A Birched Maid – AAASPANKING

5 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes

One of the most erotic and artistic films we have seen from TRIPLEAAA. A thin, almost gaunt Kami Robertson will take a slow and lengthy birching from  a guy named Harold, who will also help himself to handfuls of her body in the process.

Kami wears a loose yellow smock, which you know will be coming off. Camera angles on Kami make her look pre-teen. She surely is young here. OTK spanking first, handspanking and a ruler. Not hard,  but it will last awhile. Hands on the mantel, British style. White panties; Harold rolls them down ever so slowly. Some fondling, then the strap. A small square paddle—Harold likes to brandish the implements in Kami’s face.

Off comes the smock, it is just a simple wrap. Kami is naked now. A scene change, another spanking for Kami. This time a large and traditional birch bundle. Kami kneels up on a couch. Birch on the panties,  which are back in place. The birching appears mild, but  it covers her whole bottom and she is gasping. And also quivering.   Bottom bare.  There are excellent facial shots mixed in, and some frontal flashes.

Ms. Robertson made some good films. This is our nomination for No. 1.















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