8 Apr

MF/f : time: 52 minutes
A six part film, and another disappointment from a producer who knows about as much about the CP industry as anyone.

1. Waiting for Pandie The girl is late; she is made to strip to bra and panties and put on a maid’s outfit for a silly spanking.

2. Christmas  Brat. Silly spanking around a Christmas tree; we still have not recovered from watching Samantha Woodley turn her bottom up at a Christmas tree at FIRMHAND.

3. Country Chores. Pandie gets the paddle and the strap on the bare for the hardest spanking on this film.

4.  Neighbor Relations. Pandie and Miss Lisa. A kitchen spanking with a spoon. Pandie wears a French outfit—beret, striped jersey, pigtails.

5.  Mr. Valentine’s Office. Pandie is spanked OTK on black pattern panties and on the bare. Next a big frat paddle, hard enough to invigorate us.

6. Motherly Direction. Miss Lisa pulls Pandie out of bed for an unmemorable spanking.



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