7 Apr

F/f; time: 1 hr 6 minutes

A film which must be a recycle from another producer. It features two girls very familiar to us, maybe from MOONGLOW or early distributions from CALSTAR. It is also very  British.

The scene seems to be a rooming house where girls are spanked. They might be professionals, a setting found in a few MOONGLOW plots. A brunette arrives and is shown to her room by a blonde. We did not track the dialogue carefully, but the blonde will spank the willing brunette.

The blonde has a large collection of implements on display. Panties-down handspanking, quite hard for so early in the film. After some conversation, the spanking continues.

Scene change; the brunette will be spanked again. She is wearing a gym outfit now. Shorts and panties down. A hairbrush here, again quite hard. Nice closeups. Leather paddle. Top off, naked. The brunette leans over on a chair, so low her head touches. A wood paddle, and a large fish-shaped paddle large enough to cover both cheeks.

A strap; over a couch. The brunette walks around naked— she has marvelous pointed boobs. Flat on the floor for more spanking. Frontals of fuzzy bush, an old film. Frisk position and over the bannister for more paddle.

Another scene change—the brunette is spanked for sneaking a midnight snack.

Amlther scene change—now the roles are reversed. The blonde is spanked on  the bare, handspanking, hairbrush, paddle, fish paddle, crop, and she gets the cane. Some of the same poses.

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