Heather’s Detention – WELLSPANKED

16 Apr

F/f. Year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

A conventional  story. The set is a barren classroom, zero budget. A dour matron in scolding a brunette schoolgirl as she sits at a desk. The girl goes to a blackboard to write lines. A coatrack off to the side is decorated with spanking implements

The spanking begins, the first phase a hard OTK. The stern punishment will completely make up for the otherwise unimaginative plot. Thus our review. Kilt up, white panties down. Long and hard spanking. The teacher uses both hands.

Hands on head at the board, then she sits again, uncomfortably. Bend over her desk for a strap, she has gotten her panties back in place. They come down again. Into the diaper position on the desk, rather precarious. More strap. Puss and anus on full display. Very harsh.

The girl kneels up on a chair to await the matron, who has stepped out. The brunette moves  to bend over a chair for the caning portion. There will be six minutes of this. A rapid fire startup to warm her, then a bigger cane, a bit milder, but impressive. Quivering

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