Stacy’s School Lesson – KURTSTEVENS

17 Apr

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Another low end and unimaginative production, filmed in an office which looks to be little more than a motel rental by the company. The saving grace here is a very pretty and frisky curly haired brunette.

The girl knocks on a door. She is reporting to a professor, who is reviewing her shabby academic record. He will of course offer her the big choice and she will accept. The girl wears a white blouse and blue skirt here. She must return later for a spanking.

She does return, dressed a bit differently. She is taken to an adjoining room. The professor still holds her academic records. The spanking begins—OTK, flowing skirt to display white panties and nylons. She dressed up, knowing what was coming. Panties down.

Over a bar stool, a necessary piece of furniture in any CP studio. The strap now, thighs open. Nice facials of sweet girl, and a bikini tan. To the corner, blouse and skirt off. She tries to pull up her panties, but no. OTK again for a short, thick paddle, the only kind which works in this position. Quite hard for KURTSTEVENS. Closeups.

Diaper position on the couch—the model assumes the position easily. The professor paddles from behind the couch, a clever way of improving the camera angle. It’s a Spencer paddle. She dresses, wipes tears, and adds some frontal glimpses.



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