Saints and Sinners -WELLSMACKEDSEATS

16 Apr

2F/2f; time: 38 minutes

A nun thing, and a bit silly. It needed a slightly more demonic and vindictive tinge. Two nuns-superior, one is Miss Matthews, bring a third nun in. The habits they wear are so thorough their identities are obscured.

The younger nun will get it here. She starts with palm slaps, then bends over a table. Matthews pulls her habit up. The nun is not wearing any panties and her bottom is already pink. What is going on at this convent? Matthews uses a Spencer straight, moderate. A longer thin stiff strap. Bruises are mounting.

The novice nun kneels in a corner while the two superiors discuss her. The novice is back over a table, this time for a cane. Slow, maybe painful, but not exciting to watch. A different cane, and harder. Better camera angles. Back to the corner.

A second novice nun is brought in, wearing on a bustier and nylons. She kneels for a scolding, then palm slaps with a stiff strap. Over a table for handspanking, slow. Matthews pulls the panties down for a stiff strap. Conclude with the two bottoms on display in the corner.

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