan.

She wears a white T-shirt and jeans. She bends forward at 90 degrees for the paddle. Grey has an innovative snapping style, pulling the big fraternity paddle off her bottom cane-style, rather than the thudding crunch style. The paddling is film from facial and rear angles.

Before she is sent back to class, she narrates: “That really hurt!…I’m going to check the damage,” and she shows us her bottom and rubs.

(AM) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) John Friday and Yumi Bennett. After some lecture in the principal’s office, John shows Yumi a fraternity style paddle. She takes the frisk position and takes a conventional paddling at the wall. Of course she pulls her jeans down to check when she is alone.

(AN) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 9 minutes) John Friday plays the principal and Allison Miller has been sent to him. No office, just residential space. Platinum blond Allison has earned some corporal punishment. Friday shows her his paddle. “What’s that?” Allison bends over a desk and Friday will paddle quite hard, on her jeans. She counts a last nine before she is sent back to class. She stops to pull down her jeans and check her bruises.

(AO) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 8 minutes) John Friday and Katya Nostrovia. She is an exotic Latin-like long haired auburn/brunette. Just a guess, in real life she would be a handful. Principal Friday will use a big paddle, which should subdue her. The usual whacking on jeans, but Friday pulls his punches. She rubs but isn’t going to show us.

(AP) (M/f; time  9 minutes) Friday and Katya again. Another session with the big paddle. She hangs onto an armoire to take the strokes. A bit of her struggle. This time she shows us her bottom.

(AQ)(M/f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) Allison Miller, with long dyed red hair here, and John Friday. She has been  slow to turn in her homework. He gives her an extension, but at a price. “12 swats and only 8% credit.” “I’ll take the paddle.” 12 crackers on her jeans. Reaction CAM. Hair out of the way. She pulls her jeans and panties down to show us, quite a struggle they are so tight.

(AR) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 8 minutes) Lillian White takes what looked at first like a terrific paddling from a Latin-looking guy. But, despite his dramatic swings, he is pulling his punches. He is smacking her on her jeans. Her teeth should have rattled. Reaction CAM of her face very good. Some tears

(AS) (M/f; year:2018; time: 8 minutes) Lisa Langley and John Friday. Lisa has long purple dyed hair.The fad sweeps the trade. She gets the big paddle on her jeans while she hangs onto the armoire. Very nard, nice angles, and Lisa drops her jeans and panties to show us.

(AT) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Lyra Bryant and Joh Friday. A more chunky model, unusual here. Friday paddles her on her jeans in the conventional way. Frisk position. She tries to look soulful. Silly.

(AU) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Delta Hauser with John Friday. Delta waits for him in his office and is examining a paddle. Friday arrives. Delta is charged with tailoring school uniforms and  selling them. She finds her scolding humorous.

It will be 2 days’ suspension or the paddle. “10 swats…..bottom out.” Delta: “I can’t believe they still do this. Hands to the wall. She projects her bottom like a girl who has been here before. She counts out 10 hard strokes on her designer jeans. When she is alone, she pulls down her jeans to show a general redness but none of the telltale paddle bruises.

(AU) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A copyright date of 2018 here. Earl Grey and Helen Stephens in the familiar office set. She has cheated on a chemistry exam and quickly trades her bottom for another chance to take the exam. “12 swats of the paddle….bend over and grab your ankles.” She gets 12 ringing shot on her jeans. “Fuck sake, it hurts!”  Grey wants to see, jeans and panties down. Bruises, especially on her lower right buttock, an area which carries over to other films. Reaction CAM replay and slow motion. Gray lace panties up, some jocular outtakes.

(xx)(M/f; time x minutes) Gray is caning Belinda, very hard, arms at full swings. She is bent over a chair, bare bottom. After four or five strokes, “Ah, lines across your backside, Lawson.” “Yes, sir.” Lawson counts each stroke–  “Number one, sir; number two, sir” etc.

At twelve strokes he allows her to rub. At 15 strokes: “Now it’s my turn to rub your bottom.” There will be 18 strokes, very hard. Benda screams on the last one.

(xx) (M/f; time: 10 minutes)Belinda Lawson  rushes in to see Grey, 30 minutes late. Since he is already  late for his next appointment and Belinda didn’t have time to put on her school uniform, Grey will take the time to spank her now.

He orders her to bend over her desk and he will go to work with a yardstick on her black slacks. After 9 loud strokes, “Take everything off.” “Everything?…but sir, the punishment is just for my bottom.” She pauses at bra and panties. “Yes, everything, and panties, down.” She strips slowly, and in closeup, one of FIRMHAND’s cherished bodies.

Now naked, she bends again for the yardstick. About 12 more, Grey fondles, “Very red,” he mutters. Belinda rubs. “Is this really necessary, sir?”

“These last 10, call them out.” She counts 10 and gets an extra for some remark. Grey leaves her, and Belinda addresses us: “That hurt so much. I don’t know why he made me take all my clothes off.” She dresses slowly, her mottled red bottom in closeup. Some slow motion repeats.

(AU) (M/f; year: 2018; time: 11 minutes) Helen Stephens reports to Earl Grey in the classroom. She has been cheating in chemistry class and cannot suppress a smirk as he scolds. She agrees to accept a “reseat” and 12 strokes of the paddle, instead of a “nil” on her record.

The big board is used, loud cracks on her jeans. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, sir!”  For that language, she loses her jeans, the last six on the bare. Alternate views and slow motion.

Some out-takes here, as Stephens and Grey laugh about how loud and painful the paddle is.


(AX)(M/f; year: 2021; time: 9 minutes) The copyright dates suggest these episodes were pulled out of the files and released over time. Belinda Lawson wears tight latex pants and bends over a desk An older Earl Grey, in a buzz cur here, uses the big board, which makes a loud crack on the latex and a big bottom. Long slow motion.

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